Chaper 1 The Mystery

It was a blazing hot day as the Rogers family began their hour long drive to the beach. "It's so hot!" seven year old Opal complained. "Be glad we have air condition," Opals' mother said sternly. Opals Mom had wanted to see a band who was supposed to be playing at the beach at exactly 12:00. They had left at 10:30 because it was and hour long drive, plus unpacking and setting up. "Well, I can't when I'm this thirsty and hot." "Would you please hand me my water?" She asked kindly, trying not to upset her mother." I don't have the energy when it's this hot," her mother replied kindly." "Alright, she said. I won't complain." And so they went on. When the hour long drive finally ended, the band wasn't even there. "I guess we got here early," said Opal." "Let's start unpacking." They had almost forgotten Opals dad, sleeping in the car and when he woke up, he said; "why didn't you wake me up?!" "Sorry, we didn't want to bother your sleeping," Opals mom replied. They finished unpacking and talked until the band was there. When they got there, they set up and started playing classic rock. They even played a joke; "What is the pilgrims favorite music? Plymouth rock!" Everyone laughed. Their music lasted three hours. By then, it was 3:00 p.m.. Everyone left, and when opal got home, she turned her fan on. When she heard the mail truck go by, she rushed outside to get the mail as usual. What was unusual was that she had something in the mail, and no one else. When she opened the letter, it read;

Of your kind there are three types. Magic, fantasy, and invisible.

She tried to figure out what it meant. One thing it meant was that there was a mystery on her hands. She was still trying to figure out what it meant at midnight, when there was a knock on the door. She timidly went to the window, but there was no one there. Again she heard the knock, but there was no one there. She hoped she was in a dream, but she doubted it as her mother had been talking about the band for days. She went to sleep, hoping She would be relieved of her fear when she woke up. The next day, she was relieved of her fear, but she was tired. She couldn't think straight. Now that was something she wanted to just be able to forget it all. Then she remembered the letter. Maybe she could choose her type. She wished to be magical so she could fend off that invisible person who was knocking on the door.