Chapter 1, It all begins in summer

When Harry entered the Great Hall behind Hermione and Ron that September first, he instantly knew that something was wrong…terribly wrong

"Mione, why is everybody staring at me?" asked Harry with his wide emerald eyes nearly tearing in fear.

"Mate, only the males are staring at you" Ron said frowning

"Oh God, Harry I know this is wrong! We need to talk to McGonagall right away and get away of all these men."

"What do you mean Mione?" asked the other two of the Golden Trio.

"Now is not the time" said Hermione while she grabbed Ron and Harry to McGonagall office. What was happening she couldn't explain, but she was sure that McGonagall, Severus or Dumbledore would have the answers. When they arrived to McGonagall's office, they noticed that she was already expecting them at the door with Severus, Dumbledore and Remus.

"Sev!" exclaimed Harry while he throwed himself at his uncle's arms in distress. Severus only held him with support, picking him up like a child, while Remus pet his hair and Minerva glared at Dumbledore with accusation in her eyes.

"How could you miss this Albus!? Now until we get the potion to all the male students Harry will be in terrible danger! You know how this works! 20 years ago we were in the same situation!"

"What does she mean Sev?" asked Harry getting his face off the strong chest and arms that were holding him.

"Let's have this conversation inside" said Minerva, opening the door. When they were all sitting comfortably, each with a cup of tea (except Harry, who was taking hot chocolate in Severus lap, while he tried to hide his yawns), Albus spoke.

"Harry, there is something you need to know, something that has to do with your family. You see, your father's family was not entirely human."

"What do you mean with that?" asked Mione, clearly interrupting the Headmaster. She didn't give a damn, she was more worried about Harry that about being polite "Harry has creature blood?"

"I'm getting there Miss Granger" said Dumbledore with a smile and that damn twinkle in his blue eyes "Your family is part veela."

Harry looked up at Severus with fearful eyes full of tears "Is that true Sev? Remy? I'm I really a freak like the Dursley's said?" now he was crying hiding himself in Severus chest, while he hugged him.

"Now pup, you could never be that. Do you remember what Siri, Remus and I told you when we rescued you and got you out of that horrible place?"


Harry had spent two weeks at Privet Drive, and all had been normal, the usual daily beating that leaved him with a couple of bruises but nothing more. He still could not understand why his relatives hated him so much. But all changed when Harry, nearly fainting for the lack of sleep and food, accidentally dropped a plate while washing it. Vernon, nearly exploding with rage, took him by the arm and dragged him to his room.

"That's it! I'm beating the freakishness out of you! You screamed, and I will fuck you so hard you'll die! Understand!?"

Harry whimpered in fear but nodded. Tears were falling free from his beautiful eyes, knowing what was coming. He should have known this, he should have told Siri and Remy, but that was not possible. He had left Hedwig at Hogwarts, knowing that she was better there; even if that meant that he would be completely alone that summer.

When Vernon broke his arm, Harry thought he could handle it. When he reached his ribs kicking them, Harry thought that while they were only bruised, it was bearable. But when three ribs were broken with a loud CRACK, Harry faint in pain, silently calling Sirius and Remus, hoping they could find him, and get him out of that place, although he knew he deserved all of the pain for being a freak.

At Grimmauld Place, Sirius was worried. They had left Harry at King Cross, promising him they would pick him up as soon as he could. The child send them a smile and assured them he knew. But when he crossed the barrier, Sirius couldn't help feeling a little worried about his pup.

Remus has the same look in his tired face. He knew something was wrong but Dumbledore wouldn't let them do anything. The kid was so small, so innocent; he couldn't believe Dumbledore would leave him with such people. All he wanted was Severus to get there so he could share his feelings with a friend.

As if Sev was reading his thoughts, he entered the house walking fast greeting Sirius and Remus with a frown of concern.

"I guess you are feeling the same concern as I am."

"Sev, please, we have to go and get my pup out of there" said Remus. Sirius said nothing; he only threw himself at his mate's arms crying; begging Sev they go to Privet Drive. Sev pet Sirius's hair, holding him. He put his hands on his mate's cheeks, reassuring him with a look that they were going to do something.

