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Chapter 1 – Disappointment

"DUUUUUUUUDDDEE! This is gonna be SO SICK!"

The green-skinned seventeen-year old hurled his arms out to his sides with overwhelming excitement in the back of his best friend's hotrod. He grinned madly and began bouncing up and down wildly in his seat, brimming with anticipation. As he did so, his arms morphed into two pairs of tentacles, which he happily outstretched and continued to flail with merriment. "Oh MAN, I CAN'T WAAAAAAIT!"

To his left, the rusted amber princess began to protest. "Um, Beast Bo-ooof!" To her dismay, two green tentacles pressed her into face into one of the car's windows before she could properly express her discomfort. For a few moments, she struggled with the boy's dancing limbs as he haphazardly continued to fling them around the back seat. The passive girl's conventional calm soon disintegrated into ashes as her eyes and hands glowed a bright and dangerous harlequin. "Excuse me! Friend Beas-OOOF!" Beast Boy paid no mind to her menacing tone, tentacles still thrashing joyously throughout the rear of the T-car. He'd never know how just lucky he was that Starfire was a pacifist and did not wish him any harm.

The young men in the front seats of vehicle cackled loudly, both amused by the changeling's boundless glee and awaiting his unavoidable and oncoming doom.

To his immediate right sat another girl, much more shadowy, sporting an infamously midnight cloak and choleric eyes. She seethed in her place, shrinking towards the window to avoid Beast Boy's tentacles and maintain control over her sweltering temper, but her attempts were to no avail. She gritted her teeth and exhaled slowly. "What are you, like, five?"

"Give or take a few," crowed their masked leader, sitting up front in the passenger seat.

As her teammate's rampant tentacles gaily and carelessly squished her petite body against the leathered door, hushed snarls escaped her throat and her eyes began to radiate a perilous and frosty white from underneath her hood. She was already drained. Her fuse blew notoriously fast when it came to the changeling, and she felt she'd finally dealt with a sufficient dose of his nonsense for one car ride. It was truly unfortunate; she'd been doing sowell lately with her anger management meditation. "Azarath Metrion…"

Eerie surges of ink-colored magic materialized and ambled above the green teen's unsuspecting head, slowing and mutedly working their way around his volatile body. They hovered in the air for a moment, silent and critical, preparing for the ideal instant to strike. Beast Boy's tentacles began to fall back to his sides as his thrilled giggles leisurely simmered down, and finally he opened one of his eyes. Noticing the sorceress's spell, his pupils grew wide and alarmed. "Oh,shit…"


The changeling's limbs were instantly bound and constricted within the girl's black magic. The front seat roared and exploded with laughter. Her grip was tight and aggravated, and Beast Boy squirmed restlessly. "Ugh, Raven, what the hell's your problem?"

Raven stretched a bit in her seat, openly enjoying the newfound spaciousness within the back of the T-car. The Tamaranean princess let out a sigh of relief in the seat opposite of Beast Boy, joining in Raven's fresh content. The cloaked girl made no effort to look at Beast Boy. She could already feel his frustration at her attempt to limit his movement. "You're my problem," she huffed, pulling her hood off of her face for the first time all morning. Upon comforting herself in her seat, she stared out the window and offered minor justification for her deed. "I distinctly remember you promising you'd behave yourself today if I said I'd accompany you all to the movies."

The changeling's eyes expressed irritation, bewilderment, and an ounce of hurt. He pouted, "Awe, c'mon, Rae! I was only having fun. I'm just excited."

Wiping a comic tear from his eye, the driver of the vehicle spoke up. He'd been laughing boisterously since Raven had expelled her enchantment. "Man, we know, and no one's tryna rain on your parade," offered the half-man, half-robot. "But you DID say you'd be cool, and you're kinda nastifyin'the T-Car with your squid slime." Beast Boy's pouting visage grew more distinct so that Cyborg could notice it in the rear-view mirror. "Lighten up, BB. It's all good and fun until you piss off Raven and she slices one of your arms off."

Beast Boy knew that Cyborg was right – that he'd unintentionally provoked the hostility – but he couldn't help but continue to stubbornly sulk at his teammates.

"Oh, Beast Boy," the princess playfully pleaded next to him as she clasped her hands together and batted her eyelashes. "You know that we did not mean to cause ruin to your fun. Please try to understand Raven's actions." He heaved. The green teen couldn't hold a grudge against Starfire's big and innocent eyes; they were luminous and charming, too closely resembling spring's harmony.

"Oh, fine. I'm sorry, Star. I didn't realize." Though his confession was short, his tone of voice rang genuinely compassionate. Starfire smiled at him delightfully, obviously satisfied with the apology. She and Beast Boy then turned their heads to the empath on his right. Raven held the changeling's gaze and her eyebrows arched. She was waiting. Beast Boy huffed once more and grinned in defeat. "You too, Rae." As the phrase escaped his jaws, the sorceress's black magic released him and congregated with the emerging affectionate smile on his face.

