A/n; I don't own Princess Sissi or any of the characters except for William and Juliet and thanks Raven Carmichael for beta reading this chapter!

Queen Elisabeth smiled at the two bundles of Joy in her's and her husband's arms. " They are so precious Franz, I can't believe we made these two beautiful children." Sissi said as their daughter yawned. "What should we name them Sissi?" Franz asked rocking the baby boy in his arms. "I think should name our little princess Juliet Sophia and our little prince William Maximilian. " Sissi replied rocking Juliet lightly to soothe the infant. " I love them Sissi, they suit our children well." Franz smiled at his Wife who looked beautiful no matter what she wore. Once the twins were dressed in their pyjamas, Sissi and Franz brought them out of the nursery to walk around Schönbrunn. Sissi and Franz each carried a baby around the palace. Will and Juliet were very quiet while their parents took them around their new home. "Your Papa grew up in this Palace and so did your Uncle Karl." Sissi said to William who rested peacefully in his mother's arms. Juliet moved a little in her Father's arms and Franz kissed her on the forehead. "One day, William you shall rule and Juliet you will always be my little girl." He said to his children, as they returned to the Nursery. "Good night, my sweet babies." Sissi said as they tucked the twins in. "I'll join you in our room shortly Franz" Sissi said as she kissed each baby on the head. "Very well, good night William and Juliet, Papa loves you." Franz said before retiring to his and Sissi's chambers. Sissi began to sing a lullaby to the twins soothing them to sleep. Once she finished, she smiled and retired to her chambers to join Franz. She changed into her night gown and crawled into bed with Franz. "They are asleep, such easy babies." Sissi smiled, Franz leaned in and pecked his wife. "That's wonderful to hear, now shall we sleep as well?" He said as he blew out the candle and they fell asleep.