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(Chapter 8- Sum of a Man- Part 2)

It had been nearly four or five years since they had last seen each other, and the first time they met in all of that they were trying to kill one another. It was ironic in a bitter sense. Almost poetic.

They had both grown, both made lives for themselves in some form or manner, Naruto more so than the 'oh so great Uchiha Clan Avenger', and their strength was at least on equal terms to the other, with Naruto being stronger if only because he had massive stores of chakra and more, newer ways of fighting.

From the small amount of time Naruto had seen Sasuke fight the Samurai, he had noticed that he still fought with the same arrogance and simple, basic plans of sending out his jutsu willy nilly, with no plan of using them together for conjunction attacks. The Namikaze Patriarch would admit that he had become more skilled under Orochimaru, but he obviously wasn't Kage level, and attacking a meeting comprised of Shinobi who were, at least, High Jonin to Low Kage level shinobi was a rash and foolish move.

But, then again, Sasuke wasn't known for his patience and ability to think when he gets upset and angry, or even a little frustrated, so he must have been fairly wound up to do something as stupid as this. What's more, he only seemed to have increased his Lightning Style Jutsu, and even then all he did was make a few variations of the Chidori.

Now, Naruto wasn't one to toot his own horn, all that much, but he knew he could beat Sasuke. His skills had become deadly, and with his Wind Release, he was the natural enemy of Lightning, and was the most capable of defeating the man.

It was like all sasuke had done the last few years was brood and perfect his Lightning Style, there was no variation, no adaptability for different situations. Yeah, he had kenjutsu, but at some point he would fight against people with a method of countering that advantage.

Running through hand signs, he held out his hand in an open palm and let the wind blade cover it, before charging forward. "Flying Swallow!"

Sasuke heard his call and ducked, but not before a few pieces of his hair fell to the ground, obviously cut by the Namikaze Patriarch. Bringing his hand up to his head, he felt his hair and pictured with his minds eye the damage done. He looked even more like a duck! "Loser, what have you done!?"
"Gave a bitch a haircut." Was the cheeky reply as Naruto shifted into his taijutsu stance. "And now, I'm gonna beat one."

(Back with the Kage)

Tsunade sat in a quiet worry as she, the other Kage, and their escorts awaited news of the battle. They could feel the vibrations of the battle, and it was pretty obvious that A was getting very anxious, or upset for some reason.

He exploded after a few moments, just as she had predicted. "Are we really going to have that brat be the only one to fight this Sasuke Uchiha?! Would it not be safer to have us assist him?!"

"Raikage-Sama, my shinobi is more than capable of handling the Uchiha. To send reinforcements now would be an insult to him. As it is, you need to calm down." Tsunade said as she leaned back in her seat and crossed her arms.

The Mizukage raised a delicate eyebrow as she regarded Tsunade for a moment. "You certainly have a lot of faith in your shinobi. Are you certain he will be able to defeat him? Sasuke Uchiha killed his older brother, the infamous Itachi Uchiha, an S-Class Nuke-Nin."

Tsunade grinned as she leaned forward this time, resting her elbow on the table and her head on her fist. "One hundred percent. The fact of the matter is, Mizukage-Sama, Naruto is currently being groomed to take over as Hokage, hopefully by the end of the year, and the only reason I don't give him the job right now is because I have to clean house first."

Mifune looked curious as he gave the Hokage a steady look. "Was he not trained by Jiraiya of the Sannin?"

"Yes, he was, and I must say, he came back from that training trip stronger, and more mature than ever. So there is no doubt in my mind that he will beat the Uchiha." Gaara intoned, speaking up for the first time since the meetings start, and resisting the urge to go and help his brother by burden.

(Back at the fight)

Naruto ducked a kick from Sasuke, retaliating with a punch to the face. Sasuke grunted as it connected, making him skid back a bit before charging forward, his hand covered in lightning. "Chidori!"

Dodging, the Namikaze retaliated with a well placed ninjutsu of his own. "Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!"

The wall of wind slammed into his fallen friend, slamming him into the wall, leaving him open. Before Naruto could even get close to finish him, the Uchiha glared evilly and slowly began to melt into mud, making the blondes eyes widen before he felt his left orb get cut, making him close his eye.

Jumping up to evade even more lightning charged kunai thrown at his back, Naruto took out his own kunai and clashed with Sasuke's chokuto.

"Give up, Naruto! I'm far too strong for you!" Sasuke cackled insanely. He didn't get a reply as Naruto pressed his attack and cut into Sasuke's chokuto with his wind.

"No, Sasuke, I'm too strong for you." In an instant, the chokuto was cut in half, and Naruto's kunai had cut out one of Sasuke's eyes, making the man back away with a roar of pain. Holding the orb in one of his hands, Naruto glared hatefully at the wounded Uchiha, who snarled in hatred at the Namikaze. "We will fight again, Naruto. Not here, not now, but later. As it stands, I now have an inkling as to how you fight."

"Whatever you say Sasuke, but know this, if you ever, and I mean EVER come near my family, I will cut you down without hesitation." The ferocity in his voice was startling to sasuke, who had hoped the blonde would remain an idiot hellbent on getting him back.

Using his remaining eye, Sasuke left via Kamui to lick his wounds. He may have lost his eye to Naruto, the one where he could use Susanoo to be specific, but he took a certain satisfaction in the fact he took one of Naruto's as well.

Said blonde sighed as he looked at the EMS Sharingan, hoping that by doing what he planned, he could become strong enough to end the farce that was Sasuke and his petty revenge scheme.

But, then again, doing so would probably put him on several peoples shit lists, and cause some problems for everyone, but, hey, he was Naruto Namikaze.

And you don't fuck with Naruto Namikaze.

Grabbing his headband, he adjusted it so that it covered his missing eye, and let that side of bangs fall over the black clothe, giving him a mysterious look, Naruto sealed the eye into a seal on his palm so as to keep it safe from the other villages.

Hopefully he would be able to get Kakashi to teach him how to use it, as he was pretty sure that he was going to use it as a replacement for his left orb.

he just hoped Fuu wouldn't flip the fuck out.

(Back in Konoha)

Fuu paused as she felt the sudden need to beat her husband, before continuing on her way to pick up some extra ramen for the house that night.

She didn't have as much of an addiction to the junky noodle food, as it was called by Jiraiya on several occasions, out of earshot from Naruto, but it was good, and Kazuo absolutely loved eating it.

While she would have loved to have Naruto there while she began to get Kazuo ready for the training for his shinobi skills, doing so now would let her have something to do without Naruto, as her mind kept drifting back to the man.

(Kage Summit)

It was relatively easy to conclude the summit after that, as Naruto explained that he had no intention of ever giving up his family, or having his dick messed with, and surprisingly everyone agreed, since he had proved to be very strong during his skirmish with Sasuke.

He knew they had ulterior motives for it, but hey, he was ready for anything, and with the Susanoo Eye, he had no doubts he could take any of them on and win.

But for now, he needed to lick his wounds and move forward, because if he hunted Sasuke down now, then the chances of him getting cut up even more become even more likely, something Fuu would kill him about, before resurrecting him to kill him again.

Sighing as he laid on his bed in the hotel, Naruto's last thought before he fell into a deep sleep was about how he wished there was someone with mint green hair beside him right then and there.

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