Clove never thought she would fall for the boy in the class. That boy who is a partier, a player. The guy that everyone adores. The badboy. But of course, he would never notice her. The silent, geeky girl that is always by herself reading a book or drawing in her notebook that no one has ever looked in.

Cato never thought he would notice the girl that no one talked to. He found her interesting. He became curious. He wanted to know what she was hiding behind those books and glasses. He had every other girl in the school of course; they were all wrapped around his finger. She, She never looked his way. And they stayed that way, until one day they accidentally crossed paths.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" Was Cato's first ever sentence to her. She didn't reply, just bent down and picked up her stuff. Cato leaned down and picked the remaining scattered papers. And when their fingers touched, Clove just blushed underneath her glasses and walked away muttering a quick 'thank you'. She brushed past him, leaving a small scent of perfume that Cato had never smelt before. He turns around and sees her disappearing down the hallway leaving him as curious and as interested as ever.

"Hey, you're Clove right?" Cato asks a few days later. "Um, yeah." She replies quietly. His face breaks into a grin. "I'm Cato." He sticks his hand out. Clove shakes it, his huge hand enveloping her small one. Warmth radiates from his hand and Clove blushes. She brushed away a stray strand of hair with her hand. Her sweater sleeves were too long, covering her hands. Cato found this cute actually. "So, Clove. I-um, well nice to meet you, maybe I'll see you around?" He puts a hand in his pocket and waves with the other before turning and leaving. Clove slowly waves back but he's already out of sight.

Cato didn't hear much from the rumours, only enough to know that Clove had been bullied. Seriously bullied. He walked past the art room when he heard sniffling. He paused, listened and found Clove hidden in a corner crying to herself. "Crying won't help." Clove looked up and saw Cato. She wiped the tears off her face and kept her face out of view from him. "Just leave." She said quietly. "You're one of them." One of them. The group that bullied her, the popular ones. "Clove, I know. I know that you probably think of me as one of them. I swear, I didn't know that they would hurt you like this, I-if I knew, I would've stopped them."

"No you wouldn't. You would've joined in." Clove retorts. Cato sighs and sits down next to her, leaning against the wall. "Well then you don't know me."

That was their longest conversation since.