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Chapter 11

A month passed since Sebastian got the letter and the time started to run much faster. Before, the future seemed to be enough far from them, but one morning he would just wake up and realize, that they didn't have more than two and half months until the graduation. The scarier was that he felt as Hunter was more distant to him and he figured it was because of the unfortunate afternoon in woods. He couldn't say he had enjoyed when Hunter practically forced himself on him, but he wasn't hurt to such an extent to practically stop sleeping together. Since then Hunter let him initiate anything he wanted, Hunter was more careful when they were together and took control over him only occasionally. Which on one side was nice from him, but on the other side Sebastian was getting impatient and hungry for their earlier rougher time. But he was aware enough to know he wouldn't reach his goal by making him angry and patiently waited until an occasion would come by.


It happened one Saturday, when Sebastian was sitting in the library and reading when he heard a pair of feet coming down the hallway and entering the room. He didn't bring his eyes up, the steps were too light to be Hunter's, but he lazily glanced up when the person loudly cleared his throat.

"Kurt?" He said surprised when he recognized him. "What are you doing here? Did you get lost on the way to the mall for a new apron?" He blurred out while staring at him; he didn't see him for months and fucking god, that gay-face got hot.

"Only if you were selling them," Kurt replied effortlessly. "Where is Clarington?" The boy spitted out and folded his arms, Sebastian got a bad feeling. He put his papers aside, stood up and hid his worries behind a smirk.

"What do you want," he said bitterly.

"Not your business. Where can I find him, I need to talk with that bastard." Sebastian lifted his eyebrows comically. He didn't know about anything that could those prissy pants get mad.

"What about you telling me what is your problem and then I may say where to find him."

The boy was staring at him before he irritated took in a breath through his nose and abruptly turned on his spot, walking away quickly. Sebastian sighed, took his bag and ran after him, he reached for his arm. "It's the other way," he pointed behind himself and Kurt was staring at him before he threw his arms in the air.

"Fine," he muttered and sneaked around him. Sebastian was shaking his head and joined him without a word. When they made the final turn, he got ahead of him, knocked once on Hunter's door before he opened it. "Hunt-,"

"Sebastian, I told you not come before six o'clock, hope you have a good reason if you don't want to get on your as-,"

"Hunter!" He shouted out. Hunter's head immediately snapped up and he looked over his shoulder. He spun on his chair and folded his arms over his chest after he nonchalantly threw his pen on the table over his shoulder.

"A visitor?"

"It's Kurt Hummel," he said with a clenched throat and didn't dare to peak a glance at Kurt who was behind him, but then stepped forward and looked at Sebastian with a very amused expression. This was really the last thing he wanted him to know.

Hunter raised himself on his feet. "And why is this pinky cheek looking around this place?" He went closer and tilted his head to one side, looking him up and down with a finger pressed to his lip. Sebastian shut the door and he noticed Kurt to wince.

"I met Eli yesterday; he told me everything, he told it was you who made Blaine to cheat," Kurt replied coldly and stuck his chin in the air.

"Very interesting theory," Hunter said after a while he was observing him closely and he was circling slowly around him. "I made him? Do you think I poured aphrodisiac into his drink?" He said with a mocking voice while flicking his eyes on Sebastian shortly. Kurt flinched and stepped back.

"He said you convinced him to seduce him."

"Hah," Hunter laughed, "I maybe mentioned I know some nice piece of ass, but that would be all."

"That's not the truth! It was only your fault! If you didn't say anything then-"

"Then what? He wouldn't spread his legs for anybody else? You're naïve."

Sebastian was enjoying watching the show in front of him. He walked away after Hunter made a small gesture with his hand and he went to lean against a table. Kurt was flushed in his face and his voice was trembling with anger, Hunter's smooth voice and dismissive smirk were showing he was assured of winning this battle. He could not let it unnoticed that Hunter blocked the way to the door and he was making steps towards Kurt.

"This is all you have to say? We wouldn't break up if your stupid face didn't show up in this town!" Kurt pointed into Hunter's face and the boy caught his hand in his and moved it aside, but didn't let him go.

"I am very sorry for your loss," he did one step forward and Kurt moved backwards. "How can we possibly compensate it for you?" He brought his hand on Kurt's shoulder and the boy glanced at it. Sebastian was getting nervous because he had no idea what Hunter was trying to do. He had to push the boy because Kurt did more steps back and he was now about three feet from Sebastian. Hunter fixed his eyes with him and threw his head a little. "Sit." Sebastian grabbed the edge of the table and pulled himself up in confusion, Hunter brought his eyes back on the boy in front of him.

"I think I'll better go," Kurt said and shrugged off the hand, he stepped to the side, but Hunter's arm immediately landed on his hip stopping him.

"Are you in hurry, handsome?" he whispered with a wicked smile, he pressed against him and guided him between Sebastian's opened knees. Kurt squirmed and started shoving Hunter away with his hands but Sebastian brought his arms around his chest effectively blocking them.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Kurt was struggling between them. Sebastian was staring intensively at Hunter and little bit scared, because he didn't want to end this badly. He was willing to help Hunter in some wrongdoing but he would protest against an actual physical attack.