"I know. I spoke to Dumbledore, and told him I had to buy some potions ingredients. We have free path. I alerted Madam Pomfrey because we don't know what we can find. I have the coordinates, take my arm and we will go."

When they appeared at Privet Drive number four, the instantly knew something was wrong. They hurried and broke into the house, not worrying with knocking the door. As soon as they entered, Remus could smell the blood and…the seed.

"Hurry, I smell semen!" they climbed the stairs very fast-praying they were not late.

Severus waved his hand and broke down the door, nearly fainting at the vision that received them. They entered what seemed to be a room that had locks in the door, and barriers in the window. They hadn't had they?

Harry was in the floor, in a pool of blood, with bruises spread in his body, and with his legs forcedly spread, while Vernon raped him with all his force and weight. Harry was nearly unconscious, tears freely framing his face. He had surrendered in the fight, knowing that with his mere 5'3, there was not a possibility of him of winning.

Severus screamed in rage, throwing a crucio at the man, while Sirius gathered Harry in his arms, crying in pain for his pup, and Remus alerted Madam Pomfrey at Hogwarts infirmary with a patronus.

"Remus, get Harry's things, we are getting out of here. Sev, stop that, we will have time later, now help me with Harry, he's losing very much blood" Sirius was trying to stop the blood from flowing, but he couldn't seem to find a place to start. His pup was unconscious and his heart was beating very slowly.

Remus took the trunk, and Sirius placed Harry in Severus arms. Although Harry weighed nearly nothing, Severus was much taller that Remus and he, and it would be easier for him to carry their precious charge.

They appeared at Hogwarts doors, and hurried to the infirmary, where Poppy was waiting for them with the necessary potions. She paled when she saw in what state Harry was. She motioned them to the nearest bed and she started making a diagnosis with Severus help, while Sirius and Remus wait for the statement. When Poppy finalized, an hour and a half later, she was exhausted, and Severus was even paler.

"Please tell us how is he" said Remus, while Sirius took his pup's hand near the bed, and kissed him in the forehead.

"He has the left arm and three ribs broken. There are bruises spread for all the body, especially in the waist. He has a concussion, so he will be asleep for a few more days, and…"Poppy couldn't get herself to tell them the last, so Severus put a reassuring hand in her shoulder and spoke:

"He was raped several times before we get there. Fortunately there are no signs of previous raping."

Now Sirius was openly crying, with his face buried in his hands, while Remus fell to the floor screaming in pain for his cub. Severus gathered Sirius in his arms, tears falling silently from his eyes. He had come to really cared for Harry last year when he had been taking the occlumency lessons. When he has asked Harry his opinion about him asking Sirius out, confessing he had liked him since school, Harry had giggled and told him that it was about time. He had gave him a hug (luckily reaching his chest) and his blessings.

Now he seemed so…broken. His poor cub. It was his entire fault. How could he not notice what was happening? Now all they could do was waiting for his recovery, and helping him to heal, physically and mentally.

Two days after the rescue, Severus was watching Harry in his bed. There was something that he was missing. How could Harry, when he was nearly sixteen, look like a third year? It was obvious that the years of malnourishment and abused that he had suffered at the Dursley's hands, had a part on it, but there was something more. Harry was not handsome like his years mates. He was…cute. He had silky black hair that framed his face and reached his shoulder in locks, with eyes that look like a pair of the purest emeralds and a pair of full pink lips. He reached only 5'3, when almost all the guys were above 5'9, and the girls were 5'7. When people stared at him, they were all men. The girls thought he was cute, and they didn't think of him as a possible boyfriend, while the guys chased him trying to get in his pants. Harry was so naïve and had such a low opinion of himself that he couldn't believe that nearly all the male population in Hogwarts was after him.

Severus thoughts were interrupted when a soft moan caught his attention. Harry was waking.

