Naruto: Wrath of the Emperor

A Naruto Fanfiction

Original Story 'Naruto: Emperor's Dawn' by ChrisM2011

By Snafu the Great

Snafu's Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto. With the success of Rise of the Emperor, a thought had came into my head. What if things had been done differently? What if all of Konoha save for four of its clans were hostile towards Naruto? What if Hinata had left with him? This is a much darker version of Rise of the Emperor, with Tsunade and Jiraiya being hostile towards Naruto and the Western Empire.

Update: As Naruto wields the Rinnegan, he also knows the Six Paths jutsu (which is the parent jutsu of the Six Paths of Pain), and I have updated his bio as such.


Classification: Jinchuuriki (formerly); Warlord (formerly); Emperor

Rank: Sannin-level shinobi, Seiseibushi-level samurai

Clan: Uzumaki-Namikaze

Official Title: First Sovereign Emperor of the Unified West, His Imperial Majesty, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze

Nicknames: The Maverick Emperor, The Crimson Fury of the Empire, Emperor of the Six Paths, The Man in Black, Akatsuki Killer, The Boss, The Chief, Lord Namikaze

Full Name: Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze

Alignment: Konohagakure no Sato (formerly – banished); Western Empire

Date of Birth/Age: October 10/19 years old

Place of Birth: Konohagakure no Sato, Fire Country

Height: 6'

Weight: 190 lbs

Hair: Reddish-Blonde

Eyes: Blue (normal); Purple with ripples (Rinnegan)

Blood Type: B

Parents: Minato Namikaze, father (deceased); Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze, mother (deceased)

Spouse: Hinata Namikaze

Other Relatives: Jiraiya, godfather (disowned), Tsunade Senju, godmother (disowned); Hiashi Hyuuga, father-in-law

Elemental Affinity: All of them

Bloodline: Rinnegan

Summons: Dragons

Signature Weapons: O-katana (Naruto's primary weapon - think Vergil's Yamato sword), Hirashin kunai (both the classic tri-bladed and the all-black kunai with the Hirashin seals carved into the blade). Naruto came across the sword by accident while returning from a successful campaign. It is because of this that gets Naruto interested in learning samurai swordsmanship. The sword has the ability to split into two separate swords (ala Doku's Kitesu), of which Naruto can wield with deadly efficiency.

Primary Costume: Modeled after Shang Tsung in the 1st MK flick - white shirt, black vest, pants, longcoat and boots. Also wears a all-black kage-style hat or bandanna with face mask to conceal his identity while traveling abroad.

Secondary Costume: Black flak vest, black sleeveless haori with red flame pattern pants and shoes. Black kage-style hat.

Specialty: Funijutsu and Taijutsu

Place of Residence: Imperial Palace, Kimon (the Imperial Capital); Imperial Summer Palace at South Ichiyama


- Age 0: Became the jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tails

- Age 6: Enrolls into the Konohagakure Ninja Academy

- Age 12: Graduates with the rank of Genin, assigned to Team 7 with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

- Age 13: Banished from Konoha following the success of the Sasuke Retrieval Mission. Escapes from Fire Country along with Hinata Hyuuga and heads west. Rescues Kumo kunoichi/jinchuuriki Yugito Nii from the Akatsuki and heads for the Western Continent.

- Age 14: Kills the most powerful of the warlords, Rokubungi Oda and takes control of his forces. Begins a campaign to unify the continent and bring about peace. Former Mist swordsman Zabuza Momichi and his partner Haku join Naruto's growing army.

- Age 15: Frees the Kyuubi no Kitsune from the seal, and begins to train under her alongside Hinata. Later trains under Sonshi in samurai swordsmanship and politics.

- Age 16: Defeats the last three warlords at the Battle of South Ichiyama (and marries Hinata in the midst of the battle). The South Ichiyama Treaty ends the Unification Wars with Naruto and Hinata as the sole rulers of the unified lands. With the backing of his army and the people, Naruto is made Emperor of the Western Empire.

- Age 17: Summons Spring Damiyo Koyuki Kazahana, Kazekage Gaara of the Sand and Mizukage Mei Terumi for a secret summit. The four leaders sign a military and trade alliance. Rescues and later grants Kumo jinchuuriki Killer Bee political asylum in the Empire, along with his brother A, the deposed Raikage, having been overthrown by a Oto-backed Raikage. A serves as one of his senior advisers, while still Bee. Tracks down the remaining jinchuuriki (Roshi, Han, Utakata and Fu) and protects them from the Akatsuki by offering them asylum within the Empire.

