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The night air was cold against her skin as she ran through the alley. The girl pulled her long coat closer to her body. She kept looking around constantly to see if anyone was following her. She gasped hearing a loud crash of a trash can falling to the ground. The girl imeadiatly pressed herself onto the wall and moved closer to the shadows- quickening her pace.

Her hands scraped the rough surface of the brick wall she was using. Fear raked through her body. Too many times has she had close calls and too many times she thought she would actually die. She wanted to go back home, but the pang in her heart reminded her that she couldn't go back. There was nothing left for her in that world anymore. So she had to adapt- along with three others that were sent with her.

For five years the four of them managed to survive on the streets of this strange planet. They used to live on a thriving Terripan planet- but sadly that all changed when an alien race called Triceritons attcked them. This race was never heard, nor seen, before amonst their people. The Terripans were a peacful race, never relied on the methods of war. So on the day their planet was attcked they were easily defeated.

The Triceritons placed them under slave labor, forcing them to mine under the cities for their rich energy source, prime crystalites. She can remember the old tomb her work unit stumbled acrossed. They were all girls she'd known from her old neighborhood. She could still replay Yue moving towards the center of the tomb. In that fateful moment her other team partner, and Yue's little sister, Kimiko accidently tripped over a piece of stone with strange hylergriphics carved into them.

This caused the glowing light that brought them to this strange planet they soon came to find out as Earth. Kaya, she was the unit's doctor, and Yue helped in finding their new shelter. This new planet was full with humans that don't understand somthing that's different from them- so, though they are out of the war zone planet, they were still in danger.

Her three "team mates" have become like her sisters. They're her only family and she would do anything to keep them safe.

She cringed as her feet stung with pain with every hard fast step she'd take. The girl felt relief was over her when she spotted the familair abondoned apartment. It wasn't much when they first found it (frankly it was a dump). It took two months to get the place to stop smelling of urine and dead fish. It took another three to find some simple furnature that Kaya would find when she went dumpster diving.

It was a sad life at first, but now it was livable and they are able to bare with the hardships of supporting themselves.

The girl paused taking a few more glances around making sure no one was following her or if some one was present. Once satisfied she took out a silver key hanging on a chained necklace. She unlocked the door and quickly entered the apartment.

The warmth was like a blessing to her aching body. She let out a breathe that she had been holding. Her face perked up upon the smell of Yue's cooking. She pulled her coat off and hanged it on the old coat rack near the door. The place was lite by a soft glow of candles and a small fire in the make shift fireplace they made.

She shooked out her long hair and pulled it back up in a messy pony tail. She entered the kitchen area and smiled when she saw a soft blue-green skinned turtle hovering over a pot on the stove burner. The female looked up from her work and smiled at her her hair stuck to her forhead- shiney with sweat.

"Suki...how was the run?"

She smiled back at her friend as she pulled up a chair at the small table."Cold, wet, and dark."

She rolled her eyes,"Oh you sound like you're in a pleasent mood."

Just then a young turtle wearing an oversized AC/DC t-shirt skipped in. She grinned,"I thought I heard someone come in!" She took her place next to Suki and giggled,"So how's Miss Doom and Gloom today?"

She sighed and hid her face in between her hands. She grumbled,"I'm just tired...I had that same nightmare again last night and couldn't go back to sleep."

"Kimiko...why don't you go get Kaya from her room. The soup's almost done." Kimiko gave a short nod and left.

Suki glanced up through her fingers at her friend."Yue...what ever it is you're about to say- forget it. Nothing helps anymore...I just need to learn how to ignore them."

Yue smiled sadly at her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder,"Things will get better in time."

The lair was quiet- save for the soft snores that drifted out of some of the rooms. Leonardo was sitting in front of an old shrine that held a black volcanic stone glazed vase. Soft candle light illuminated his calm features as he lite three incenses. His hands were in a prayer position as he placed his forhead against his hands. He closed his eyes for moment before opening them again. He placed the still burning incense down upon the base of the small shrine.

Leo sat up straight- his hands balled into fists in his lap. His eyes drifted to the engraved japanese characters on the inside of the small doors that were now ajar. Loyalty and honor.

He wishpered,"We miss you father. Things are so different with you gone now."

It had been over a year since the passing of their dear master and father. They knew it he would leave them and knew he was getting older. They noticed how slow he was becoming and how fragile he appeared. Splinter wasn't immortal- they all relised that, but the pain was still there.

When Splinter passed on the brothers leaned on each other more than usual. It took Mikey a while to be able to smile again. Funny, when he started to act his normal goofy self again...things became easier for them. Raph stopped being a ghost along with Leo and Don pulled through on his own.

April and Casey still come by and visit them- even do grocery runs every now and then. With April having to take care of Shadow and Cole it's hard to see them these days. Mikey helps them out with babysitting, the kids love him and sometimes all of them would go just to see their "niece" and "nephew".