He sent a patronus to get Poppy, Siri and Remy. When they were all near the bed, Harry started to open his eyes, narrowing them because of the lights. He blinked a couple of times and then looked at the people surrounding the bed. Then he remembered what had happened and started crying. Sirius tried to hug him, and he whimpered in fear, shaking. Sirius nearly started to cry himself at the vision. His cub had his head buried in his hands, crying himself out. Sev wrapped his arms around Harry, holding him, while the kid buried his face in Severus chest. Remus and Sirius could only watch with impotency the pain of his pup.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…please, I'll be good, don't leave me, Siri…Sev…Remy…"

"Pup, we're never going to leave you, why would you say that?" Sev put some distance between him and Harry to get a look at his face. He put his hands in Harry's cheeks, looking at the child with concern.

"B-because I'm d-dirty…and a f-freak" said Harry sobbing, still with tears in his eyes. He couldn't understand why Sev, Siri and Remy would still love him after what they had seen.

"No cub, never think that, please. We will never stop loving you, you are our cub. No matter what happens, we will always stay by your side. This isn't your fault cub, you have to know that-said Severus, while hugging him-I know you're blaming yourself for this, but please don't do it."

"B-but-" Harry was cut out by Remus:

"No buts pup, we love you, and that's all that matters."

"I love you too" said Harry with a smile that lit up the room. He threw himself at Sirius arms, and then hugged Remus. When he was back in the bed, properly lying, he yawned.

"It seems that all of these emotions drained you out, little one" Poppy said while getting near Harry. He took his pression and pulse, and then gave him a dreamless sleep potion. In no time Harry was sleeping peacefully with a smile that truly made the three men in the room think that all would be fine.


"Yeah…I remember" Harry cuddled more with Severus, hoping they wouldn't see his blushing face. He was overwhelmed with the emotions. To know that his family didn't hate him after those revelations was…relieving.

"Good, now we will call Sirius, so we can discuss together what we are going to do" Severus placed Harry in Ron's lap where he fell asleep, drained from all of what had happened. Hermione covered Harry with a blanket, looking at him with her motherly expression and a sweet smile. When the three adults looked at them, they looked more like Harry's parents (taking aside the lack of similarities) than his best friends.

Severus went to Grimmauld Place with Remus, looking for Sirius. They found him in the kitchen taking dinner. He took Sirius in his arms giving him a long kiss. Sirius was let with swollen lips, messy hair and a goofy smile.

"What happened guys? I thought you would be at the welcoming feast. Something happened to Harry? Please tell me my pup is okay!" said Sirius nearly panicking.

"Harry is fine, but something happened at the Great Hall, we had to get him out of there. All the male students were looking at him with…lust. We took him to Minerva's office and there Albus told us some disturbing news. Did you know James had veela blood in his family?"

"What?" Sirius laughed "I always thought James was handsome, but a veela?"

"Maybe he was hiding his allure with a potion" mused Remus-now that I consider it, James always had more appeal with the girls than us. Did you notice that they were always following him?

"Maybe because they knew we were gay Remy" said Sirius like it was a fact "the girls have this gaydar. I assure you that if I have been straight and not with a crush on Sev since fourth year, I would have had more girls following me than James."

Severus simply rolled his eyes, but he felt very flattered that Sirius had liked him since fourth year. If only they had acted earlier, they would have been together since school, and not since Sirius escaped from Azkaban.

"Well, Albus said that there was veela blood in James family. Harry has veela blood, and I can say that it is very obvious that, since only males are the ones lusting after him, he may be a submissive veela. Although you can say that just for looking at him. Now we have to get to Hogwarts, Harry is waiting for us."

When the three arrived to McGonagall's office, the saw Harry involved in a blanket, curled in Ron´s lap, while the redhead hummed a song. Hermione was watching the pair with a smile, and Minerva was discussing with the Headmaster in whispers.

"Sirius, nice to see you well" said Albus with a small smile "Now we can continue with the discussion. Mr. Weasley, please wake up Harry."

Sirius looked at Ron with a smile and took Harry in his arms so he would wake him up.

"Bambi, wake up. Your amazing Godfather is here. I missed you."

Harry yawned and blinked a couple of times before he realized who was holding him.

"Siri! You are here" he placed his little arms on his Godfather's neck hugging him with all his strength. Sirius held his godson hoping it would all be fine.

They took seats to restart the talk.

"So, what do we know about veelas" Sirius asked. He noticed Harry was tense in his arms, and he gave him a squeeze in the waist to calm him.

