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She ran over to the bloodied broken Cato. He coughed and spluttered blood over the concrete floor. "Cato!" She cries,


"Cato. Don't leave."

"Clove. . I love you."

"-I love you too.;" Clove clutched his hand and cried. "…Really?" Cato's face brightens. "Yeah." She nods. "I always did. But I never thought you would-"

"I did. When I first saw you." He replied. Clove smiled sadly, tears streaming. Suddenly, Cato said, "Kiss me."

"What?" She stared at him. His blue eyes sparkled. She wiped her tears. Then she leans down and presses her lips against his gently. He gently kisses her back. Kissing her was exactly how he had imagined. "I-I always wanted to do that." He admits. She caresses his face in her hand. "Don't leave." She pleads. "I'm sorry Clove…I- I can't. It's hurting. I'm tired." He blinks a few tears. "Cato, I don't want you to die. I can't live without you! You're my only friend."

"You have too." He murmurs weakly. She cries even harder. "Don't cry. Please." He says. "I-I'll rather die than live without you!" She exclaims. "Clove, don't think like that-I-"

"Cato…I love you." She whispers. "Clove…?" He murmurs. But it's too late. She stabs the sharp metal pole into her stomach and gasps. "Clove!" Cato yells. "I'm-Sorry Cato…" She whispers. Tears rolled down his face as she collapsed into his arms. "Clove. Why? Why did you have to be so stupid?" He mumbles hugging her close to him. "Why?" He cries. "I love you…" She mumbles. "I love you too Clove. I always will." He says. Then he lays down his head, closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

Its all over the news the next morning. Two young teenagers on the street. Passed away at estimated 7 in the evening. The boy died of a car accident and the girl died with a metal pole inside of her. "It's tragic, really."

A neighbour said. "Clove was a very nice girl."

People everywhere mourned the death of them. School friends, relatives, neighbours. They won't be forgotten. The tragic love story of the boy who was a partier, a player and the girl who never talked or socialized. The girl who drew him in her sketchbook, the boy who turned out to have a caring heart. The pair of lovers who died in the middle of the street, bodies still, their hands frozen, intertwined together. They won't ever be separated again.

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