All Tied Up – Chapter 3: Setting off the Sirens

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Emma was minding her own business, taking her lunch break at Granny's diner. When, all the sudden she heard familiar sirens and the violent screeching of tires. Before she could process what was happening there was a crash, just outside the diner. She ran outside to see what the hell could have happened, and who had dared to take her patrol car. She really didn't need to think about it, honestly there was only one person in this town who would take her car. She made it just outside her car to see Killian knocked out on the steering wheel.

Killian finally came to, confused. The last thing he remembered he had taken Emma's land ship out to go to the store. He had decided to make a special dinner for Emma and had spent the past week "fishing" when in actuality he had been receiving cooking lessons from Snow, while so called prince Charming had laughed until he cried watching Killian figure out the blender. He still swore the appliance was the work of dark magic, but for Emma he would work through it. Slowly Killian realized that he was once again tied to a tree, although this time he was not in Charming and Snow's backyard. He was behind Granny's and as his vision cleared he saw Emma sitting at one of the benches with Henry. Bloody hell, did the boy have to see this too? Killian didn't want Henry to see him strapped to some tree. It was embarrassing. More embarrassing was being strapped to a tree and being ignored so he decided to call attention to himself.

"Henry be a good lad and give me some time alone with your Mum?"

Before Henry could get a word in, Emma stood up and walked towards him, anger and a hint of concern lingering in her eyes.

"Henry is here to make sure I don't go overboard with you, so be glad he's around."

There was a dangerous tone in Emma's voice, he'd only heard it once before. She was angry and scared at the same time; which were two things you never wanted combined in Emma Swan. He remembered hitting the breaks and pressing any and all buttons in the land ship he had borrowed from Emma. For some reason he'd forgotten how to work the damned thing and before he knew it he was swerving and losing control. He must have blacked out when he'd hit the pole. He braced himself for the verbal (and possible physical) lashing he was bound to receive. However, that wasn't the first thing she'd done,

"Whale already checked you out before I tied you up, so you're good on that front, I guess your head was hard enough that you avoided major injuries."

She moved so that she was standing right in front of him two breaths away from his lips. Killian was confused, he expected anger and more yelling, but when he dared to look into her eyes he saw fear, in her beautiful eyes, which were now shining with unshed tears. And beneath that he saw something that took his breath away, unadulterated love. She had been worried, and feared for him. This time he understood immediately why she had tied him up as punishment. He moved his head toward her quickly before she could react. He brushed his lips against her gently and whispered apology after apology as tears unbidden ran down Emma's face. Henry half smiled and half grimaced at the display and went back inside Granny's.

"Darling I'm fine, and I will be even better once I can hold you properly."

"Fine, but first we need to get this settled."

He gave her a confused look, assuming that the apologies sufficed. Emma took a step back, noting the confusion on his face she raised an eyebrow, like he should already know what was coming.

"Okay, 1) We need to get you some driving lessons and 2) We will get you your own car. And 3rd) you will pay for all damages to city property and my car."

He smiled as Emma came over and undid the restraints keeping him against the tree.

"Quick question darling," Killian asked as he walked from the tree to pull her into his arms, "Why the tree behind Granny's?"

"Whale wouldn't go anywhere near my parent's house."