"You're both insane," Kurt shot a short glance at Sebastian and frowned at Hunter. "Immediately let me go." He was yanking in Sebastian's arms. He tightened his embrace but he felt bad doing it.

"Hunt-," he opened his mouth but Hunter dedicated him a warning glare and he shut it up. Kurt's body tensed and Sebastian could see as Hunter sneaked his thigh between Kurt's and the boy stiffened before he looked down, Sebastian wanted to see his expression, because it had to be the first moment he realized Hunter's intentions were of a sexual nature.

Hunter reached for Sebastian's head to bring him closer. He bent forward over the boy's shoulder; Hunter didn't wait for anything and kissed him. He didn't expected it and he guessed Kurt didn't too because he let out a shriek and jerked away while Hunter was claiming Sebastian's mouth right in front of his eyes. Sebastian gave out a soft moan when he gently bit his lip.

"This is not funny," Kurt was wriggling again, but there wasn't any chance he could escape. Hunter moved back and looked at him expectantly. Sebastian nodded; he didn't have any other option. Hunter smiled and kissed him. "Let me go!" Kurt squeaked again and they reluctantly parted.

"Come on, sweetheart," Hunter leaned into Kurt's face and Sebastian saw his hand slid between their bodies. He wanted to see what was going on down there.

"This is molesting," Kurt whimpered, Sebastian leaned and started to nibble his earlobe and smiled when Kurt tilted his head for a bit, "it's- it's a crime," Kurt's voice was unsure and trembling. "This is really-,"

"Shh," Hunter stroked his cheek, Sebastian raised his head and they were staring at each other before Hunter's eyes shifted on Kurt who was looking calmer but still skeptical. He turned as much as he could on Sebastian.

"Let me go," he requested with a cold voice. Sebastian unsurely let go off his arms; nevertheless, he brought them on Kurt's waist and stroked his hips. He was watching Hunter's moving arm, he could hear it and he was dying to see what he was doing to him. "Stop it," Kurt protested again, but Hunter was staring into his eyes, Sebastian could feel the intensity of his glare. "I don't know what you want from me."

"Really?" Sebastian chuckled and went back to mouthing his neck.

"I mean…," he shut his mouth again and swallowed before he would let out a moan, "this is not normal, there is a hidden camera or something?"

"How I could have a hidden camera here if you came to see me?" Hunter asked him.

"So what is going on?"

"Do you have to ask?" Hunter brought his hand on the back of Kurt's head and stroked his hair. "You are extremely attractive, do you know?" Kurt placed his palms on Hunter's chest doubtfully. "Why don't you relax and have some fun with us? You are single what I know, long time without a partner, hmm?"

"But that doesn't mean I would agree on this!"

"And why not?" Hunter kicked into the inner side of Kurt's right foot and opened his legs.

"I don't know you, but from what I've heard and what I know about him," he turned his head a little bit at Sebastian, "you aren't a trustworthy pairing."

"You don't need to know me. But we don't want to harm you; there is no point in hurting you."


"Sebastian is harmless."

Kurt frowned. "You don't know what he did in past."

"Actually I know, he told me everything. Nevertheless, he is under my command now, right S.?"

Sebastian blinked as the authoritative voice washed over him. "Yes, sir," he was returning his burning glare and his hands were shaking when he replied. He felt as Kurt leaned against his chest.

"Is this for real?" He whispered and tried to look at him.

"Uh-huh," he breathed into his ear and Kurt fixed his eyes with Hunter again.

"This can be a fair game," Hunter was assuring him and Sebastian saw as Kurt narrowed his eyes. "We'll fuck together, you'll go home and we don't have to talk to each other ever again."

"Oh, really?" Kurt spluttered. "You obviously don't know me, if you think I would just jump in the bed with you two."

"Why not?"

"Why?! Because I'm not someone who sleeps around like him," he pointed behind himself at Sebastian and even it wasn't truth at that moment, it stung.

"I'm with Hunter now," he said dryly, "I wasn't with anybody else for months," he added without looking at Hunter and Kurt frowned.

"You trust him?"

"Without a doubt," Hunter replied immediately. "Since you are here… is there any particular reason that holds you back?"

"Moral reason?" Kurt spitted out shook his head.

"We are not going to judge you. Or are you judging yourself for being aroused from this situation?" Kurt blushed and his hand took a hold on Hunter's elbow. "You can't hide the obvious." Sebastian had a hard problem to resist joining them, he sneaked his arm between them too and found Hunter's moving palm over Kurt's groin. He reached down and seized his balls in his tight pants.

"Don't you want to know how it feels when somebody is fucking your ass while the other is blowing you? The double sensation will literally blow off your mind," he was hastily whispering into his ear while massaging him.

"Maybe we can make him cum in his pants if he has doubts about enjoying this." Hunter winked at him and Sebastian returned him a grin.

"No! You are both out of your minds," Kurt gripped both of their hands and briskly pulled them up and held them in the air. It looked ridiculously and he visibly didn't know what to do, Sebastian started to laugh and he used his other hand to tickle him. Kurt started to squirm but he was laughing too and let off Hunter's wrist to catch him. Sebastian then lifted his arms and let them fell over his shoulders; he hugged him loosely around his neck.