- Age 18: Grants the four clans from Konoha (Hyuuga, Nara, Yamanaka and Akamichi) and a number of jounins who had defected from Konoha citizenship.

- Age 19: Undergoes a personal covert mission to Konohagakure no Sato to retrieve the ashes of his parents...and to add insult to injury, destroyed the Hokage Monument.

- Age 20: Assists Suna in the war against the Akatsuki led by Pein and Madara Uchiha. With the jinchuuriki backing him up as well as the Nine-Tails and a sizable amount of soldiers, Madara and Itachi Uchiha are killed, and the Akatsuki are routed and destroyed. The jinchuuriki are declared national treasures of the Empire.

Trained By:

- Kurama - Nine-Tails (Leadership and battle tactics, Taijitsu, Seals and Ninjitsu)

- Zabuza Momichi (Mist-style swordsmanship)

- Sonshi (Samurai swordsmanship, battle tactics, and Political Intrigue)

- Yugito Nii (battle tactics and assassination techniques)

Favorite Food: Barbecue

Likes: Helping people

Dislikes: Konohagakure no Sato, Cell Seven, and his former godparents

Fighting Style: Kitsune-style Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, Uzumaki-Namikaze-style Fuinjutsu and Taijutsu (think Krav Maga, Keysi Fighting Method and Karate combined), and a combination of ninja and samurai swordsmanship.

Skills and Signature Techniques:

- Enhanced Strength and Agility:

Through the brutal training he endured at the hands of Kurama, Zabuza Momichi and Yugito Nii, Naruto is now stronger than Tsunade, while he is faster than Rock Lee without the weights

- Kenjutsu

Zabuza Momichi has been training Naruto in swordsmanship, and he is just as ruthless as his teacher.

- Assassination Techniques:

An understudy of Yugito Nii alongside Hinata, Naruto is the master of the silent kill.

- Samurai Swordsmanship

Aside from being a shinobi, Naruto has been trained in the ways of the Samurai by Sonshi, his specialty being the quick-draw.

- Flying Thunder God and Flash Step:

The technique which made his father famous (or infamous if you're an Iwa shinobi). Rather than the yellow flash which is signature to the Hiraishin, Naruto's version has a crimson flash, earning him the nickname 'The Crimson Fury.' The Flash Step is an updated version of the Hiraishin, with Naruto moving so fast that he leaves a after-image.

- Kage Bushin:

Aside from the standard version of the technique, Naruto has added exploding clones to his movelist.

- Rasengan:

Naruto's signature technique. Can destroy anything in its path, if he is using the Rinnegan's power.

- Rasenshuriken:

Combined with his wind affinity, it attacks the opponent's cells, severing them. Now that he has then Rinnegan, he had added several more variants to the jutsu. The Fire variant reduces anyone caught in it to carbon. The Earth variant can shatter bones and rupture organs.

- Chakra Chains:

Based on his mother's attack, Naruto uses them to sap the opponent's chakra to the point that they are severely weakened

- Deadly Tempest:

Inspired by Temari's Kamitachi, Naruto has developed his own version of the technique, using hurricane-force winds to attack. The Wind variant uses supercooled air to numb the opponent, while the Fire variant uses superheated air to burn the opponent.

- Chakra Wind Blades:

Deadly wind-laced chakra blades that can dismember flesh and destroy nearly anything in its path

- Shadow Dancer:

Think Morrigan's Darkness Illusion...only with four Shadow Clones

- Shinra Tensei and Banshou Ten'in:

The signature techniques of anyone wielding the Rinnegan. Shinra Tensei pushes objects away, while the Banshou Ten'in pulls them in.

- Demon's Gate:

Used to open a massive portal from the Empire to an area of his choosing, as long as he had been there before.

- Vajira Slash

Similar to Vergil's Dimensional Slash Hyper Combo.

- Wrath of the Six Paths:

Variant of Nagato's Six Paths of Pain jutsu, only that Naruto does not have the ability to control numerous bodies like Nagato. Naruto can either incorporate the paths into his fighting style, or summon a Rinnegan-powered shadow clone with the path of his choice. The Wrath of the Six Paths puts him on par with Jiraiya's Sage Mode.

Deva Path: Naruto's primary path of choice, which allows him to manipulate both attractive and repulsive forces.

Asura Path: Inspired by a visit to the Cult of Asura's Temple in Shinoku, Naruto's Asura Path gives him an appearance similar to that of its god (think Naruto does Asura's Wrath). Naruto's first form gives him metallic arms, while the second form adds four more to the total. His strength is increased a hundredfold.

