Chapter 1

Sebastian leaned back into his arm-chair, he wished he could hide in its soft cushions.

"Do you all agree? Great, bring them back in," he said tiredly and waved his hand at the boys by the main door.

New school year meant new Warbler audition and after three hours of auditioning and forty minutes long discussion, they finally agreed on two new members from a group of twelve boys that applied. It was tough because they had to ask five boys to sing again a couple of notes to find the clearest voice, and they still weren't able to decide. However, they immediately agreed on one name as the door closed after the last singer. Hunter Clarington.

Hunter Clarington was rare, comparing to other people Sebastian met before, naturally powerful and self-assured in that way Sebastian was trying to become and always failed. Clarington's performance was flawless; they all were stunned by his strong and rich voice and the young man was certainly aware of that.


Hunter entered the room as the last one, slowly and confidently, like he was coming home. He pierced Sebastian with his ice cold eyes and smirked. Sebastian's breath stuck in his lungs when he opened his mouth to talk, but coughed. He quickly stood up on his feet and cleared his throat before he spoke again.

"Warblers, it is my honour to introduce you our two new members, congratulations, Simon and Hunter." The room was filled with loud applause and laughing. The irritating smirk on Hunter's face only widened. He slowly bowed his head at Sebastian who couldn't fight the need and repeated the move.

"Well, guys," Sebastian had to raise voice to shout them down, "rehearsal is tomorrow at five and this two will receive their welcoming presents."

"I'm sure my cat will love your gift," Hunter said with an amused smile.

"You have a cat?" Sebastian replied taken back a little bit. But he wasn't surprised the boy already knew about this Warbler's tradition.

"Yes, I couldn't leave my favourite pet behind," he shot back and tilted his head on one side.

"Sure, whatever," Sebastian replied trying to sound casual and shoved his hands into his pockets. "You are dismissed, boys." He nodded at the rest of the group, swung on his heels and left the room.

He heard more footsteps after him, but only one pair kept following him after he turned around a corner and climbed up the stairs. He wasn't running, but he felt like that.

"When is going to be an election for a new captain, Sebastian?" He was stopped by a smooth voice and he turned to face Hunter who was coming after him. "There is no election, I'm captain of the Warblers," he scoffed but made the mistake when he took a step back.

"I'm challenging you then" A lazy sneer appeared on the boy's face when he moved closer to Sebastian.

He raised his eyebrows at him and laughed. "I beg your pardon?" His words only made Hunter smile.

"I'm sure you'll beg." He wrapped his fingers around Sebastian's tie and yanked him forward. Sebastian was staring at him wordlessly and unsure how to react. To his relief he heard a few boys coming up the stairs and Hunter certainly noticed them too, because he let go his tie with a tug. "Be at my dorm room in an hour if you want to avoid your later humiliation. It's a number forty-two." He hissed into his ear and ran off down the stairs.


An hour later Sebastian was sat at his bed, fully dressed in his Dalton's blazer, pants and his black shoes. He was gripping the edge of a bed until his fingers went numb. He was angry at himself and decided to stay in his room. He pressed palms against him itching eyes. It was a really long day and he wasn't in a mood to deal with that annoying brat. But the idea of him challenging his captain post, and possibility of losing it in front of everybody, was digging into his mind.

He saw the explosive reaction of the Warblers after Clarington's performance; he was impressed as much as they were. He had to solve this problem now. Sebastian energetically jumped from his bed, checked his appearance in his bathroom mirror - his hair definitely needed to be fixed - and left his dorm with a tight knot in his stomach. He slowed down when he got near to Clarington's room and his hands were shaking a little when he stopped in front of the door with a huge gold-plated number 42 on it and raised his hand to knock.

"You may come in,"

His arm hung in the air. He clenched his teeth, pressed down on the doorknob and walked in. Hunter was sitting by his table and working on a laptop.

"You're late." Was the only reaction from him after Sebastian shut the door behind him.

He left it out of his chest.

"Go fuck yourself; I'm not here because you told me, but to deal with your shit," he spitted out and approached the room to spin the boy's chair by taking him by his shoulder. Hunter quickly gripped his wrist before he could finish the move, yanked him down and pushed on his knees. He ran his fingers into Sebastian's hair to tilt his head back and leaned into his face. "Never touch me without my permission."

Sebastian saw red and groaned when the hand pulled his hair. He certainly didn't expect that Hunter would ever use physical force against him to push him down, apparently result of his military training.

Hunter twisted his hand, Sebastian hissed in pain, but his cock twitched when a foot pushed against his stomach pressing him down. This never happened to him and he kind of found it exciting. But he would never lose without a fight and pushed the hand off and crawled backwards away before he could stand up on his feet.

They were glaring at each other across the room and for the first time Sebastian noticed a white fluffy thing spread wide over the boy's working table and couldn't suppress a sneer. Hunter followed his eyes and reached his arm to stroke the cat's head and the pet purred and rolled over.

"Do you like cats, Sebastian?" He said like nothing happened between them, "I love them. Dogs submit when you raise your voice or hit them, but cats? They always fight you," he pushed his hand little bit against the cat's stomach and a pair of claws immediately sank into his arm. "What are you, Sebastian?" He withdrew his hand from the hold.

"I'm not a pet," he complained and leaned his back against a wall. The other boy chuckled before he calmly stood up and came closer, he put one hand on the wall next to Sebastian's head and the other slid along his side and settled on his hip before he leaned closer and with lips barely touching Sebastian's skin he whispered into his ear: "And do you want to be mine?"

"Back off," Sebastian replied but his heart was beating quickly in his chest.

"I can be grateful if you do what I say, we could be partners."