"Well? I can promise this will stay strictly between us, we have the same concern to keep this in secret as you," Hunter said. "I think we can count on your discreet." Kurt gave him the smallest nod he could. Sebastian was watching as he closed his eyes and slowly exhaled. He had an incredible handsome face and Sebastian couldn't belief he didn't notice it before. When Hunter's pressed his lips at Kurt's, it had to be the most amazing thing he has ever seen.

Sebastian was appalled and lustfully moaned into Kurt's ear. His hand covered Hunter's which was placed on Kurt's face and the other he used to stroke Kurt's side. He could feel that he was shaking but he was sure it wasn't from a fear. Hunter backed out and smiled widely at Kurt who slowly opened his eyes, he used his hand to turn his head to the side and then reached for Sebastian's chin to bring him closer. Sebastian was looking into Kurt's eyes from inches far and he rubbed his nose against him. Kurt was the first who gave in and Sebastian felt his lips to brush against his. He squeezed his eyelids together and opened his mouth to capture Kurt's lips between his.

He was trembling from the unknown feelings. He was only once in a threesome, but he was the third guy that time and this felt hundred percent better, because now he was the one in a relationship, he had the right to have Hunter and he didn't feel even a sight of jealousy like that time when he was watching them together and secretly wished he would find somebody like this. And now he had, he had Hunter. And it was making his heart heavy with concern but with happiness too.

The kiss was tender but they both had to have their heads in odd angles and Sebastian let him go. Hunter already started to unbutton Kurt's jacket and Sebastian helped to take it off of his shoulders and hung over a chair, when Hunter started to undress the boy from his waistcoat and a tight dark shirt, which fitted him perfectly by the way, Sebastian bent to the side and played a suitable music playlist on Hunter's laptop. He went back to the moment when Hunter managed to remove Kurt's shirt and Sebastian chuckled when he spotted a white tank-top.

"God, how many layers do you wear?" Sebastian gripped the hem and he was slowly lifting it up while running his hands over the smooth skin on Kurt's chest and Kurt raised his arms to let him take it over his head. His hands then fell down on top of Hunter's arms.

"People scare you that much?" Hunter asked him with a serious expression and Kurt nodded. Sebastian felt like he's missed something. "It has to be hard then to relax, right?" Kurt nodded again and his grip on Hunter's arms tightened.

"We have never brought anybody along, we have never told anybody we have been together because this relationship is unacceptable for my family," Hunter was admitting and Sebastian couldn't believe he was saying this to a person he met for the first time. "But I can see in you, you are very good with keeping things in secret, under all the layers you need to wear. Look at Sebastian, we've never spoken about a possibility of involving another people, but he trusts me and he is calm. He would accept anything I'd do." Sebastian's throat felt like he was choking because Hunter's words scared him a bit considering it was probably a truth. "Can you trust me, too?" He was still talking to Kurt. "If you really wish to leave, you can go of course. But you can also stay and take off all your layers for one evening."

It was fascinating to watch as Hunter was manipulating others than Sebastian, he was used to the sweet timbre of his voice and he knew it worked on him every time. Kurt didn't say anything, but he wasn't trying to go away anymore.

"Will you obey?" Hunter demanded and Sebastian was thinking that this was crossing a line; he didn't find Kurt as a type who would bow to Hunter and follow his lead out of blue. But he had to underestimate him, because a few seconds he found Kurt nodding. Hunter's mouth went close to Kurt's ear and Sebastian could hear him saying:

"Turn around and start to take off his clothes," he put his palms on Sebastian's knees and opened his legs further. The contact sent him a tingling sensation to his whole body and he couldn't resist and let out a soft moan when those hands were rubbing his thighs. Kurt's expression was amazed and he was obviously taken back when he brought his big blue stunned eyes up at Sebastian. He could read from his face like from an open book, the mix of emotions, arousal but doubts, cheeks flushed red, but eyes unsurely roving over Sebastian's upper body.

Sebastian leaned on his palms and bent forward to peck Hunter's lips before he unhurriedly kissed Kurt, whose shaking hands went to unbutton his blazer, shirt and to lose his tie. Hunter unexpectedly left them and went away. He immediately felt the need to call him back, but Kurt's tongue changed his mind. Sebastian was holding Kurt's face and kept on kissing him. Kurt finally melted enough and his mouth was moving more enthusiastically against Sebastian and helped him to get rid off of his clothes. They heard Hunter locked up the door and a thud when something fell on the wooden floor; they both flinched and looked over. The sound was from when Hunter threw a bunch of ropes on the ground and Kurt was staring at it with a worry in his eyes.

"Hey, it-, what is it?" he asked and walked backwards away from Sebastian's embrace.