"Apology accepted", she replied modestly, turning towards the window again. It was raining warmly outside on this July afternoon, just as it had each day so far this week. Though the others complained quite often of it, Raven basked in the stormy weather. A near-invisible look of tranquility washed over her concrete complexion, taking in the sight of the dancing sky. Beast Boy enjoyed it briefly as he caught her expression, and then addressed the rest of the car.

"Are you guys as TOTALLY PUMPED as I am?" He outstretched his now-human arms once more, though this time with a bit more caution, as he nearly brushed the females to his right and left. "I've been waiting for this flick to come out for so long!"

"Totally, man!" boomed his best friend with sincerity. "Blood Suckers of the Earth is gonna be to die for."

Raven rolled her eyes at the pun. "No," she deadpanned. Her remark was disregarded.

"Ahhhh!" he screeched joyfully. "I've been waiting foreverfor this and I can't believe it's finally here!" The changeling's enthusiasm was once again getting the better of him as his arms transformed into wings and flapped excitedly. Feathers and his squeals engulfed the back seat. Starfire now smiled at her friend's delight; Raven foamed with ire.

"And it's been in production for quite a few years," agreed Robin as his licorice hair fell scrappily in front of the corners of his mask. "It's bound to be seriously good."

Though it had been almost two action-packed years since their encounters with the Brotherhood of Evil, the Titans had perceptibly not sported much change. Cyborg had visibly not altered in the slightest. Starfire donned the same plum and silver costume that she always had, though her scarlet hair now fell a foot longer. Raven's cloak, leotard, and gemstone belt also had not changed as time had passed. Her hair too had grown, and now fell an inch or two longer than she used to keep it, though the cut remained virtually no different. Beast Boy's figure and face had filled out handsomely as he grew older, and he had outgrown his Doom Patrol costume… But in proper Beast Boy fashion, he'd procrastinated the much-needed alterations and pushed them off for later. Though Robin's appearance had changed more than each of the other Titans' – he let his once-spiky obsidian hair grow and relax, and now wore a classic red and black getup – his uniform and exterior remained essentially notorious, complete with an emblematic 'R', mask, utility belt, and cape.

The major changes that the Titans had undergone had in fact been much more subtle.

Cyborg was as spunky, mischievous, and fun-loving as ever. He'd recently made peace with his past and the accident that converted half of his body into machine, and now embraced each piece of himself quite proudly. He had also grown to be reliably innovative, capable, and cunning. At twenty years old, he was a technological wizard, eternally upgrading the Titans' gadgets, accessories, and home, and even often outsourced some of his work to S.T.A.R. labs. His input as eldest was greatly valued by the team, and his potential and competence were not lost on Robin. Cyborg was always second-in-charge, and gladly alleviated Robin from the pressures and responsibilities of Team Leader whenever he could. He was an invaluable and priceless asset to the team, and damn proud of it.

Eighteen-year old Starfire of Tamaran was perhaps the greatest warrior to have ever graced the planet. As she grew older, she learned to master her emotions – the driving fuel for her superhuman strength, invulnerability, starbolts, and flight – and had perfected her hand-to-hand fighting techniques, allowing the princess's power to mature as elite and unmatched. The mastering of her emotions and insecurities led to great satisfaction for the princess on different levels. Of course, she still struggled to grasp, appreciate, and utilize many Earthly customs and idioms – much at the enjoyment of her friends – but she was no longer the overly-sensitive and naïve girl that fell to Earth a few years prior. She was no longer raw. Though still youthful, optimistic, peaceful, and ethically obstinate, Starfire had grown to be an understanding, determined, and empowered young woman. She often served as a role model for girls all across the globe.

Raven had made considerable progress in taming and expressing her emotions. By now, she trusted her friends with every fiber of her being, and allowed herself to open up more in their company. Her knowledge of the arcane arts progressed rapidly; beyond a new variety of spells and mastery of her abilities, her empathic powers were always primed and could be used to read or manipulate the feelings of others. She had to meditate unremittingly to keep her outbursts in remission, but it was worth it; she was finally able to feelwithout disastrous consequences. Though, admittedly, she'd grown accustomed to expressing the bare minimum when it came to anything emotional. As she entered her eighteenth year of life, she tried to practice patience on a regular basis. In fact, until this afternoon's magical constraint, she had not aggressively used her powers against Beast Boy in months.