"I'm not into long-term relationships." He breathed out and pushed his palms against Hunter's chest.

"I didn't say anything like that. But you are not against fucking with me, right?" Hunter was brushing his lips against the skin on his neck and he automatically tilted his hand to the side to give him a better access. "How many guys did you let fuck your ass?"

"One, but it was me riding him," he groaned when he felt Hunter using his teeth.

"Really? I would say your body is literally craving for being dominated."

"Yeah? And what are you going to do about it?" Sebastian arched his back and brought his hips forward to press them against Hunter and put his hands along the boy's waist. He absorbed the fact he was willingly offering himself, but he felt that this young man could be useful for him after all.

"You are more entertaining than I actually thought." Hunter tilted his head and eyed him curiously, "You aren't as weak as you were looking before." He took Sebastian's hands into his and pressed them to the wall.

"Hilarious," Sebastian uttered and pushed against Hunter but he didn't let him go. Sebastian gave him an 'and now what?' look.

"Let me get one thing clear. I'm not gay," Sebastian's eyebrows flew up at that statement, "but I like power and I will even fuck your tight ass to get anything I want, but I won't ever kiss you." He was growling harshly inches far from his face and Sebastian moaned after Hunter caught his wrists in one hand and the other brought down to rub Sebastian's aroused cock. He pushed one thigh between Sebastian's legs and made him to apart them wide. Sebastian bucked his hips impatiently to his palm; Hunter took his hand up to unbuckle his belt. He unbuttoned his pants before slid his hand inside. Sebastian was panting hard and he ached for a kiss from him, he even leaned forward, but Hunter moved his head away and gave him a hard grip around his cock and Sebastian hissed in pain and bounced the back of his head against the wall.

"Don't you ever try this again, I said no."

"God, I need-," Sebastian groaned.

"No, hold still," Hunter tugged Sebastian's boxers lower and hook them under his balls. He was digging his fingers into Sebastian's writs as the boy was unsuccessfully trying to get rid of the grip. Hunter licked his palm before he put it back around Sebastian's erection and started to stroke him quickly. Sebastian couldn't to do anything than spread his legs even more; he closed his eyes and moaned against the rough fabric on Hunter's shoulder when he sank his teeth into it. He was fully aroused for a couple of minutes now and he knew he wasn't going to last long with this strong stimulation. He was thrusting into his fist and almost thanked him when Hunter speeded up his hand. He felt tightening in his abdomen signalizing his upcoming orgasm and raised himself on his tiptoes when he came with a soft moan on his lips. Hunter kept stroking him slowly until he got everything he could from him. He lifted his hand up to Sebastian's face only for one purpose. Sebastian didn't give a fuck; he opened his mouth to suck those fingers in and licked them clean. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the uninterested Hunter's face.

"That was quick," Hunter lifted his eyebrows amused, "You can put your pants back on," he said and let him go, taking few steps back. Sebastian didn't know if Hunter was as surprised about what just happened as much he was while he was shoving his shirt back in to his pants and securing his belt.

"I want that captain post," Hunter said after a while of awkward silence. Sebastian sneered back. "And you think that I'll give it to you after one hand job?"

"You are still fighting against me?" Hunter sounded impressed.

"You can bet I'm. I will think about your previous offer, but now – I wish you a good night," Sebastian snapped and walked off the room. His whole was body shaking as he leaned hand against the door for a few seconds before he pushed himself off and went quickly down the corridor and to his room. He was so fucked up.


To his surprise, Hunter didn't challenge him in purpose to get his captain position of the Warblers and held his tongue behind his teeth in the rehearsal next day and practically during the whole next three weeks. He was only staring at him permanently and interrupting his speeches during Warbler's meeting to doubt his song suggestions or dancing steps.

One afternoon Hunter was really driving him mad and to the end he was cutting him off irritated every time he noticed the boy was going to open his mouth. Hunter joined him when he angrily stormed off the library.

"Wait," he put a hand on his shoulder and Sebastian shook him off. "Sebastian, it's been weeks and you still didn't give me your answer."

"All right, I made my mind. I'm not going to lose my privileges for a fuck with you."

"You will not regret it."

"I think I made it clear I won't give you the seat just like that," he rejected him and continued in his way.

"What is your price then?" Hunter called after him.

"I don't need your money."

"Well? What is your request?" Sebastian only wished to wave him off, but then he changed his mind and turned back. Hunter looked at him expectantly.

"I want you to bring Blaine Anderson back to Dalton."

"Is he the infamous former Warbler? Who left Dalton to be with his boyfriend?"

"Yes, but he left to New York because he graduated. If you make Blaine come back, we have a deal."

"Interesting, what's his weak side? Besides the boyfriend."

"Fame and singing with Warblers of course, compliments and praising," he still could see Blaine blushing after Sebastian said how sexy he was.

"If he breaks up with the boyfriend it would be easier to convince him. How does the other guy looks like?"

"Well, he's tall, thin, brown hair, somebody can say he's kind of cute…," Sebastian said.

"Hmm, I have an idea. Promise you'll handle me the post if I break that little couple." Hunter said and Sebastian had to ask. "How will you possibly do that?"

"I have my methods," Hunter grinned and offered him his hand. Sebastian knew he was losing but Blaine wasn't answering his texts anymore and he was still trying to find new ways how to get in contact with him. He had to agree at least with this half of his request and maybe in future he would get all he wished. Sebastian finally stepped forward and shook his hand. Hunter smirked and reached for his cell phone. He was leaving Sebastian standing in the hall after he found a contact he was looking for and pressed the dial button. Sebastian heard his last words before Hunter turned around the corner:

"Eli? This is Hunter, You are going to pay me back the favour you own me…"