"Sebastian," Hunter snapped his fingers and pointed at a spot in front of him. His breathing quickened when he slid down from the table and went to him. "Kurt, you may continue," Hunter added, without taking a glance on him he lifted one rope, gripped both Sebastian's elbows and brought them together behind his back more harshly than was necessary. Kurt finally looked up and fixed his eyes with Sebastian. He was keeping his head up when Hunter used the bound to tie his elbows tightly; the stretching in his shoulders was stronger than other times. Sebastian was wondering why he needed to show his superiority when he wasn't challenging him and Kurt was hardly a danger. He felt as Hunter rested his chin on his shoulder and hugged him from behind.

"Come on here, sweetheart, we don't bite… much," Hunter muttered and his hand was sliding over Sebastian's torso. Kurt's eyes snapped open with a realization when he was running his stare over the Sebastian's still slightly bruised skin. Sebastian grinned at him and lifted his eyebrows a few times. Kurt made a few shaky steps and reached to touch his chest, he ran his hand fascinating over those marks that didn't fade yet.

"Didn't it hurt?"

"I love when he hurts me," Sebastian whispered back and grinning leaned into his face. Hunter was finishing bounding his arms together and Sebastian was speculating how he would react to the fact Kurt hasn't started doing his command yet.

"Kurt," he decided to help him, "you have been told to continue undressing me. You should better start if you don't want to be punished." He said with a grin. The boy blushed, nodded and reached for his belt. Hunter suddenly tugged on Sebastian's hair and he bent his head back.

"And who gave you the right to decide that? Are you questioning my authority?" He sounded wryly and his teeth flicked over his neck.

"I don't take pleasure in disobeying you," Sebastian said with such a clear devotion in his voice that he himself was surprised. Kurt was wordlessly tugging his pants and the rest down until he was completely naked. When Kurt wanted to raise himself again, Hunter put his hand on the top of his head and stopped him. Kurt at first looked like he was going to protest, but then he settled on his knees. Hunter shortly bit him before loosening his grip and Sebastian could bring his head back, he looked at Kurt who was staring at his groin with flushed face and biting his lip. Sebastian didn't realize Hunter pushed him on the ground just in front of his erection. Hunter smiled and he guided Sebastian by his neck to kneel on the bed. He went back to his closet and took out a blindfold; he was giving him mischievous sneer while coming closer.

"I literally cannot wait until I'll see this gorgeous young man naked," he petted the top of Kurt's head, "I almost feel bad you won't," he raised the blindfold to his head. Sebastian glanced up at him composedly. Denial was Hunter's favourite tormenting technique and he knew that the more he was obedient now the bigger chance he had for a reward. He smiled and closed his eyes even before Hunter would take his sight away. It earned him a kiss on his forehead.

He was disadvantaged from the lack of sight, but he could still hear them and he could put his hand into a fire that they were kissing while taking their clothes off. There was a reason why he liked it. If he wasn't with Hunter, he would never stay this calm and would be trying to control the situation. Fortunately, now he could settle into (for him) more suited position without a danger of being betrayed.

After all the clothes rustling ceased, the bed shifted with another weight and a pair of feet accidentally brushed over his legs, giving him goose bumps. A hand stroked his hair shortly before moving away, it seemed to be Hunter - and thus, on the bed had to be Kurt now.

"Sebastian," Hunter said after a while, "as you probably can guess, right in front of you is Kurt, lying naked on his back, his shaking legs are spread opened, arms tightly bound to the bed above his head and his beautiful wide eyes are glaring at us like he is a deer caught in the headlights. Now he blushed and tried to bring his legs together embarrassed but I'm sure he will apart them again very soon for you and you can then lick him open." Sebastian let a low groan, he wanted to see him. Hunter definitely wasn't wasting the time and he guessed he forbade Kurt to talk.

"You should see how he's biting his lower lip and stares at me. Do you know what this is?" Sebastian yanked his head back when he felt wet fingers touching his lips, but he recognized the smell and sucked Hunter's fingers in. "Do you like how he tastes?" Sebastian hummed around his fingers, but he blushed; Hunter was incredible in playing this game. "What are you waiting for; I think I said what you were supposed to do."

Hunter was stroking his hair and Sebastian nodded before he carefully lowered himself until he felt his chin hit Kurt's abdomen and he started to cover him with short kisses. He smiled when he heard Kurt's breathing quickening when he was running his lips over his hard-on and balls. He didn't want to spend here much time, because he was sure Hunter didn't wish him to have an orgasm anytime soon and he was licking his way lower. Kurt arched his back and gave him better access by lifting his ass.

"What are-," Kurt asked and Sebastian at first thought it was meant for him, but Kurt stopped talking when Hunter knelt at the bed, put his hand on top of Sebastian's back and pressed him down. Sebastian cried out when he smacked his ass with a paddle and shoved his nose forward making Kurt squirm too, because Hunter pressed on his neck when Sebastian moved up.

"I'm only warming him up," Hunter replied dryly and hit him again. Sebastian hissed shortly but stuck his tongue out and kept on teasing Kurt whose legs sprang up when he finally made a long wet line between his cheeks. Hunter was giving him short stinging hits; he knew these would only tease him but not actually hurt. Having access in playing with the boy with his tongue was the right opposite he was used to as Hunter would never allowed him to get anywhere near his ass, even though the price for it now was getting spanked. Hunter didn't use him this way for a while, and Sebastian found himself longing to provoke him, looking for the dangerous Hunter he knew. However, he brought his attention to Kurt now and tried to stick his tongue as far into him as he could.

