Donatello was up and early making a fresh pot of coffee. Michelangelo was busying himself with making breakfast. Leonardo soon joined them. He sat down at the table and started looking through the newspaper. Leo glanced around at his two brothers that were present and frowned.

"Where's Raph?"

Don started to pour himself a cup of joe."Well he's not in his room...that much I know."

Leo looked up from his paper and frowned."Think he bunked over at Casey and April's place?"

Mikey flipped a flapjack in the air."Mybe...I'm sure he's fine Leo." He caught the flapjack on a plate and kept flying them out until he had a good stack." 'Sides it's his loss! More flapjacks for us!"

Leo smirked,"Guess you're right." He went back to his paper.

Don leaned against the counter."You're calling them after breakfast aren't you?"

He did not even look up."Yup." He turned a page. His brother's shared an eye roll and chuckled.

Awkward. That was the only thing that could describe this morning. Even with knowing April for all those years, Raphael was still a little rusty on the whole "female life style". It all started when he woke up and had to take a piss. Going by memory of the short tour the girls gave him of their place- he managed to find the bathroom. Unfortunately he failed to notice that it was already occupied. He already was inside and had the door closed when the aroma of vanilla and cherries hit him full on.

His eyes widend as he became fully awake and aware of his surroundings. Steam poured through the covered shower. Raph swallowed upon seeing the fine siluate on the other side. He walked in on one of the girls. His heart raced and he silently prayed he could sneak out without being confronted as some pervert.

Yeah right! The figure became alert." that you?"

Yue. Raph paniked. He fumbled a little backwards and accidently knocked over some stuff on a nearby self. He heard the shower turn off and the curten was slightly pulled back. Yue stared in mock horror at the male. He gulped and held his hands up in surrender.

"Look, I didn't know someone was-"

She started throwing bath products at him and growled,"Just get out! God what are you a pervert!?"

Raph bit back a retort and high tailed it out of there. He slammed the door shut and was met with three pairs of wide eyed females that just woke up. He sighed and ran a hand down his face. God help me...

Breakfast was quiet. The girls seemed to be on high alert around him. Yue espeacially. She kept stealing a glance at him and turned abruptly away when ever he tried to make eye contact. When ever Raph took a look at her an image of her popped into his head. Her body exposed like it was now only wet. Her skin flushed from the heat of the shower and steam- her hair down in little ringlets. He shook himself a little.

Raph took a sip of his coffee and tried to ignore the tension. Kimiko mummbled something about breakfast and lite the small camp stove. Kaya grabbed Yue's arm and practicly dragged her out of there- leaving Suki with Raph at the table.

She leaned back against her chair and crossed her arms over her chest."Don't worry she'll cool down after she gets something to eat."

Raph sighed a surpressed growl,"I honestly don't see what da big deal is. You four walk around wit nuttin' on already- so why's a showa' any different?"

She snorted,"Seriously? She was embarrassed! Plus, when you put it that why it makes us out to be like nudists."

He rolled his eyes."Women..."

Kimiko looked over her shoulder at them."I don't get how humans can wear clothes."

Suki frowned."Uh...Kimi...You dress up in clothes any chance you get."

"" She smiled."I like to dress up! It kind of reminds me of the costumes we wear during a festival!"

Raph was completely lost and just assumed it was an alien thing. Funnny. A memory flashed through his mind. Back when they were younger, Mikey would come up with these crazy ideas of other mutant turtles out in the world that are in hiding like them. The carless and seemingly hopeless dreams of a teen that was now turned into reality. Only the girls were not from here.

They are lost, afraid and, above all, clueless as to how their world functioned. If it was anything he had to admit- it was that he was very impressed with how much they used with little to none of the proper information as to how things are here- and yet all four of them pulled through and made a new life. He also had to face the fact that this place looked condemed- no matter how much you try to pretty it up. In reality this home of their's was a dump. True he was not saying that his place was the Hilton, but it sure as hell beats sleeping in a building that has the potential of fallling in on you in the middle of the night.

Speaking of which, he was damned sure that his brothers were starting to worry (if they had not of called Casey and April). Raph reached into his belt for his shell cell only to come back empty handed. Oh shit.

Ofcoarse he forgot to take it with him. He inwardly groaned and slammed his forhead against the table. Suki and Kimi both raised an eyeridge at him curiously.

"Great...Jus' great!" He sighed,"Leo is gonna have a field day wit dis..."

Suki frowned."Are you alright?"

Raph glanced up at her."You don't happen ta have a phone do ya?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah Leo. Raph didn't show up or make any calls over here."

Leonardo was on the phone with April. He waited an hour and after calling his brother's shell cell- only to find it sitting on the kitchen counter- he hoped he was at their friend's place.

"How about Casey?"

He heard a muffled child-like laughter in the background.

"He's been 'grounded' and is currently spending some time with his daughter." A pause."I wouldn't worry just yet Leo. He might show up after another thirty minutes or he might have decsided to find a safe place to crash for the night." Her voice was strained to dim down her worry."You know how he is when he's in one of his moods."

Leo pinched the bridge of his beak and sighed."I suppose you're right...Give my best to Casey and Shadow?"


"Alright and if you hear anything-"

"I'll call." She laughed."Don't worry." A sudden crash echoed through the background."What the-" Silence."Sorry Leo but I have to go...someone just broke my vase.."

The call ended with a click. He hung up the phone and looked over at the clock."Where the hell are you?"

"You're kiddin' me right?"

Suki furrowed her brow."No...I'm being seriouse. What's a phone?"

Raph felt like punching the wall. The girls were not kidding when they said they still had alot to learn. Kimiko was now sitting in the chair beside Suki- her legs crossed and pulled close to her chest.

"I heard some one talk on a small black that it?"

He blinked."Yeah...only that's a cell phone. A phone is something we use to communicate with each other here."

"Yeah...we don't have one."

Raph face palmed."Ofcoarse not." He let out a long breathe."Guess I gotta wait till night fall."

Yue stalked back in and started to fix herself a plate."So when are you leaving?"

"After the sun sets." He felt some of the tension ease up a bit between them."Sorry.."

She looked at him and blinked."Oh. Yeah...well don't let it happen again."

Kaya pranced in all smiles."Gama hei!" The girls rolled their eyes muttered a greeting while Raph was yet again confused but stayed quiet.

Raph watched as the girls went through their daily routine. Kaya helped Suki with the dishes and cleaning up after breakfast. Kimiko did small things, like folding som towels. Yue would check their supplies and make a small list of things they needed to get on her next little run. When everything was said and done with two or three chores the girls all went into the small living area and hung out. Raphael- being the only male present, sat quietly on the old beat up reclyner.

Yue laughed softly at Kimi as she plopped down in front of her. He raised an eyeridge. The way they interacted was odd. It was like they could comunicate without words. Yue hummed and gently played with her sister's hair. Kaya and Suki were talking about lord knows what. Raph did a quick glance at a clock and nearly fell out of his seat. Only an hour had passed- but the moment felt like at least four. Night time couldn't come any faster.

Mikey watched as his older brother paced in front of him. After that call from April, Leo was freaking out. There was really little to nothing they could rdo until night fall. With each hour that passed, and still no word from their missing brother, Leonardo's worry grew.

It was times like this when Mikey wished he had some good solid excuse like Donnie and be able to sneak back into his room with no questions asked. He loved his brothers but sometimes the whole "mother hen" thing was just too much for the young terripan. He had to admit though he was starting to get worried. None of them wants to be caught outside in daylight. Dude, you need to hurry your shell home.

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