A short story, I hope you like it. This is my first Reba story. You all write the characters so well, I love all your stories, I'm trying to catch up on reading them.

I can't lose you

Chapter 1

Reba had the longest day, she was totally drained, she was confused, and wasn't to sure what to do next. She walked into the house, and was glad the kids were out, she needed to have a coffee, and to think. She went into the kitchen, and was putting the coffee maker on when Brock knocked at the back door. Reba walk over opening the door, and Brock asked if he could come in.

"Sure but I'm exhausted Brock, I was about to have a coffee would you like one"?

"Sure". Reba grabbed two mugs down, and poured the coffee, and brought it over to the table.

"Brock you look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders"

"Yeah I think something is up with Barbara Jean, and it is driving me crazy"

"She normally drives us all crazy, but what is bothering you"?

"Last night I wanted to make love, and she said she wasn't in the mood"

"OK Brock to much information I don't need to know about your sex life with Barbara Jean"

"What sex life it has been 3 weeks since we made love. She doesn't want to cuddle, I think she is fooling around on me"

"Oh Brock she isn't go home, and talk to her"

"I tried to she came in the house, and went right up to her room, and said Henry was spending the night at a friends"

"Brock go to her"

"Reba maybe I'm getting paid back for hurting my family. I hurt you, and the kids, I hated hurting you, but I cared for her, but I don't know anymore"

"No what Brock"?

"If I want this marriage to work"

"Brock don't say that"

"I can't help it, I am so confused Reba".

Reba grabbed the mugs, and walked to the sink, and Brock stood up.

"Reba do you ever wonder what our lives would be like this moment if I didn't shrew up our marriage"?

Reba threw the mug across the room almost hitting him, and screamed.

"Yes everyday, I hate seeing you with her, but I finally came to terms with it, and you do this. You are selfish Brock, I can't believe you would do this now". She ran out of the kitchen, and upstairs leaving Brock in shock. He walked over cleaning up the mess, he knew he was selfish, and Reba was right he ruined everything how could he do this to her now? He turned to put the glass in the garbage when he knocked Reba's purse on the floor. He bent down to pick up the stuff when he noticed a pamphlet, and he stared at it.

His hand was shaking he whispered, "Oh Reba No"

To be Continued.