I know, I should be writing Parenthood, but this idea came into my head & i wanted to write it!

Enjoy the Kai-ness!

It was a normal day at the SFPD, Kai bugging people as usual, detectives going over evidence, trying to solve the latest case.

Until Kai decided to bug Mal.

Kai knocked on Mal's office door.


Kai could hear Mal groan as he opened the door.

"What is it now, Kai?"Mal asked, very impatient.

"Okay, so I had this really cool magic trick to show you & I was..."


"But MallyBear, why not?"

Mal sighed.

"Okay, if you ever call me MallyBear again I will kill you & remember last time you tried to do a magic trick?"

"Yeah, but Amy made it out okay!"

"You set the lab on fire Kai!"

"In my defense,I had no idea those chemicals were flammable!"

Mal rubbed his temples & sat down at his desk.

"Okay Kai just this once...but try not to set fire to anything."

Kai looked like Mal had just gave him a Sims 3 expansion pack.

"Oh my gosh, really? Maligator you're the best!"

"Yeah, yeah...what's your trick, Kai?"

"Who's Kai? For I am the great Kaileno! Master Of Illusion!"

"Just get it over with, 'Kaileno'!"

"Okay...I need a volunteer! Anyone? Ah, you sir!"

Kai points to Mal, who was the only person in the room.

"Come up here please!"

Mal walked up to Kai.

"Give me your wrist!"


"Just do it, Mal!"

Kai grabs Mal's wrist and cuffs it.

"Kai, what are you..."

"Silence, Obi Wan! Now I get the other cuff & put it on my wrist..."

Kai cuffs the other end to his own wrist.

"Now, I'm putting this handkerchief on our wrists in the cuffs.."

Kai places a blue hanky on his & Mal's wrist.

"And when I take it off, we will be un-cuffed! Ready? One, two, three: Avada Kaidavra!"

Kai picks up the handkerchief & his & Mal's wrist are still cuffed together!


"Not to worry! I have the key..."

Kai fumbles for the key in his lab pocket with his free hand.

"Uh, Mal..."

"Yes, Kai?"

"What would you say if I lost the key?"


"Um, yes..."


"Hey, hey, hey hear me out, okay? I have a spare key..."

"Oh thank god.."

"But I lost it too."

"I swear..."

"I ordered a new one!"

"When is it coming?"

"Next week."

"Does that mean... I'm stuck with you... FOR A WEEK?"

"Well, yeah, but think about it this way Mallie-poo... it'll give us a way to get to know each other better!"

Mal shoots Kai a glare.

"Ah hell!"

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