Hunter dropped the paddle, Sebastian hummed with a slight protest as he pulled him up. He licked his lips and rocked on his knees, Hunter stroked his fingers through his hair, he tugged on them when he wrapped his hand around his cock and jerked him off shortly, then took his hands away.

"Let's see how nicely Sebastian prepared you," Sebastian could sense the smug smirk behind his words, Hunter was bowing over Kurt's body and the boy was breathing louder. Sebastian's attention increased when he heard as Hunter opened the bottle of lube and then Kurt hissed. "You are missing so much when you can't see how this greedy hole can immediately take two fingers without a problem, but still feels tight and he's clenching around me. I cannot imagine how frustrating it has to be for you."

"Hunt," Sebastian pleaded, "may I see him? Please."

Hunter's lips touched his ear and he bit his earlobe. "No." Hunter squeezed his teeth more before letting him go. He reached away, one hand wrapped around his erection in a firm grip and the other slowly started to pull a condom on him. He couldn't believe he was going to fuck with Kurt. It felt surreal, but sharp slap on his ass tore him out of his thoughts.

"Move," Hunter muttered. He shifted on his knees forwards and stuck on his breath when the top of his cock hit the soft flesh in front of him. Hunter guided him in and the tip slid into the wet heat along his fingers. He went slowly and let Kurt adjust before he moved deeper and finally let the suppress breath out. Hunter knelt behind him and started whispering into his ear. "I want you to extremely slowly pull out," Sebastian was going back as he was told. "And now in with the same speed," Sebastian moved his hips again. "You will repeat this move in exactly twenty times, in and out. Do you understand?" He was muttering quietly and Sebastian wasn't sure if he was even able to make it. Hunter wrapped one arm around his neck and the next put on his hip to control him. "Slower, don't use any force. That will come later."

He was going to kill him, Sebastian was clenching his stomach and he had to put a lot of control on himself. Kurt's muscles were squeezing around him and on top of that Hunter was petting his red ass. He was getting up the number twenty of his thrusts, Hunter told him to go again, but little bit quicker while he coated Sebastian's fingers in lube. He circled around his own hole, pushed one finger in and harmonized fingering himself with pushing into Kurt. It was magnificent, but he couldn't wait until Hunter would join them.

Hunter pressed tightly against his back and his knees slid along Sebastian's legs. He brought one his arm around his neck again and slipped his two fingers in along his and started quickly fucking him. Sebastian cried out, it burnt and he pushed forward.

"Slow down," he muttered but his fingers went faster. He tried but his hips were moving with Hunter's rhythm. "I said slower."

"I can't!" He cried out and pushed it into Kurt again. "I need to-,"

"You need to gain more self control."

"Actually I don't mind-,"

"Not now, Kurt," Hunter interrupted Kurt's flustered attempt to help him. "Sebastian feels bold because he is topping after months and it makes him slipping from his status back to his earlier habits, but he needs to realize his role is to follow my orders. Your presence here doesn't change anything but he has the nerve trying to go against my lead."

Sebastian turned his head to Hunter's face, even though he couldn't fix his eyes with him. "I have three fingers inside my ass, sorry for not being concentrated," he groaned. Hunter ripped out his fingers and clamped his mouth.

"I'll make you sorry for not listening to me," Sebastian felt the top of Hunter's cock teasing him, he didn't even notice when he put a condom on, but suddenly Hunter was pressing in and Sebastian took out his finger. Hunter went slowly, but without stopping. He kept pressing until he was fully in as well as Sebastian in Kurt. Hunter pushed him more forward that Sebastian couldn't move anymore and Hunter moved his hand on his neck and made him to lower on Kurt's chest.

"And don't you dare to come," Hunter whispered into his ear when he pressed down to his back and started to move his hips. Sebastian forgot how to breathe. He couldn't see, speak or move. From the front he was deep in a warm, slippery hole that was clenching furiously around him and from the back he was filled with a roughly moving Hunter. It was intense, he stuck his head into a crook of Kurt's neck. His arms were tied behind his back and he couldn't lean on them or do anything else to control his body. He almost slipped out of Kurt a few times when Hunter was tossing him violently around. He knew he couldn't last long, it was impossible because everything felt so good. The touching, squeezing and pressing all around.

"I can't, Hunter, I won't last," he breathed against Kurt's skin.

"Yes you will,"

"No, really, this is too much, I have to-,"


"Please, I need it, please. I can't- can't control it," he was muttering as he felt his orgasms building up.

"If you come now, Kurt will fuck you according with me."

"What?" He asked in the same moment as Kurt.

"Come and I'll make Kurt to stick his cock into you right next to mine," Hunter roughly growled into above him and in the moment Sebastian imagined the scene in his head, he came with a low cry and Hunter was fucking him through it mercilessly. He stopped to take Sebastian's blindfold from his eyes and reaching over his head; he released Kurt's arms and slipped from his ass accordingly as taking the protection from Sebastian's limp cock.

