Thanks to you all for reading, and commenting on my story. I know this is a sad story, but there will be happy moments too. I like Barbara Jean, but I thought Reba, and Brock should reunite. I am very happy that people like my story, I could never write Reba as good as the posters in the Reba threads, but I love writing this story. Thanks again it means a lot to me when people read my stories. Reba-Brockfan has been a good friend, and I started reading her stories,and I felt inspired to write a Reba story. I love all the Reba stories on here , and I will try to read more stories soon. You all are very nice, and very welcoming to new writers writing a Reba story for the first time. I have a feeling I will write more Reba stories in the future, I love writing this one.

Chapter 3

Brock got home he called out for Barbara Jean, but she didn't answer. He walked to the bottom of the stairs but he heard banging from the kitchen. He walked to the kitchen, and went inside.

"Barbara Jean I'm sorry I upset you, but I just needed some alone time with Reba"

"Whatever Brock I'm making Kraft dinner for dinner Henry will be home from his play date in a 15 minutes."

"Kraft Dinner Barbara Jean you know I hate it"

"Yes I do so if you don't like it go see if Reba is making something better"

"You really want me to go to Reba's because I will she needs me more than you need me right now"

"Oh go to her than, Brock you are such a jerk at times"

"Me you are acting like a child right now"

Barbara Jean was glaring at him, he grabbed his coat he just took off, and said he would be back later. He was about to walk out when the phone rang. He thought it might be Reba so he ran over saying hello. He knew someone was there but they didn't speak.

"Reba is that you"? He still didn't get a answer so he looked at the called ID, and it said private. He knew it wasn't Reba, he heard the phone click, and he knew the person hung up. He put the receiver down, but he turned to Barbara Jean.

"Barbara Jean were you expecting a phone call"?

"No why who was it"?

"I don't know but someone was there but I bet they wanted you"

"What are you implying"?

"I don't know you never let me touch you, are you seeing someone else"?

"Don't be ridiculous" Barbara Jean turned away she couldn't look at him, and he knew it. She was lying, and he was shocked, and hurt, he ran over to her, and faced her.

"You are seeing someone"?

"Brock I love you, I don't want to talk about this, I have to get supper ready for Henry" Barbara Jean walked over grabbing a pot but Brock yelled making her drop the pop.

"You fooled around on me Barbara Jean, I can't believe you"

"You fooled around on Reba so get over yourself"

"I fooled around with you, I hurt Reba , I was a fool"

"No we belong together, I made one mistake, but I promise I will never see him again"

"Did you sleep with him"?

"I know your angry, and I hurt you, but you have to forgive me"

"Did you have sex with this other man"?

"Yes once it was just one time , I made the worst mistake. I was feeling so down, we had a fight, he made me feel special like you use to. I told him it would never happen again, and I mean it"

"Who is it"?

"My yoga instructor Ben"

"Oh my God you had sex with your Yoga instructor are you serious"

"He is sexy, and a sweet talker, and one thing lead to another, and it happened"

"I could forgive all the flirting, and talking to guys, but I can't forgive this. I left my family to be with you, and Henry, and you betrayed me Barbara Jean. I am leaving, and I don't want you to call me, or to come looking for me, I need to think, and I need to get away from you"

"Brock don't say that" Barbara Jean grabbed his arm, but Brock pulled away, but said.

"Don't touch me, I have to get out of here, I feel sick" He ran out of the house, and Barbara Jean sat at the kitchen table, and cried she really messed up this time, and she knew by the look on his face she may have lost him forever.