Hermione was the first to spoke: "I have read some things about veelas. There are two types of veelas: dominants and submissives. The dominants are almost always male. There are very few women dominants. The submissives also can be male or female. Although there are more female submissive that doesn't mean there can't be men."

"Also all of the veelas have a mate, the one who completes them. It doesn't matter the gender, while is a dominant with a submissive. The veelas will not receive their inheritance until they meet face to face with their mate for the first time after they have turned sixteen. Harry hasn't received it yet, so that means that he hasn´t face his mate. Considering the fact that Harry is obviously a submissive, that means that his mate is sixteen or more, because the dominant partner can´t be younger than the sub. So, the possibilities are, if the mate is in Hogwarts, a male in sixth or seventh year. Even if Harry hasn't received his inheritance yet, he still projects the allure, that's why all the males were looking at him with lust."

"So you say that if we bring to Harry all the sixth and seventh male students, he has the chance that one of them is his mate?" Remus asked

"Yeah, but only the ones with veela blood. We need to know whose families have it. While a dominant veela can have a mate that is human or with another creature blood, submissive veelas only can partner with another veela."

"No! My godson will not face his mate until he is at least thirty! He is too young and innocent to date anyone! And don't think I don't know what will happen after they meet. They will kiss, then the dominant will initiate a courtship and after that they will….they will…" Sirius was pale.

"You can say it Siri, they will have sex" said Severus amused at his boyfriend antics. The rest blushed. It was not possible they were talking about Harry's sex life. He was just so…innocent and pure, that just thinking about that…

"What?" asked a very afraid Harry from his Godfather's arms. If he was really a veela, why would anyone want to court him? He was too small, too thin to be healthy, with childish features and a tendency to attract problems. Although he had defeated Voldemort at the end of his fifth year, there were still Death eaters that were not lock in Azkaban. That was why Dumbledore had sent him to his relatives in June. The blood wards were active because he was not yet seventeen, and he would be safer there. According to Dumbledore…

"No way I will have sex with a stranger" said Harry pouting and crossing arms stubbornly.

"That's why there's a courtship first Harry" Hermione interjected "the veela's rules are very specific about this. The courtship is for you and your mate to know each other in a romantic way. Your mate will not force you to mate physically with him, unless you are ready for that. Once you are really ready, you need to let him know that, so he can make his advances."

"Oh" Harry un-crossed his arms "so if I want to wait, say five years, he will wait for me?"

"Yes, but I assure you that you'll be ready before that" said Hermione amusedly "your mate is your other half, It will be impossible for you to not fall in love with him and be ready for him."

They fell into a weird silence, until Albus stood and said:

"This has been a busy day. Severus will breed a potion for all the males students so they will be immune to the veela allure and the will not assault Harry in the hallways. The allure will stop once Harry has found his mate. The fact is we will have to give the potion to the women also, because there's the possibility of a dominant in the school. Now, off to bed children."

Sirius placed Harry back in Ron's arms. He was already falling asleep, yawning and rubbing his eyes. He curled up in his friends arms, involved in the blanket. He was very tired to think anymore. Maybe he had a real chance of finding his prince charming after all…

Albus retired, while Remus headed himself to his chambers near the DADA class (Dumbledore had learned that no one was more qualified for the post than Remus, so he had offered the werewolf the teaching position again). Severus turned to his boyfriend and asked him:

"Would you like to sleep here? Only sleep if you want" Sirius grinned and gave his boyfriend a kiss, while they walked to the dungeons, leaving a blushed Minerva behind.

The next day, Harry, Ron and Hermione were heading to the Great Hall, Harry securely between his two friends. They would not risk his friend while the guys of Hogwarts hadn't taken the potion. They took a seat in Gryffindor table nearly fearing to look at any male who could do something to Harry. They knew that the potion was in the pumpkin juice, so it was all about waiting.

When they finished, after McGonagall had given them the schedules, they took their way to Potions class. They hadn't reached the doors when a familiar voice said:

"Hi Potter, how was your summer?" Draco Malfoy was standing next to the Golden Trio, with all the Hogwarts population for an audience.

Harry turned around and it was all history.