Human Path: Naruto's interrogation jutsu. Same as Pain's Human Path, without the soul stealing.

Animal Path: Summons Kurama in her fox form to attack.

Preta Path: Can absorb chakra and most Ninjitsu, which resupplies Naruto's own chakra reserves. He can also use this to boost another person's chakra reserves, of which he used on Hinata more than once.

Naraka Path: The only genjutsu (surprisingly) which Naruto can use. This is for interrogation purposes, as the unlucky victim thinks that he is being judged by the Shinigami.

Outer Path: The forbidden path to Naruto. He knows the jutsus which make the Outer Path, but refuses to use them.


- Ninjutsu: 5

- Taijitsu: 5

- Genjutsu: 5 (can't cast genjutsu, but his henge is undetectable)

- Intelligence: 5

- Strength: 5

- Speed: 5

- Stamina: 5

- Hand-seals: 5

- Total: 40

Occupation: Konoha shinobi (formerly); Warlord (formerly); Emperor of the West


Classification: Shinobi (formerly), Sage, Empress

Clan: Hyuuga, Uzumaki-Namikaze (by marriage)

Rank: Sannin-level shinobi

Official Title: Her Imperial Highness, Empress Consort Hinata Namikaze

Nicknames: Hime (Naruto only), Lady Hinata/Lady Namikaze (to others), The Lady, Hime no Kitsune (Princess of Foxes)

Full Name: Hinata Hyuuga Namikaze

Alignment: Konohagakure no Sato (formerly – abandoned the village); Western Empire

Date of Birth: December 27/20 years old

Place of Birth: Konohagakure no Sato, Fire Country

Height: 5'7"

Weight: She's not telling

Measurements: 35-21-33

Hair: Indigo

Eyes: Pupil-less Lavender (normal); Dark Violet (Sage)

Parents: Hiashi Hyuuga, Hanna Hyuuga, mother (deceased)

Spouse: Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

Other Relatives: Hanabi Hyuuga, younger sister; Neji Hyuuga, elder cousin

Elemental Affinity: Fire Release, Water Release

Bloodline: Enhanced Bykaugan (White Eye) – allows Hinata to target muscle and bone aside from the chakra points

Summons: Foxes

Signature Weapons: Dual kukri knives, ninjato - originally belonged to the second Fox Sage Kushinna Uzumaki, Senbon Needles

Primary Costume: Black shinobi shozoku (what Ayane sometimes wears) with a crimson lotus decal on the left breast, fishnet undershirt, black jounin flak vest, hitai-ate around her neck, pouch of medical supplies strapped to her back. A sleeveless haori can be an exception to the flak vest.

Secondary Costume: Various types of cheongsam dresses (she hates kimonos and yukatas)

Specialty: Taijutsu, Medical Ninjitsu, Genjutsu, also a master in diplomatic relations

Place of Residence: Imperial Palace, Kimon (the Imperial Capital); Imperial Summer Palace at South Ichiyama


- Age 6: Enrolled in the Konoha Ninja Academy

- Age 12: Graduates from the academy. Assigned to Cell Eight with Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame.

- Age 13: Flees alongside Naruto Uzumaki in the aftermath of the Uchiha Retrieval Mission in order to avoid being branded with the Caged Bird Seal at her father's urging. Assists Naruto in rescuing Kumo Jinchuuriki Yugito Nii and flees to the Western Continent.

- Age 14: During the Unification Wars, she becomes the apprentice to Yugito Nii.

- Age 15: Undergoes Sage Training under Kurama. On her sixteenth birthday, she becomes the Third Fox Sage.

- Age 16: Fights alongside (and marries) Naruto at the Battle of South Ichiyama. Crowned Empress Consort of the Unified West.

- Age 17: Oversees the formation of the Imperial Medic Corps in the Unified West with Karin Uzumaki and Kokoro Yamada.

- Age 18: Abolishes the Caged Bird Seal and officially hands over the position of Hyuuga Heiress to Hanabi Hyuuga.

- Age 20: Fights alongside Naruto in the Akatsuki Invasion of Suna. Credited with killing Deidara.

