Chapter 5

I looked up at Ozzy and pulled at his hand. As soon as I heard his growl I knew he had forgotten about his promise and that his Ti'kon so much as gave him a dirty look he'd beat the shit out him. Ti'kon gave a smirk at me and that seemed to set Ozzy off more, the twins stood up and grabbed at their friends' shoulder to hold him back.

"Ozzy sit your ass down!" I growled at him and I jerked him down to sit on the bench, he grumbled and hissed, his dreads flared his crimson eyes ablaze. I rubbed his shoulder. "Ease up big guy…" I said, trying to sooth my friend.

I looked over and Ti'kon neared, along with his two dimwitted friends Kr'tahk and Lh'wrar. Ti'kon was about mid-height, so about seven foot ten. He was a light red, kind of a pinkest color, which earned him the name Pinky. Ti'kon was a unblood like me Ozzy and the twins , so he was in a lot of the training classes we had, Ozzy had to be suspended from the training classes till he was able to get his temper under control due to Ti'kon.

Next behind Ti'kon was Kr'tahk, a young blood who had his chiva not that long ago but didn't have enough experience to go on the adult hunts. The young blood wasn't much taller than Ti'kon, maybe just slightly smaller. Kr'tahk was an orangish color that seemed to be mixed in with some grey; he was kinda fugly to me. He also wasn't one of the most liked people in the stone city, his father was an owner of a local market and twenty seven people died from the fruits and meats that he sold, the only reason his father wasn't put to death was because he had a "Disability".

Disability my ass! Ozzy's father has a disability and no one's died there before…yet. If I had the choice Kr'tahk father would have died long again from the death of the first yautja.

Beside the fugly motherfucker was Lh'wrar, he was disgusting looking to me. That fugly bastard was buff, but so buff it was gross. Lh'wrar too had temperament problems, but when his temper got the best of him he took it out on his body. Muscle boy was from the northern clans, like a lot of the yautja up there they were usually the pale colors; he was no different as he was a light tan color.

Ti'kon gave a chuckle as he came up next to us, Ozzy's body tensed as he kept his gaze away from Ti'kon.

"Well if it isn't the rejects of Stone city." Ti'kon smirked. "Haven't seen you three here in a while, thought your families would have killed you by now, being as worthless as you are."

B'oomer sputtered a laugh and Ti'kon turned his gaze to him.

"What's so funny?"

"I thought they only killed in-breds like you?" B'oomer smiled and his twin chuckled.

"Twins..."Ozzy growled and looked up at them with an icy glare, his glare was easy to read 'Don't push your luck'.

"You talking about my ma and pa?" Ti'kon growled and stepped towards the twins, Kr'tahk and Lh'wrar smirking.

"You mean your dad's sister?" Zr'oomer smiled and I stepped between the two. Ti'kon smirked and stepped back.

"Yeah, you want to talk? Then why don't you talk about farmer boys' deaf dad." A loud growl rumbled from Ozzy's chest and I walked over to him as I sat next to him.

"Easy big guy…"I whispered, He sighed and kept his eyes on the ground.

"You must think your tough as shit to keep the albino under control, huh half-breed?" Ozzy shot up fast enough to make me almost fall back , standing up as quick as I could I thumped Oz's chest to get him to look at him.

"No, it's not worth it." I whispered, he didn't even glance at me as he glared at Ti'kon.

"Don't call her that." He growled deeply. Ti'kon smiled at Ozzy.

"Hit a nerve huh?" Ozzy stepped towards Ti'kon and both me and the twins grabbed him , pulling him back. "You wouldn't do anything farm boy." The albino tried pulling away from us to get to Ti'kon who trilled in a laugh.

"Bhu'ja.."I said and we heaved to pull him back.

"Oasis let me go."

"I would advise you leave my daughter alone Ti'kon." I looked over my shoulder and smiled, my dad had habits of popping up in at the wrong times, but I was sure happy to see him now. My father stalked over and growled deeply at Ti'kon, the young male grimaced and backed up. "Now, explain to me why you're harassing them?"

"We were just having a friendly chat Master Segt'in." Ti'kon said, eyes looking down at the ground, it was considered a challenge if a unblood was to look an elder or anyone higher rank than them in the eyes.

"C'jit!"Ti'kon jumped and moved back, my father's mandibles clicked in irritation. Ti'kon's two fugly minions retreated, leaving there leader to deal with the wrath of my father. "You stay away from my daughter and her group, you hear me Ti'kon? I will beat you with m-di h'chak with you get near them again , understand?!"

"Yes Master Segt'in." As most elders did when they were irritated at a youngster , my father growled and swung his foot at Ti'kon's behind as he started walking away , my father's foot connected with Ti'kon's rear and the unblood literally jumped a foot in the air from the sudden kick. Ti'kon stumbled and picked himself up as he got up and took off running.

The guys and I burst out laughing only to be silenced by my father who glared his violet eyes like shards of glass. We stopped our laughter and stood, looking at him, a deep growl bubbled up from his chest. My father looked at me as he gave a deep sigh.

"Were in trouble aren't we?" I asked he gave a simple nod. We all sighed.

"As punishment you all will help watch the pups tonight while the adults go meet together." B'oomer looked at his brother.

"But isn't the storyteller-"Zr'oomer jabbed his brother in the side to shut him up. Tonight was the night the local storyteller , his name was H'chak. H'chak was an a retiree , he was older than my father , and my father was old…. About a million….. he would disagree with me on that..

"So you two understand that you watch the pups tonight?"My father asked , each of us had a giant grin on our face as we nodded.

"Yes sir."We said in unison. He nodded and started walking back to our home.

"Does he know the storyteller comes tonight?" I asked and we all grinned , we weren't complaining.