A/N: So this is gonna take place after they have returned to Storybrooke. This is an established Captain Swan.

All Tied Up

"Darling is this truly necessary?"

"It is if you keep flirting with everything that moves."

Emma tightened the ropes around Killian and smiled at her handy work. The method had worked once in the enchanted forest, who's to say it wouldn't work in her parent's back yard.

"Snow, are we really letting her tie him up in our backyard?"

"Well… she said it wouldn't be for long, just till he realizes how much it really bothers her how flirty he is. "

The Charmings watched from their kitchen window as their daughter continued to have a stare-off with her boyfriend in their backyard. They understood that Emma's issue wasn't just her annoyance at Hook's behavior. She was upset because even though she had let the pirate in and given whatever it was they have a chance, Emma was still dealing with some deeply seeded trust issues.

"Is it really because I flirted with the wolf? Honestly?"


"Emma, love, how am I to make amends if I don't know what I've done?"

"You just you're not getting it, are you."

"I can't get at anything tied up to a tree."

"Really Hook?"

He winced at that. She hadn't called him by that moniker since they'd decided to try out their relationship. He knew it bothered her, but he honestly thought that it wasn't so bad. Obviously from his position against the tree he was sorely mistaken. Emma continued to glare daggers at him, the silence between them becoming thick with tension. Neither seemed willing to yield.

Normally Emma wouldn't be bothered by all Killian's flirting, he was a pirate, Captain Fricken Hook. But each time he did it, it would chip away at her little by little. She just needed him to tone it down, because she hated feeling this vulnerable. She let him in, and it felt like a tiny poke to her confidence every time he would flirt with another girl, she knew it meant nothing. She just needed an apology a real one not a half-assed casual, sorry love. So until she got that he was gonna be real intimate with that tree. She smirked to herself and walked back toward the house.

"Emma this is ridiculous. SWAN!"

She kept walking up to the sliding door greeted by her parents' questioning looks.

Hook continued to yell as she closed the sliding door.

"Swan, come on, love untie me! This is not what I meant by I think we should try new things!"

Charming gave his daughter a look, to which Emma replied,

"Look, Dad don't worry. It's like an inside joke, and I might be the only one who finds it funny."

"I find it kind of funny."

"Thanks Mom."

At that exchange Charming's eyes widened and his laughter caused the other two to burst into laughter as well. Meanwhile, Hook was still yelling from the tree, and his voice was beginning to get hoarse.

"Emma, while he's not my favorite person in the world, he seems honestly sorry."

Emma scoffed, she thought that if anyone was gonna be completely on her side it would be her dad.

"Em, if he ever really hurt you or screwed up, you know I would be the first one to have a sword ready, but I don't think he gets why he's tied to that tree."

Snow coughed/laughed into her hand, still trying to get over that fact that her daughter had Captain Hook tied to a tree in her backyard and he was screaming apologies for anything and everything under the sun.

"Alright, I'll untie him, but next time do I have permission to use your tree?"

"Always sweetie."

With that she walked back out to fetch her boyfriend.

"It's about bloody time."

"Before I let you loose, just try to tone down the flirting, okay. I just need that."

"Emma I'm truly sorry, I really thought nothing of it. Love, you understand don't you? It means nothing. You," he paused hesitating slightly," You mean everything."

The look on his face so earnest, Emma couldn't resist, she leaned forward and just as Killian thought she was going in for the kiss, she wove around him to undo his restraints. As soon as he was loose he pulled her into his arms and captured her lips in a soft kiss. When they separated Emma had a small smirk on her lips, "Next time, Mom and Dad agreed to let me use the tree again."

"Darling next time let's use the restraints for a more pleasurable purpose, yes?"

"You're insufferable!"

Emma pushed away as she started back for the house.

"But you love me anyway Swan!"