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"When did you start liking her?" Remus asked, looking at James with a small smile. James glanced away from where Sirius and Lily were crowded into one chair, laughing at something.



"I haven't liked her since last year." James answered, glancing back to the happy couple. Remus rolled his eyes.

"Please." Remus scoffed. "You bloody well know you didn't really like her then. You thought she was cute, and all, but you didn't like her in fifth year, or before. So when did these feelings start?"

James sighed. He always forgot how much Remus discerned when he seemed to be oblivious. "I hate it when you think you notice things."

"You haven't answered the question."

"I've already. "

"This is a no bullshit zone, Potter." He warned, a smirk on his face. "You admitted I was right."

"I said 'when you think you notice things'. There's a difference."

"Avoid it all you like, but there is no doubt on my mind that you have feelings for Lily."



"I'm telling you the truth and the common room is not a place to be discussing love interests, or lack thereof. Gossip flies way too fast in this school. I blame that Rita Skeeter."

"You're stalling now. Fine, if you won't tell me that you like her, I'll go up there and tell Lily that you doodled her name on your papers in fifth year." Remus' smirk had grown into a full-blown grin. James glared at him.

"You're devious. This is why I worry about the Marauders. Because you are evil." He muttered. "Fine. Don't tell her! Sit down!"

Remus did as asked. James fidgeted nervously with the end of his tie. "Halloween, I think. She came down to the feast all sparkly and glowing and I noticed how nice she looked all evening. There was a first-year girl sitting by herself on the verge of tears, and Lily sat right next to her. Pretty soon, that girl was laughing and sitting with all these sixth years, and looking so proud of herself. And I kind of just… felt something."

"But you didn't tell her."

He shrugged. "I didn't want a repeat of last year, with all those rejections. Not when it was real this time. And then, I found that her attitude towards us had changed and Sirius snatched her up."

"You should tell her anyways."

"Brothers before birds. I'm not going to do that to Sirius, not when she's dating him. No, I'll just get over it. I always do."

"That's depressing. Noble, but depressing."

"Life sucks."

"Tell me about it." Remus said dryly.

"The moon's next week, yeah? We'll have to deal with your furry little problem. Are you feeling okay, by the way?"

"Nothing more than usual."

"So you hurt all over."

"I'm used to it." Remus glanced over from the fire to send a wink at James. "Lucky to have some crazy friends, though, that can take my mind off it."

"Moony, you have the best friends ever. Remember that." James said, reaching over and ruffling Remus' hair. Remus howled and did the same to James.

"Oi! James, Remus! Come over here." Sirius cried. "Lily has the most hilarious story to tell about a princess and a slipper and mice!"

Remus hopped up, shaking his hair back into place. James followed suit and meandered over to where his best friend and the girl he loved lounged together. Swallowing his pride and pasting a smile on his face, he leaned his head against the mantel and acted like nothing was wrong.

Nothing had seemed more difficult.