Trained By:

- Hiashi Hyuuga (Jyuuken Training)

- Kurama - Nine Tails (Sage and Taijutsu Training - side effect of this training is a major boost in self-confidence)

- Naruto Namikaze (Ninjitsu Training)

- Sonshi (Political Intrigue)

- Yugito Nii (Assassination techniques)

Favorite Food: Chocolate, Cinnamon buns

Likes: Training with Naruto

Dislikes: Same as her husband

Fighting Styles: Kin Shiki Jyuukenpo (Forbidden Style of the Gentle Sixt - basically the Hyuuga-ryuu Jyuuken overhauled to remove the flaws and weaknesses, making it more deadly - think Hinata fighting like Jun Kazama), Kitsune-style Taijutsu (think a combination of Wing Chun and Wushu) and Ninjutsu

Signature Techniques:

- Enhanced Senses and Agility:

As she is the third Kitsune Sannin, Hinata enjoys several perks. Aside from an upgrade in her Bykaugan, her sense of smell and hearing has improved.

- Medical Ninjitsu:

A talented medic-nin, Hinata's skills in healing are even better than Tsunade and the Konohagakure shinobi.

- Assassination Techniques:

As she can heal, she can also kill. A former understudy of Yugito Nii, Hinata is also a skilled assassin.

- Kage Bushin:

Naruto had taught her the technique, as she can also use the standard and exploding clones.

- Kin Shiki Jyuukenpo:

Hinata was trained in the Jyuukenpo by her father, and through that, had made the Gentle Fist more suited for her style.

- Eight Trigrams: Rotating Heaven

Rather than it being an defensive technique, Hinata had changed it into an offensive technique similar to that of Kung Lao's Whirlwind Spin. Covering her body from head to toe in chakra, Hinata spins, knocking the opponent into the air.

- Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms

A variant of the 64 Palms which Hinata had created for herself. Using a constant stream of chakra combined with her natural flexibility, she can reach any point around herself, allowing her to strike numerous targets within her field of assault.

- Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms:

Nothing special, as she does this the same way she always has done. Only difference is now rather than the Eight Trigrams pattern being green-and-black, it is now gold-and-red.

- Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms:

Hinata does this with a shadow clone; the real Hinata does 32 palms, while the clones does the other half 32.

- Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms:

Hinata performs this move just like Gen's Zetuei Super Combo (in most cases, she even says the same quote: "You cannot dodge what you cannot see!")


- Ninjutsu: 5

- Taijitsu: 5

- Genjutsu: 5

- Intelligence: 5

- Strength: 4

- Speed: 5

- Stamina: 5

- Hand-seals: 5

- Total: 39

Occupation: Konoha shinobi (formerly), Third Fox Sage, Empress Consort of the Western Empire

About the Fox Sage: Part warrior, part healer, the Fox Sage is truly an elite warrior. As it is that only women can undergo the Sage Training, there are only three sages who held the title, both of which were from the Uzumaki clan (Mito and Kushina Uzumaki) and the most recent being the wife of the Emperor of the West, Hinata Namikaze.

Western Empire Stats:

Official Name: Unified Western Empire

Other Names: The West, Western Empire, Imperial Nation

Landmass: Think the Galbadia and Centra Continents from Final Fantasy 8 and you got the Western Empire. The northern part is known as the Northern Region, while the south continent and islands is known as the Southern Region

Population: 7 million

Capital: Kimon City, Northern Region (also known as the Imperial Capital)

Motto: "Peace through order and stability."

Largest City: Northern Region – Kimon, Kurata Port; Southern Region – South Ichiyama, Shinokou

Flag: Black Four Symbols Seal on a red background

Style of Government: Imperial Government

Governing Body: House of Sovereigns (consisting of a 12-member council, six representatives/ministers from the samurai and ninja clans, and six from the nobility and civilians. The designated ambassadors from Yuki, Suna and Mist also sit in. The Samurai and Ninja clan representatives are permanent members hand-picked by the Emperor himself, while the nobility and civilians are elected by the civilians)

Heads of State: Emperor Naruto Namikaze, Empress Consort Hinata Namikaze

Chief Advisers: Takuma Uzumaki, Kurama, Hiashi Hyuuga, and A

Founding Document: Unification Charter (which documents the history of the Uzumaki and Namikaze families, as well as the history of the Unification Wars)

Constitution: Imperial Charter (The Charter establishes the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan as the designated rulers of the Western Empire, as well as granting the Damiyos and Lords relative autonomy over their regions, as long as they acknowledge the Emperor as their ruler and govern the lands fairly and justly. It also establishes the Emperor as the supreme ruler of the Western Empire - with unchecked power.)

