"Welcome to Metilda's Witch-Hunting Shoppe. Can I help you with anything?"
Dorothy and her companions looked around. "Uh, yes, actually. What's the best you have for witch-hunting?" The quartet looked innocently at the assistant, who looked blankly at them before registering what was actually said.
"Oh. Well, if you look over here we have a number of good witch-hunting supplies. For your friend here with the axe, I think a giant silver wrench would be good. For your scarecrow friend, he looks like he could use a pistol. And your lion friend looks like he would be good with a large net and a giant hammer." She looked back at Dorothy. "You dear look as if you should just carry that little dog of yours around."
Each of the quartet picked up the item, or items, that they had been pointed to. "Well then," the assistant said, feeling rather satisfied with herself. "That'll be twelve dollars."