"Are you serious about doing this?" Kurt asked after he sat up and rubbed his right wrist.

"Trying won't hurt."

"Speak for yourself," Sebastian scoffed and Hunter smacked him.

"Will you be finally good or do you want to get more?"

"More," he grinned and winked at Kurt. Hunter huffed behind him and brought his palm down again, but just slightly and for effect.

"You're insufferable, now stop testing my patient and get on Kurt. You are the only one who actually got off."

Until now Kurt was sitting and watching them with heated cheeks and knees pressed tightly together to hide himself, nevertheless, on Hunter's order he lowered them and insert between Sebastian legs who awkwardly moved forward with Hunter's assistance. Kurt's hands appeared on his shoulders steadying him and he was staring down and their cocks brushing against each other. Sebastian wasn't as aroused as him while he was still collecting himself from his last orgasm. Hunter left the bed to find another condom and Sebastian watched him quickly going through his table with one hand gripping on the base of his dick. Kurt's right hand in meantime slid between them and he stroked himself while lying on his back and looking up at Sebastian, who wanted to kiss him, but didn't risk falling down as his legs were wide apart and he couldn't support himself on his arms.

Hunter found what he was looking for and went back. At first he took the bottle of lube from a floor, and reached out for Kurt's left hand. He smeared his fingers with an excessive amount of the slick paste; Kurt didn't have to be told what to do and raised himself up while bringing his arm behind Sebastian. Sebastian didn't hesitate and leaned forward to kiss him and moaned as he felt his fingers brush over his entrance. He licked into Kurt's mouth as two fingers pushed into him and immediately opened him by moving around. Kurt quickly put in a third one, Sebastian could understand his eagerness because Hunter was already sticking hands between them and putting the condom on Kurt. They cooperated very effectively, as if it wasn't the first time they did this together. Kurt moved back from the kiss, but kept staring at Sebastian while Hunter's hand pressed him down. Sebastian was returning the look when he lifted himself up on his knees and again lowered himself down as he felt the tip pressing in. Kurt's fingers slipped out when he was moving his cock in instead, but after a few his thrusts he could feel them looking for a way back in.

Hunter was back kneeling behind him and for Sebastian's relief he started to unfasten his bounds. His shoulders was painfully cracking when he arms were getting back into their positions and after he could finally lean on his palms on the bed, he fell down on his elbows from the unexpected pain. After he was able to control his moves again, he used it for getting a better position and started to move up and down on his own. Two of Kurt's fingers were already in, and he was feeling as it was stretching him widely. But it was still fine until he felt Hunter's hands on his back, because he knew he was meaning it seriously.

He groaned when Kurt added another finger and he knew it couldn't work. It was already getting uncomfortable; there was no way they both could fit in. Sebastian felt the first way of panic, what if Hunter forced himself in as he did before? He maybe promised not to do it again, but how could he be sure.

"I don't know-" he put a protesting tone into his voice, Kurt under him stiffed and he opened his eyes at Sebastian.

"Am I hurting you?" Kurt asked immediately and propped on his elbow, Sebastian shook his head. Not yet.

"I don't think it can work," he said after a while and waited for Hunter's reaction. "You can try…," he added unsurely, but he really wished he wouldn't.

It took Hunter a moment to decide and he sneaked his arm around Sebastian's chest. His body started shaking because he thought 'that's it, he's going to do it,' however, Hunter leaned forward and whispered to his ear: "Shh, it's okay, we won't do it."

Sebastian didn't hide his relief and he let himself to relax, even though he couldn't ignore Kurt, who was in this moment completely red because he obviously wanted to continue and held himself down. He turned his head to the side and Hunter kissed him on his cheek. He smiled and turned his attention back on their guest.

"Fuck me," he went down and breathed against his mouth. Kurt shifted back and unsurely shook his head. "Kurt, fuck me," he said more firmly and began to move his hips again.

I-uh," the boy tried again, but swallowed his protests when Sebastian clenched around him.

"You feel great," Sebastian assured him again. Kurt eyebrows knitted in concentration, but he put his arm around his neck, they got back into the rhythm soon and Sebastian grinned at him before kissing him. He was getting aroused again and kept on slowly jerking off.

"Put your hands behind your head," Hunter said when he noticed that, his presence behind Sebastian's back was evident only from his hands on his waist that he used to coordinate Sebastian's movements, but now he used his opportunity and substituted Sebastian's hand with his own. "Hold it until I say or I won't be nice."

He didn't complain, but closed his eyes and let them two to move his body as they wanted and he was trying to make it pleasurable for Kurt as much as he could. His knees were hurting from all the kneeling, but he couldn't stop moving. He tilted his head to the side and took his lower lip between his teeth. When Kurt fastened his hips he pressed down harder, Kurt was muttering nonsense and wiggled when Sebastian's used his muscles to increase it and Kurt came with a breathy cry.

"Are you close?" Hunter asked silently and Sebastian nodded.