Military: Imperial Defense Forces - a combination of battle-hardened Samurai and Ninja. Four special forces units are under the direct command of the Emperor. They are as follows: the Hellcat Unit, an all-female fighting force of ninja and samurai under the command of General Yugito Nii the Shadow Company, a Mist refugee clan with the ability to bend space under the command of General Hideo Kazuma, the hard-hitting Demon Brigade, consisting of former Mist ninja under the command of General Zabuza Momichi, and the Four Devas (Four Heavenly Kings), a four-member group of shinobi who wields the power of the elements – Rasu, the Shogun of the Violent Lightning, Sadako Asahina, the Mistress of the Dark Flames, Kintaro Kagami, the Strongman of the Scorched Earth, and Kaede Kuriyama, the Protector of the Divine Winds.

Government Ministries:

- Ministry of Defense: oversees the battle-readiness of the Imperial forces. The Empire's information network falls under this ministry. Defense Minister: Sonshi.

- Ministry of the Interior: oversees the internal security of the Western Empire. Interior Minister: Kasumi Aihara.

- Ministry of Health: oversees the health and well-being of all its citizens – civilian, shinobi and samurai. Health Minister: Kouda Chiba.

- Ministry of Shinobi Affairs: Shinobi equivalent of Internal Affairs. Shinobi Affairs Minister: Kouda Chiba.

- Ministry of Samurai Affairs: Samurai equivalent of Internal Affairs. Samurai Affairs Minister: Eiji Kibagami.

- Ministry of Justice: Civilian equivalent of Internal Affairs. Justice Minister: Katsumoto Kitahara.

- Ministry of Finance: Oversees the financial aspects of the Empire and its budget. Joint operated by Ryuji and Haruka Shinzen.

Currency: Ryo


- October 10: The Emperor's Birthday

- December 27: The Empress Consort's Birthday

- June 1 to 12: Unification Festival (celebrating the end of the Unification Wars - June 1 is also the date of Naruto's original banishment)

- June 14: Anniversary of the Emperor and Empress' Coronation

- 1st Day of Spring: Hanami Festival

- 1st Week of July: The Imperial Kumite is held in South Ichiyama (think the chuunin exams tournaments but on a wider scale...and no one dies)

About the Samurai in the Western Empire: The samurai which serve and live in the Unified West are not the traditional brand of samurai seen in most anime and movies per se. The samurai in the Western Empire are in some ways similar to the shinobi. What the shinobi considers chakra, in the Western Empire, to the samurai, it is called ki energy. The samurai uses their internal energy to reinforce the strength of their weapons (similar as to how Kunou and Mousse do to their own weapons in Ranma ½). Aside from the traditional samurai weaponry, some samurai uses some exotic weapons custom built by the Himura Weapons Shops (such as the Chinese-style Dao and Straight Swords and the Nepalese Kukhri knives – but for the sake of the story, they are all weapons with origins in the Western Empire). Like the Shinobi Ranking System, the Samurai also has a ranking system of their own: Aonisaibushi (Amateur Samurai) is the equivalent of Genin, Chukanbushi (Middle Samurai) is the equivalent of Chuunin, Seiseibushi (Elite Samurai) is the equivalent of Jounin. Only Sonshi, Naruto's father figure and mentor is the only one to obtain the rank of Kodenbushi (Legendary Samurai) the equivalent of Sannin. The samurai as just as strong and resilient as their shinobi counterparts, and have a good working relationship with the shinobi in the Western Empire. In some cases, there is an unnamed class of warriors who had embraced both the shinobi and samurai ways, making them even more dangerous.

About the Elite Guards: The Elite Guards are the Imperial equivalent of the Fire Lord's Guardian Ninja. Following Naruto and Hinata's ascension to Emperor and Empress Consort, Sonshi had warned them both that as the leaders of the Empire, they both will always be targets for those opposed to their rule. Naruto and Hinata's first order was the creation of an elite group of warriors, both samurai and shinobi to serve as their bodyguards. Each member of the Elite Guard are classified as S-Rank combatants and are tough enough to face down even the most battle-hardened Jounin, Danzou's ROOT ANBU or even the Akatsuki. The Elite Guards consists of six battle-hardened shinobi and samurai who carry the rank of Jounin and Seiseibushi respectively. The members of the guard are Sana Sonshi, Hideo Kibagami, Roh Shainto, Takuma Chiba, and Rena Shiratori. Major Benisato Minazuki is the leader of the Guard.

About the Unified West in General: Unlike the Elemental Countries, in which the shinobi is the dominant force in the region, the Unified West is a combination of both Japanese and Chinese warrior cultures – in other words, before Naruto and Hinata arrived was basically the Three Kingdoms meet the Warring States in a free-for-all, but it still contains the Damiyo system used in the East. Aside from humans, the West is also home to half-demons and hanyou who live in the badlands and the forests in the Southern Region.