Leo sighed and reached over to gently close the shrine. He looked up and stared at the many pictures that decorated the wall. A small time line leading up to the present state of their family. A small smile played on his lips seeing one of his whole family. Wounds take time to heal...

Raphael sighed as he looked out over the edge of the roof he was on. It had been a week since he last went topside- he really needed the breather. He asked Casey if he wanted to go out and buust some heads. Unforunately for him April had "grounded" the block head after his little stunt at her family reunion with a certian Aunt Agnus (one who realy dislikes her niece's choice for a husband). This left the red claded turtle left to his devices.

After Splinter's death he went out every night on to take out his anger on gang members and thugs. Leo tried to talk some since to him, but that only ended in a fight that would leave one of them extremely hurt. Raph was in a blind fit of rage- but not anymore thanks to Casey. The bonde head punched some since into him when he nearly got himself killed and exposed on one run.

He watched the small traffic of cars zooming down below in the streets. So far the night had been slow. Raph was pretty much split between going back to the Lair or just spend a few more moments of solitude. He finialy made up his mind and stood up to head back home. He stretched out, popping his shoulders as he rolled his neck. He gave a running start and started leaping from one building to the other.

He fliped up landing on a firescape. He was about to jump off when a loud scream cuaght his attention. His eyes narrowed upon seeing an old lady standing in mordified horror as a thug ran of with her purse. He smirked. Looks like a get a little action tonight.

He followed the thug into a ddark alley- careful to stick to the roof tops. He landed behind the thug. The creep jumped and stared wide eyed at him.

"Y-You're one of dose freaks!"

Raph growled,"Yeah, well you ain't a picture of god's image either pale." It really amazed him how humans can pierce and mark their bodys. The sight was sickening and only ugly up and scar their faces.

The thug took off running. Raph was not too far behind him, but was surprised by the guy rounding at him and spraying him with pepper spray. He cursed rubbing his eyes. His vision blared red and foggy- he could barley manage to make out the thug's blured image running away from him.

He growled and screamed,"You little fucker!" Raph blindly followed after the bulky figure. Every bump and scrape he took with a growl and curse. His hands found perchase along a brick wall and used it to follow. He tried to stay away from any source of light the best he could.

Now that he has been aimlessly wondering around he began to think that the bastard got away. His breathing was labored. He blinked a few times regaining a little bit of his vision back. His eyes still watered and hurt like hell. He knew that his eyes would still be hurting for hours to come.

He blinked a few more times and noticed an old apartment building. Know way will I be able to make it home before sunrise. Raph felt his way towards a borded up window. He banged up against it- barely making any progress. He took a few steps back and rammed his shoulder up against it again.

Oh he was successful alright. Falling into the window. He shook the broken pieces of debris of his shell."Great...now I'm blind andI have a dislocated shoulder." He growled as he rubbed his shoulder,"The good ol' turtle luck workin' true to form."

He stiffend when he heard a gasp. He looked up and squinted in the general direction it originated from. There was a small green blur in front of him.

Raph frowned,"Look...uh..don't scream. I'll already havin' one hell of a night an' I would really like to keep getting captured off my ta do list."

The figure cautiously stepped forward. A timid voice- female asked,"You're...a terripan?"

Raph blinked. His vision was starting to clear up a little. He raised an eyeridge,"Terripan?... You mean turtle, lady?" His eye started to sort out the image before him and his eyes slowly widend. He shooked his head in disbelief.

"I must of hit my head harder den I thought." He looked at the female turtle in front of him. She was at least 4"5'. His eyes wondered around her body. Her carapice seemed to mold with her body showing off her curves and her shell was small and didn't buldge out as far as his and his brother's did. She had long black hair in a high ponytail that curled with bangs that framed her face. Her skin was a dark moss color. Soft brown eyes studied his amber ones.

The female crossed her arms over her chest, feeling a little selfconscense."What's your name?"

He sat up and rested his good arm on his knee in a casual position. He blinked his eyes to rid some of the stinging,"Raphael." He eyed the girl,"What about you doll? Ya got a name?"

She scoffed,"Don't call me doll...and the name's Suki."

He smirked,"Japanese? How convienant..."

"Suki! What was that...noise..." Another female walked into the room and gaped at the male."Um...hi."

Raph smirked shaking his head,"Ok, how many more of you are there?"


"Suki!" The girl repremended,"Don't be so rash and trusting-"

"Yue, I love you but you really need to think." She gesterd towards Raph,"He's a terripan-"

"Turtle." She rolled her eyes at him.

"He's like us. I'm sure we can trust him. I mean...we can right?" Suki looked in his eyes."Right?"

He felt his eyes soften a little."Yeah...you can trust me." He tilted his head to the side,"I thought we were the only ones."

The two girls shared a look. Yue raised an eyeridge,"We? Who's we?"

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