"Faster, please," he muttered and Hunter obliged and toughened his grip. His second climax wasn't as strong as the first one and he sighed contended before slipping down on the bed. Hunter was scoffing unhappily and Sebastian sat up to take care of him, too, but Hunter reached for Kurt's hand and tugged him closer. Kurt took off his and Hunter's condoms before throwing them into a trash can, Sebastian rolled down on his side and watched as Kurt lowered himself down, hand wrapping around Hunter and slowly jerking him off. Finally, he dropped his eyes down and Hunter's fingers locked in his hair, bringing him directly to his groin. He wasn't satisfied until Kurt's opened mouth was on him.

This was better than all porn videos he has ever seen in his whole life. He could enjoy Hunter's reactions without being disturbed, that he wasn't able notice while he was on Kurt's place. But only watching wasn't enough and soon he moved over to them and lifted his head to bring his mouth on Hunter's neck. He sucked the skin between his lips and felt it buzzing from Hunter's low groans in his throat. Hunter put his palm on the back of Sebastian's head to keep him in place, as if he was afraid he would stop, but Sebastian only grinned against him and licked a wet path up to his ear. Kurt had to be doing his job well, because Hunter's breathing became quicker and he turned his head to hungrily press his lips on Sebastian's as his body started to shake and he reached his orgasm finally, too.

After that, Sebastian fell on the bed on his back tugging him down. Hunter muttered something inaudible when he used his chest as a pillow and sprawled over him. Sebastian used his fingers to comb his hair while grinning down at him. Kurt was lying on his other side on the edge of the bed with a puzzled expression. He obviously felt as he was the third wheel now and Sebastian turned his head at him when he realized that; he put an arm around him to prevent he would fall down by bringing him on his chest, too. The bed seriously wasn't made for three people, but they managed to settle down at least for a couple of minutes.

"So, Eli you said," Hunter asked after a while of silent, his chin moving over Sebastian's chest.

"Right to the business," Kurt burst in laugh inches far from his face and Hunter gave him a sleepy smirk. "Yeah, I went to Scandals yesterday with guys like Blaine, Santana and so. He was there; slightly drunk and he didn't know who I was. I saw him talking with Blaine who left after that, and when I put a few more drinks into him, he was very talkative."

"Look at you," Sebastian sneered and pinched his side, "you have claws after all."

"It was an opportunity and I took a grip," he felt as Kurt shrugged against his shoulder.

"With claws," he laughed in response and looked at Hunter who had his eyes closed, and only his eyebrows twitched when Sebastian used his fingers to run them over his face.

"I should go home; can I use your shower?" Kurt asked after a minute or two and they slowly unwind their bodies.

"Only if you accept our company," Sebastian put hands on his hips and stopped him from rising up from the bed.

"You go, I'll take one later," Hunter said still lying on the bed, Sebastian was watching him for a while, but nodded. Hunter seemed he needed a while alone. He took his hand in his shortly and Hunter squeezed it in a silent response. He stood up from the bed, pushed Kurt into the bathroom but kept the door slightly opened. What if…

They washed themselves quickly, taking care not to wet their hair and exchanged only a few kisses and touches. Without Hunter it wasn't as comfortable and he couldn't stop thinking about him while stroking Kurt's back. They were back wrapped in towels and spent a few minutes going through the mix of clothes around the room. Kurt was furious because he couldn't find his underwear which Sebastian with a serious face hid behind his back, wrapped in his shirt. His recommendation to go without it, Kurt dismissed while rolling his eyes and when he noticed his grin he knew what was going on.

"I'll walk you out; I need to stop by my room before coming back." Sebastian was talking to Kurt as they finally got dressed, but he looked at Hunter who nodded while standing up.

He was closing the door, when Hunter caught his arm and tugged him back for a while.

"I just…," he dropped his eyes. "Don't be ever afraid to say no." His eyes flicked back and Sebastian stared at him for a moment.

"Uhm- oh," he finally realized what he meant. He noticed Hunter was quiet for a while, but he apparently didn't guess right what was bothering him. "Okay."

Hunter dropped his arm and stepped back, nevertheless a small smile appeared on his lips after Sebastian quickly leaned to peck a kiss on them.

"I'll be right back," he said and closed the door behind himself. Kurt was looking out of a window on the other side of the hallway, giving them time alone and looked up when he heard him coming. He gave him a (only a bit forced) grin while passing by.

"So, you are heading back to NY?" He asked after a few steps and Kurt nodded in response.

"Yeah, I'm going back tomorrow, but planning to come for graduation, I can't wait to see all my friends to end their high school journey."

"And Blaine."

"Guh," Kurt groaned, "I don't think so, I'm… sick of being concerned of his well-being. The last time we saw each other was a wedding where we hooked up and I met him yesterday as I told you, but… He said earlier he applied the same school as mine, but I have no idea if he could get in. I guess you can't wait until you get out of here, too. What are you going to do? Back to France to chase European's butts?"

Sebastian at first smiled as he noticed as Kurt quickly changed the subject, but then stopped and looked at him. "No," he said offended and continued walking. Kurt paced after him and took a hold on his arm.

"I'm sorry; I didn't know you two were taking it seriously."

