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And poof, Booger disappeared in to shadows...again. This is the second time this has happened. Stuff happens, we have a strange this–is-completely-normal bonding moment and then he leaves. Crawling back to the shadows of which he came. Don't be fooled though, he isn't as cool as the whole 'out of the shadows' thing makes you think. Nico from Percy Jackson is soooooooo much better then the Hades wanna-be could ever hope to be.

Nico raised the dead with happy meals...your argument is invalid.

Anyway, back to Boogerman being a booger. And what did he mean he had a daughter 'once'? Wouldn't she be a legend too? Can they even die? I want answers. I get up off the floor to find Pitch, hopefully, in the maze of tunnels. Just as I'm about to walk through the doorway I remember to grab a flashlight and my adventure begins.

~ s ~ S ~ s ~

It's dark in the crumbling, stone tunnels. Very dark. Anything that the rays of light emitted from my flashlight aren't bouncing off of was covered in shadow. I let my hand brush against the walls to keep my balance, the last thing I needed was to fall over and break the flashlight.

And then the shadows move.

A blur off darkness flies past my line of vision, running in the inky black, towards some unknown place in the tunnels. I run after it, it's the only lead I have. With the light in front of me I dash of to find the...thing that was in the dark... this better not be a Nightmare leading me to my death for some fun.

I can imagine it now.

Hey, hey Fredrick!


I made the strange green eyed child get lost in the tunnels!

Really? That's Great! Let's throw a Pony-Party!

...Or something like that...Meany ponies... think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. No one can make me do something I don't want to...besides Sophie, but she's adorable.

Suddenly, I see a light up ahead, and Booger was glowing? Shinning? I don't really know how to describe it. When you think of glowing you think of something giving off light in a goldish color, but the glow come of of booger, in waves might I add, is black a dark black. Not the black in you see on clothes(Lies I tell you! It's dark gray, not black, are they color blind?!)but black like not a single light for miles black, black when you can't see your hand in front of you black, black like when Jamie pegs you with an ice ball and then you fall unconscious black.

The waves of power seams to draw me in closer, like the way a riptide would, quickly and with no warning. I stumble and nearly fall flat on my face. As if he can see through his eye lid ,his lips twitch, and I feel mine pull into a scowl, even when he's not awake he tries to kill me, oh isn't that just fantastic. I pull out my sharpie and draw on him a new mustache, a Hitler mustache, because even though he did terrible thing Hitler had one strange mustache.

Finishing my masterpiece, I decide slapping his face, gently might I add, should wake him up, because I really want to go home to the comfortable sleeping bag and laugh at grandpa blackie as he makes his hilarious I'm going to kill you faces.

But alas, like most of my plans, it didn't happen quiet like I thought it would. The instant my fingers brushed against his cheek, I saw a myriad of memories.

~ s ~ S ~ s ~

I watched as a young girl, with hair as dark as night and eyes as green as leaves, ran up to a kind yet strong looking man in a military uniform that I've never seen before, which made him look like a hero of a golden age. They meet in a loving embrace as, what I assume to be the girls father, picks her up and spins her around before bring her close to him. Right before the image fades I hear a faint, loving, whisper, "I'm home, my starlight."

The image changed in a swirl of ink-like mist, as I saw the father of the young girl standing tall with a spear-like weapon at the front of a prison cell not made with earthly hands. On the other side of the door I heard starching and a deep, resonating, growl of a beast, that even though it's a memory, my tense and weary, before it all faded to black.

Again the picture changed and I saw the man, who once stood tall with a spark of courage in his eyes, was now like a deer ready to bolt but at the same time, looked as if he was ready to collapse. Behind the doors I hear a echoing voice "Daddy...please open the door, it's so dark in here and I all...all alone...with the monsters..." The man lifted his head "Saraphina? No...that's not her it's them..not her...not her" Suddenly a shrill scream pierced the air, "DADDY! Help me! Please...PLEASE! PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR! SAVE ME DADDY!" there was banging behind the door accompany heart wrenching sobs.

The man stood up with haste as his spear fell to the slowly darkening floor with a clatter. He ran to the gate of the cell, stumbling in his desperation, "Saraphina! I'm coming my starlight, I'm coming!" Another scream filled the once peaceful silence, "HURRY!" With a glassy look in his eyes, his hand pulled bolts and levers of all kinds.

Slowly, the door opened to reveal a room filled with a twirling darkness that seemed to be alive somehow, and at the front was a little girl in a tattered dress and a rat's nest for hair. Her head was tilted and eyes closed, a sweet closed mouth smile graced her lips, "Thank you..." Her lips parted to reveal shark like teeth the same moment her eyes snapped open to reveal cold cruel gold eyes, "Father."

The girl, no beast, lunges at the shocked and broken man, the shadows following her lead.

