"Roy you really do need to do something about Riza. I think she is going to kill someone one of these days." Roy ignored Maes and spun around in his chair laughing like an idiot.

"Roy! I'm being serious here!"

"She is not going to hurt anybody Hughes. Just relax."

"She almost killed you yesterday! How can you act like everything is normal?"

"It happens Hughes. She is just keeping us in check."

"You're losing it my friend. Just make her take the class."

"No. She will kill me then."

"Exactly! She needs help if she is going to hurt us!" Roy sighed and waved Maes away.

"I'll be back Roy!" Just as Maes was walking out, Riza walked in. Maes jumped and took off out the door.


"Yes Hawkeye?"

"I have those files you wanted."

"Just set them on the desk. I need to use the bathroom." She put the papers down and sat at her desk. The others were starting to slowly trickle in. Havoc ran inside when Riza was by the door. When he opened the door fast, it hit her right in the face. She fell to the floor and all of the other men were frozen.

"I'm sorry Hawkeye! Please don't kill me! I have a date tonight!" Riza got up and Havoc took a step backwards. She had a death glare on her face. He turned and sprinted off down the hallway. Riza followed him. Breda looked at Feury.

"I bet she is going to torture him."

"But I don't like betting."

"Well you are now!" Breda laughed like an idiot, and pulled a doughnut out of his pocket, and started eating it. Meanwhile Roy was talking to Maes again.

"Hughes, I just don't see why you think she needs anger management classes."

"She always wants to shoot someone."

"Only because no one listens to her."

"Did you go off the deep end?"

"No…I don't want her to change who she is."

"Well…is that Havoc?" Maes pointed down the hall. Havoc was running straight towards them, and he was crying.

"Help me, Hawkeye is going to murder me! I have a date tonight too!" Riza turned around the corner and was catching up to him fast.

"Havoc! Get back here now!" Roy sighed. It looks like the odds are not in his favor today.

'I tried so hard to keep you out of those classes, but I don't have another choice Hawkeye.' Havoc ran past them, and just as Riza was passing, Roy stuck his arm out and caught her.

"Let me go!"

"Hawkeye! You cant kill him!" Havoc slowly walked back to them. He tried to keep his distance from Riza though.

"Hey Riza what did he do?" Maes asked innocently.

"Hit me in the face with a door!" Havoc cringed back.

"I said I was sorry."

"I'm going to kill you!" Roy held her tighter.

"Hawkeye, no." Roy had said it in a firm voice, which meant she could not argue.

"Yes sir." Havoc sighed in relief. He was going to live to see his date tonight. Roy released Riza. She turned on her heel and started walking back to the office like nothing happened.

'I feel horrible.' She thought sadly. Roy watched her until she turned the corner. When she was gone, he turned to Havoc.

"Why did you hit her with a door?"

"It was an accident."

"Well she is upset now thanks to you." Maes looked at Roy now.

"What did I tell…"

"One class!" He walked away leaving the two stunned soldiers. Roy found Riza leaning against a wall.

'So she didn't go to the office yet.' He walked over to her.



"You okay? I mean from Havoc hitting you." She slowly nodded her head. She never once lifted her head to acknowledge him. That was not like her at all.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes sir."

"I don't believe you." She lifted her head. He was staring intently at her. His eyes were locked on her face.


"Hawkeye, if something is bothering you, let me know." She tried to look away, but he put a hand on her face. He made it clear that she was not to look away.

"Everything is fine sir." He sighed. This was going nowhere.



"Hughes wants me to have you take classes for your…anger."

"I don't have anger problems."

"Hey I tried to tell him no, but then you tried to kill Havoc. I told him only one class."

"Sir…I don't want to be in a room full of nut jobs."

"I don't want you to go either. I'm only making you take one class no more, just to shut Hughes up." She sighed.

"Only once?"

"Only once, I promise."

"Fine." She said angrily. She was going to kill Maes for this.

"Hey, I won't make you go alone though. Edward will join you." He said while laughing. She rolled her eyes. He could defuse any situation.

"Thank you." He looked confused.

'I am sending her to anger management classes, and she thanks me?' He leaned his head on her forehead. She looked at him clearly confused.

"I knew something was wrong with you."


"You thanked me." She glared at him.

"So are you saying that I never say thank you?"

"No, it's just I'm making you take an anger class and you thanked me."

"That's not why I thanked you sir."

"Then why?"

"Hey guys!" Roy quickly pushed himself away from Riza and looked at Maes. He glared at him.

"Did I interrupt?"

"Of course not Hughes." Maes grinned evilly.

"That's good because the Elrics are here." Hughes ran off. He was a strange man.

"Thank you for being there for me sir." Riza walked off to greet the Elrics. Roy smiled. Meanwhile in the office.

"What do you mean I have to take anger management classes?!"

"Edward calm down."

"Come on Hawkeye! I don't need them!" Riza sighed. She saw Roy walk in. She walked over to him and handed her guns to him.

"Edward, I have to go as well. We can blame Hughes for that." Edward stared at her.

"You're going? Wow Colonel Bastard really is a bastard." Roy decided he wouldn't cause more trouble by messing with Ed.

"It wasn't his idea, like I said."

'Why is she defending me?' Roy thought. Havoc walked into the room.

"Hey Hawkeye."

"Hello Havoc."

"Are you still angry?"

"No it was an accident after all." Havoc laughed.

'The Colonel did his job, and cooled her off.' He picked up his car keys and waited by the door.

"I'm driving you guys." She nodded.

"Come on Edward." Ed stood his ground and refused to move. Riza walked out of the room. She wasn't going to get angry over something so stupid. She passed Maes in the hall. Maes walked into the office. Ed was glaring at him now.

"What's up with Hawkeye today?" Roy shrugged his shoulders. He had no idea.

"Elric get going now." Ed still refused to move. Roy sighed. This was going to get difficult. Just then a wrench flew through the door and hit Ed. He collapsed to the ground. Winry walked in followed by Riza.

"Edward Elric! You listen to him now!"

"But Winry, I don't want to go!"

"I don't care!"

"Fine!" Ed got up and stomped out the door. Havoc laughed and followed him. Riza glanced at the people in the room. Roy caught her eye and she quickly looked away. She didn't want things to get harder than they already were. She turned and walked out the door. Everyone looked at Roy. They were all wondering the same thing. What was wrong with Riza? Riza sat in the passenger seat looking out the window. Havoc kept looking at her every so often. Edward was in the back pouting. When they arrived at the class, they saw people sitting in a circle. Riza and Edward sighed in unison.

"Well I'll be in the car waiting for you guys. Have fun!" They both glared at Havoc and he ran out the door. They sat down next to each other. On Riza's right side sat a man with tattoos all over his body. She tried to sit as far away as possible. Ed sat by a girl. She was playing with a nail file. He scooted away from her. He and Riza sat shoulder to shoulder now.

"Hey Hawkeye…can we kill Hughes after this?"

"You can." He looked at her. Something was up.

"What is wrong with you today?"


"Well you seem different."

"I have to…." Riza didn't get to finish because the leader of this stupid meeting walked in. He sat down and looked around the room.

"Hello everyone. My name is John." The people around them started muttering hello. Some just sat there with angry faces.

"Who would like to start this party?" No one raised their hand. John closed his eyes to pick someone.

"He is crazy." Riza looked at Ed with a look that said shut up. John walked over to Riza. She silently cursed to herself. He had chosen her to start the meeting.