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Short one-shot only…

Harold's schedule had restored itself: after he had been freed from the constraints of the hospital, he did not go back to his usual routine of counting his brushstrokes, arriving at the bus stop at the exact same time, etc. Instead, he lived life. Harold visited Ana at every possible opportunity, and improved her business by bringing a lot of his colleagues into her shop.

He also visited Karen.

After that little incident ('One could hardly call that little,' he thought), Harold always visited Karen, sometimes with Ana, bringing her treats from the shop. Although Kay remained her usual sour self, she actually appreciated the small things they would do to her. Right now, she was trying her hand at a less dramatic story, where no one dies.

At least, Harold convinced her to try. Kay highly doubted that.

Looking back on it, he gave a wry smile. The book was published, and received a lot of good reviews. His life now consisted of Ana, work and living life. He really is finally happy.

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