"Run!" Though she spoke the words, nothing could stop what was about to happen.

"Ri...I know it looks bad..." Rebecca? All Riza could feel was a pressure deep in her side. Everything was dark.

"Rebecca?" All of a sudden she felt a tugging and then whatever was in her was ripped out. She could feel a warm liquid flowing down her side and then a worse pain. Someone was burning her. Everything hurt. Her side was burning so much...


Riza awoke to a sharp pain in her side. She grit her teeth in pain and a hiss escaped. She tried to sit up, but a hand pressed into her shoulder to hold her down. Riza opened one of her eyes to see Roy staring at her worriedly.

'Great...can this get any worse?' She thought bitterly.

"Hawkeye hang on. I sent Havoc to get a doctor." Roy rubbed her shoulder soothingly and she just bit back her words. If she opened her mouth, she might scream. The pain was unbearable. Her injuries were worse than they were yesterday due to the fact that her medicine had worn off. "I know it hurts, but hang in there."

'Great...he's treating me like I'm weak. I mean sure I nearly died, but does he really have to repeat himself?' Riza took a deep breath. "I'm fine Colonel."

A doctor rushed in and injected something into her IV. "This should help you with the pain. It will also make you fall asleep."

Riza watched as the doctor checked her charts and made sure everything was going okay. Roy just watched from a distance. Havoc and the others stood by the window. Nobody spoke. Finally the doctor left and Riza gathered the strength to speak. "The first time I had my snipers separate into two teams, The mission failed."

"You don't have to explain right now Hawkeye." Roy said quietly. Riza shook her head.

"I do." She rubbed her temples before continuing. "I had Rebecca with me. That might be the only reason I'm alive. I had my men fire at the enemy. It was all going smooth until we were spotted. We shot at them as they ran up the stairs, but there were too many." Riza stopped to take a deep breath. "I had my team use a rope to get down the side. I thought we would all make it. Rebecca and I were the last ones up there and I ran out of ammunition and we had no choice. We jumped over the edge and I was shot."

"Take a break Hawkeye." Roy handed her a glass of water. After she took a drink, she continued.

"We ran as we were chased by the enemy. I kept in contact with the other squad. I had one of them throw a grenade at the enemy, but it hit a rock and came at us instead. Everything went black then. When I awoke I was on a cot. Everyone had fear in their eyes. Rebecca looked close to tears and was keeping me down. I then saw the damage I had taken. Our camp was attacked and I had them remove the shard of rock from my side...and then I had them burn the wound closed." Riza fell silent as the team took in what happened.

"Why did you have the wound burned?" Fuery asked.

"She would have died otherwise."

Everyone turned to see a man in a wheelchair looking at them. "I heard you were awake. I came to see you Captain."


"Hello Captain Hawkeye." He smiled as he wheeled himself to her side.

"What do you mean she would have died?"

"A war was going on. The doctors had no time to do anything else and honestly they probably didn't want to piss her off."

"Jace how bad are your injuries?" Riza asked completely ignoring his comment at the end.

"Won't ever walk again I'm afraid." He sighed. "It's not your fault. If it weren't for you. We would all be dead. That's some quick thinking you did back there."

"Were you in her squad?" Havoc asked.

"Yes and proud of it. I got to learn from the best."

Riza grit her teeth as she listened to him.

"Aww come on Captain. What happened to that scary leader? You know Jake and Tom won't stand for this."

"I'm sorry Jace. You're right."

Jace chuckled. "Wait I am?"

"Yes. I have to lead them. I will not let another person die."

"That's the spirit. Now if You'll excuse me, I have to be heading back to my room."

"Rest well Jace."

"You too Captain." He left the room and Riza found everyone staring at her again.


"Yes Fuery?"

"I don't really know anything about war...but I heard it changes people."

"Yes it does."

"You've been there twice...and want to go back?"

"Yes. Someone needs to lead them."

"In your letter, you said they reminded you of us." Fuery added quietly. Everyone just looked at him.

"And again yes. They acted so much like you all that I didn't feel so lonely. I guess I really want to go back to help them. Like I have helped you guys. Is this going somewhere Fuery?"

"No sir." Fuery backed away slowly and Falman placed a hand on his shoulder. A few minutes passed in silence. Breda rubbed the back of his neck and sighed.

"I think we should get going and let the Captain rest."

"I agree." Havoc said as he glanced at Roy.

"Yeah. Head out men."

"We'll see you later Hawkeye. Don't give anyone a hard time." Havoc said. Breda followed Fuery and Falman out. Havoc hit Roy with an elbow and gestured at Riza. Roy shook his head and sat down. Havoc left the room. Roy pulled a book out of his jacket and handed it to Riza.

"Havoc said you wanted a book."

"Thank you sir." She placed it on the bedside table.

"I'll bring Hayate by after work. I know he misses you."

"I'd like that." Riza hid a yawn behind her hand. Roy saw it though. He smiled and placed a hand on her cheek. "Sir?"



"You need to tell me when something is bothering you. Okay?"

"I know Roy."


"I promise Roy."

Roy smiled and leaned down to kiss her head. "Thank you."

"I'm just really worried about my team."

"I'm sure they are doing fine. You trained them after all."

"Yeah." Riza yawned again.

"I see it's nap time." Roy chuckled.

"Not funny sir."

"I thought it was."

"You have work."

"Aww...I'll do it later Hawkeye."


"I'm staying until you fall asleep."

"Well if I go back to a office..."

"Overfilled with paperwork? I know you will kill me." He smiled. "You told me that before you left for Ishval."

"Glad you remembered."

"Before you sleep...do you remember what I told you?"

"You said for me to come back to you."

"Yes and even if you leave again, I still want you back and in one piece."

"Of course Colonel."

"Get some sleep now Riza."

"Yes sir." Riza closed her eyes and Roy waited until her breathing evened out before placing a soft kiss on her lips.

"I'll be back later." Roy stood up and left the room and headed back to HQ. He still had mounds of paperwork to finish.