The man was taken over bye the shadow people, wrapped in a cocoon of ebony shades. They burst to reveal a tall man with gray skin, black hair blown back by an unknown force, golden eyes mirrored that of the beast that which him, darkness became apart of him. He mutters to himself," I need a new name for this current host of my power..." He stayed deep in thought for a long time before a sadistic grin of point teeth bloom upon his face,"...Pitch Black, The Nightmare King!" and as if he knew I was her he looked right at me. Then everything faded to black.

I stay in the black for a long, long time, the sound of pure evil rattling in the abyss, as I feel an arm wrap around my waist, locking my arms to my side, pulling me into a cold chest. Another arm snaked around my neck as I stood there helpless, I feel someones breath along the side of my head, as I hear a message whispered in my ear, by a man who is, perhaps, darkness itself, "Come, join me, Child of Faith, fall into the darkness of fear."

~ s ~ S ~ s ~

My eyes fly open as I fall backwards onto the cold stone ground. Hyperventilating from the visions that I just encounter.

The shadows in the room start to sway as if that discovered something particularly unpleasant, edging close to my location. So I did the normal thing for once in my life. What is that, you might ask. I tell you in one word, my plan.


I run as fast as I could, away from the shadows, seeking whom they may devourer.

Those images of murky darkness and terror...that's what Pitch lived with every day? How can he keep all that pain bottled up inside?


Then I saw a light up ahead, different then the one I saw before, It was bright white, sunlight. Sunlight? In the dark cave...Sunlight. I fell my eyes widen as I change course and run to the source of light.

What I find surprises me.

A tiny patch of grass the color of polished emerald thanks to the golden sun beams coming from an unknown crack in the ceiling...but there are no cracks. More magic mumbo jumbo that defies logic it seams. I didn't ponder on that thought for long though, as I noticed two things I didn't notice before, in the center of the patch of grass. The first thing was a single flower, an Iris, a beautiful blue-purple one at that and something shining in the grass.

I bend down to pick up the what ever it is, trying to blind my face in the processes mind you, which as soon as I touched, I knew was metal. My fingers twitched as I brought it to eye level, and what I saw took my breath away.

It was a intricate gold locket with bits of crystal surrounded by vine like patterns weaving under and over each other in an unearthly design. My finger flutter across the what must be ancient locket, to a little knob on the left hand side of the locket,which I'm guessing is a button to look inside, and my hunch didn't disappoint. There was an audible click as the locket opened to reveal a beautiful dark haired young girl.

But what shocks me the most is I know who the girl in the picture is.

She is Pitch's daughter, Saraphina, otherwise known as Mother Nature, the only weakness of the hero of the golden age.

The locket slips out of my hand as I stood there in shock, letting a resounding bell like sound echo throughout the cave as it hit the ground.

"I see you found the locket young Haley."

I look around wildly for the smooth as honey voice, which let me tell you is defiantly not Booger of man dress's voice.

Soft chuckles ring in my ears as I hear an amused voice utter "Look at the flower, little one, there you will find your answer."

Taking the voices advice, dear God I hope I'm not going crazy, I sneak a, most likely, not-so-secret peak at the flower and do a retake as my left eye starts to twitch.

I thought the flower was a purely-buleish color, not shimmering rainbow!

Something tells me life in a cave with nutty ponies and man dress just got bucket load of much more complicated. Then thing get stranger still, because luck just loves me (note the sarcastic goodness because it isn't going anywhere but Pitch Blackish, Cavenvania aka, here) the flowers spews mist that then turns into a picture.

The women is wearing a stunning dress, the mixed colors of forest and spring green with an unique style that I've never seen before, trimmed with sliver embroidery in a frost like pattern. Needless to say, the dress was the definition of beauty.

I now want that dress...

"Hello Haley, nice to see you in person." ,the siren like voice of Saraphina, spoken in a kind manner, it reminded me slightly of my mothers voice...

I feel a pang of homesickness as I reply, "How, exactly, do you know my name?"

She gives me a smile of pure mischievous as she starts chuckling, " Because sill, I brought you here."


I feel my left eye beings to twitch like a fish out of water on steroids. This is not happening

Mother nature is lady luck as well? I'm doomed, it official. It won't be the shadow ponies that kill me, It'll be mother nature.

No wonder Gaia in the Greek myths was evil, it's because she is.

Find what was left of my voice, the part that didn't sound like a the growl of some blood thirsty beast or a pregnant women with major mood swings, I choke out my intelligent response, "...What?"

She gives me a look of pity as she answers me, "Yes, I sent you her to help my father, as you might know he is very lost and confused at the moment, and unlike popular belief he is the victim in the case of nightmares, so I recruited you to help him."

Saraphina then looked at me as is foreseeing a terrible destiny...i don't like that look it means things are about to get a lot worse, or at least more complicated.

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