Sebastian torn off his arm and pushed him aside. "You are saying how you are looking forward graduation of your friends and how their amazing life journey will continue. I dread that day, because the last day of this school year also means the last day I can be with Hunt."

"It doesn't have to be the end. I'm sure you can see each other even you won't live in the same place."

"Like you and Blaine? We already agreed we wouldn't continue with this."


"Because there isn't any solution in the future, it's better if we just separate and start to live our lives by ourselves."

"Is this because of his family, he mentioned something…"

"Yeah, it's pretty fucked up. I want to be with him, but it's not optional."

"And don't you mind, that he is… aggressive, you now? He seems to be really strong."

"It's not that bad. And that he doesn't treat me like a princess every day? I'm fine with that, because I know he can."

"I just, I saw your chest and if he's beating you-,"

"What? No! Oh my god, he is not beating me. He's maybe not gentle with me every time, but mostly we have it under control. Not everybody needs to be carried in arms all the time."

"I don't need that too, but I can't believe you let him to hurt you like this."

"Oh, come on, I get more hurt in the Fight Club than from a night with him."

"Fight Club? It still exists?"

"The first rule of-,"

"Okay, okay, I got this. I just thought it ended since Blaine left."

"It's good for Hunter's anger, he had to keep things under control when he was with me, but now he has a hobby that satisfies him."

"Beating the shit out off others? Nice hobby."

Sebastian looked at him amused when he heard him swearing. "It's fun for everybody. You should see him in action, it's fucking hot."

Kurt tilted his head and then smirked nodding. "I can see that appeal," he said dreamily.

"Don't even think about it."

"Are you jealous? Oh my god, this is so funny."

"Keep it to yourself."

"You, of all people. Somebody is getting used to monogamy, isn't he?"

"You just got out of our bed."

"You know what I mean."

Sebastian knew it and his head it sounded wonderfully. "Do you want to know how we did get together?" He asked him and Kurt was surprised but nodded and Sebastian just stopped walking, slid down on the cold floor and leaned his back against the wall. Kurt looked around, sat on the nearest chair and waited.

Sebastian then told him how they happened to be together, he told him a lot, not everything and something happened differently than he said. He didn't say how it actually was with Eli, but it seemed meaningless at this point. Kurt just felt angry when he found out Hunter had his fingers in it.

"He has this fucked up family, his mum ran away years ago and his homophobic dad is kind of a big fish in his business and he got Hunter on Harvard without any appeal, well he has excellent grades, too. Bus his dad already made this awesome life for him. Harvard and wife from a good family with two children. An awesome carrier in some of a top business firm in D.C. or something and a summer house by the sea for the retirement."

"Does he know this is 21. century?" Kurt asked amazed.

Sebastian chuckled bitterly. "I know, whole life Hunter was just agreeing with him, because why not? If he liked that future too, why would he fight with him, right? Why he wouldn't like this fucking perfect life."

"It's not perfect if he doesn't have anyone to share it with…" Kurt didn't have to even try to recognize what Sebastian wanted to say. He thought the same and it has been eating him alive for weeks.

"Well, yeah" he sighed and made a frustrated gesture in the air with his hand throwing into the air and then landing it on his neck, "there is a girl he used to date. He's known her since they were kids and their parents thought it would be so amazing if they just agreed that after finishing college, they would marry and be happy forever. They were like sixteen and in love when they said they would do it, but now it's late to protest. And those idiots are keeping on playing this game instead of trying to persuade them they have different plans."

"That… sucks."

"And apparently, I'm not enough to be worth trying. I'm just some fucked up whore he could-," Sebastian had to stop talking because he couldn't fight with his tears suddenly and he looked away. After a while, Kurt sighed and slid down next to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

"Come on, Sebastian, don't call yourself like that. It's not true."

"You can't know that, maybe I sleep with somebody else every night and-,"

"I don't think you do, I think you love Hunter," Kurt cut him off and Sebastian snorted.

"It doesn't matter. Nothing matters," he groaned and scrambled up against the wall back up on his feet while wiping his face with his sleeve. "Sorry for this, I'm such a mess lately," he turned away from Kurt nervously. However, Kurt put hand on his shoulder and faced him again.

"Hey, look, I know we aren't much of friends, but you have my number, right?" Sebastian nodded and looked into his eyes. "So, if you need somebody to talk about it, just call me. I understand what it's like when you don't have anybody to talk with. And I swear this stays between us, okay?"

"Fine, but don't expect I would open my heart as quickly as you opened your legs tonight."

Kurt gasped and smacked his arm. "You," he pointed his finger into Sebastian's face, "this was, guh. I can't from you," Kurt chuckled, shaking his head.

"Oh, come on, don't give that blushing virgin face again. You are much more than that."

"I'm leaving," Kurt turned around and walked away. "You are terrible," he changed his mind again after a few steps and he was laughing when he went back.

"You were going in the wrong direction, weren't you?" Sebastian smirked.

"No, I wasn't," Kurt was suppressing a smile as he passed along him. "Bye," he waved his hand and disappeared behind a corner.

"Bye," Sebastian repeated smiling to himself and went to his room before going back to Hunter's.