Chapter 1

"Ozzy…." I called quietly into the dark, silent forest. The breeze was a light one with no crickets to help ease the unsteadiness of being alone . Knowing Ozzy, and I did, he was more than likely hiding, waiting for the opportunity to come to jump out and catch me off guard. But that was how my seven foot six friend worked, for a guy that weighed two hundred pounds; he sure could sneak up on you. But then again that just might have been the hunter in him.

Hearing a rustling bush, I stopped and readied my dagger. My eyes scanned the surroundings as I listened to see if I could hear footsteps. Something scraped against the bark of one of the trees; my gaze lifted to the tree branches, looking for a silhouette of the young male. I backed up against a tree as I tensed, he tended to stay in the trees rather than on the ground where I could easily spot and attack him.

The leaves shook , not knowing if it was from a breeze or Ozzy I was on my toes. Times like this I wished I was full yautja, like my sire Segt'in, but to me he was called Daddy. I wasn't like the other yautja pups who called their fathers by their name or never got to see them , but I guess that was because my father raised me from four years old since my ooman mother died trying to save me from a badblood yautja by the name of Berserk. I could still remember that face ,his red striped face and his eyes a black bottomless pit which held no emtion for others than himself. That day still was so vivid in my head; even if I was four that day it still haunts me every time I thought of it.

I sometimes wondered what my life would have been like if I wasn't a half breed. I most certainly wouldn't get called names for looking so different. I took after my mother , I appeared ooman with long black hair and blue eyes , my skin was slightly tanned with a few patches of spots here and there just like my father. I did posses talons like my father and was able to make the same clicks and calls like he could as well , but other than that I was almost completely ooman.

Something touched my head and I jumped, jumping away from the tree as I looked up. My blade was ready , a smug look appeared on Ozzy's face as he hung down from a branch.

This was my friend Bhu'ja, nicknamed Oz or Ozzy. He has been my friend every since we were little pups in day school. He was a pure blood , unlike me , but his coloring was rather strange. In fact his coloring was classified as rare and most considered it a bad omen. Ozzy was an albino , while most yautja where a tan or creme color, Ozzy was not. Instead he was a combination of white and pink , his eyes a bright neon red. He had quite a bit of pink on him , but he was growing out of it , his father had said that once he was grown that the pink should be limited just to the base of his dreads and a few places across his body. As of now he still had pink covering parts of head , stomach, forearms and back , but in time the pink would turn to a solid white coloring.

What interested me most about him was his eyes , everything was red , his sclera, iris and the pupil. Some had said that it wasn't natural for his entire eye to be like that ,that it was like looking into the eyes of a demon. They found it eery and unsettling, some even felt that he was suppose to be some sort of demon and that was why his mother had abandoned him as an infant. I had always thought they were wrong , nothing was wrong with him expect his coloring and even then I didn't see what the big deal was.

"Weren't you supposed to be looking for me?" He trilled in a mocking tone before he jumped down from the tree. His white dreads swaying slightly, he walked over to me, towering two feet taller than me. "Started daydreaming again didn't you?" He smirked and pointed a white clawed hand at me and I rolled my eyes.

"No, why would you think that?"

"Because you were staring straight at me and you didn't see me. So I got into the tree and waited till you were done dreaming." I growled.

"And if i was?" I hissed.

"Then you need to get it controlled , won't last long on your chiva if you do."

Nodding I breathed deeply. "Both you and I know we have time to train and get rid of my … disadvantage. Remember? The elders are holding us back…"

A deep, violent growl arose from his muscular white chest. "S'yuitde elders, just because were different…" I couldn't help but give a slight giggle.

"You tell an elder that to their face you won't even get to leave Yautja prime." Ozzy rolled his scarlet eyes, mandibles clicking in amusement. "Now come on, last time we were late for the evening meal my father nearly had your head."

"Yeah, he blames me for your mistakes…" Ozzy grumbled but with a hit of humor in his voice. We made sure we had our things and headed out of the forest and back to the city.