Beast Boy's time after defeating the Brotherhood of Evil had been spent honing his transformation abilities and maturing… somewhat. He could now morph into all sorts of real and mythical creatures, communicate while in these transformations, and even morph his body partially if he so desired. He was also finally past the majority of his pubescent years, and just as his body matured and filled out, so did his personality. He remained the same fun-loving jokester and prankster that everyone (sort of) adored, but he gained a much deeper understanding of the boundaries between appropriate and over-the-line. Because of this, his relationships with his fellow Titan flourished, and even Robin and Raven seemed to value and welcome his presence and humor! Thankfully, as he matured and learned to deal with growing up, the changeling had not experienced many issues in recent years regarding his primal aggression, 'The Beast'.

Robin's changes proved to make him an even greater leader for the Titans. His obsession with Slade had finally dissipated, and because of this, the nineteen-year old finally learned how to unwind. He allowed himself to do more than merely train and exercise, and the fulfillment in his life actually sharpened his acrobatics, battle tactics, and fighting skills in striking ways. Robin had learned to be open-minded and caring, especially in regards to his friends. He was still working on his difficulty expressing emotion – which had actually caused a 'break' in his relationship with Starfire a few months ago – but he was still trying nonetheless.

"Good?!" Beast Boy spewed out incredulously and lunged in between the front seats, "What do you mean GOOD?" The T-Car swerved and each of the other Titans' faces grew bug-eyed with fear, realizing the imminent danger of crashing. "This movie is going to be FREAKING FANTASTIC. The trailer actually guarantees that we'll leave cinema with pee-stained pants! I plan on watching it SIX times."

"Fantastic mental image," scoffed Raven, still splitting feathers.

"Man, you're getting me SOsouped for this," Cy hooted from behind the wheel. All of the males in the vehicle had seen the previous two installments in the movie trilogy and their excitement deepened as they approached their destination.

Starfire blinked in confusion. "Friends, please, I wish to share your enthusiasm! What is this film about? The title suggests some sort of large-toothed monsters that… devour the planet?"

A small but definitive smirk emerged in the corner of the empath's lips. She mocked, "No, Starfire. I think you're confusing the movie with Beast Boy."

The men in the front of the car sneered, the changeling crossed his arms with contempt, and the Tamaranean's puzzlement deepened.

"Hey!" he yelled in offense, "I'm a vegetarian!"

"Pfft, so what?" chimed Cyborg, interjecting himself. "You still eat like there's no tomorrow."

The occupants of the T-Car laughed vigorously as Beast Boy crossed his arms once more in offense and defiance. He stuck his nose in the air. "You all suck."

To the dismay of Robin and Starfire, the bickering between the changeling, the cyborg, and the empath continued for the remainder of the trip. Their words were colorful and playfully distasteful, and only once did Raven get so upset that her powers caused a spark to shatter one of the side mirrors of the T-Car. It seemed that Cyborg learned the hard way to never to repeat misogynistic comments regarding her 'panties in a knot' or her 'PMS making her unreasonable', even in an entirely light-hearted manner, ever again.

When the Teen Titans finally made it to the movie theater, they eagerly hopped out of the vehicle and dashed, with the exception of the sorceress, up towards cinema, despite the sky's timberwolf hue and rather heavy downpour. The area was vacant, and the lights inside were dimmed. Robin was the first to arrive up the front steps, and ran face-first into the automatic doors of the cinema, which had apparently been turned off. Starfire made it there next, and upon seeing Robin's disgruntled face, shot several starbolts at the hefty glass doors. As they shattered, she floated above them triumphantly. "Come, friends! Our film awaits us!"

In the form of a fox, Beast Boy scurried up to the front doors – or the remnants of them – with Cyborg in toe. Robin and Cyborg glanced at one-another and shared a look of heartbreak and despair, and as the changeling transformed back into his human figure, his face mirrored theirs. The princess noticed the change in the demeanor of her friends swiftly, and her gleaming chartreuse eyes suddenly shared in their pain confusedly. Just a moment ago, they'd all been so excited!

"Have I done something wrong?" she gasped.

"No, Star," Robin sighed, making direct eye contact with the girl. It was something he did not often do these days until the moment fittingly called for it. Stafire could see that his masked eyes expressed deep disappointment. Robin looked down at his feet, then noticing the rubble of wall and glass surrounding them, and amended his reply. "Well… Yeah, you kind of put the theater in disrepair… But you didn't upset us."

As this phrase rolled off his tongue, Raven made her way up the stairs. "So… This place looks closed."

Starfire gasped and lowered herself onto the ground amongst her friends. "Oh, this most unpleasant," she remarked. She did not try to feign interest in the movie, but felt authentically sad for her friends.

"Ugh, come ON. We've been worked to the bone all month!" Beast Boy stomped in furious circles, pulling at his hair angrily. He was exasperated. "I just wanted ONE movie!"

It was true; the Titans had endured a ridiculous and exhaustive month. Most of the convicts that they worked hard to put in jail had recently escaped from confinement and decided to team up, just to throw the Titans for a loop. Bad guys who normally acted as minor annoyances had demonstrated to be more formidable than they expected, especially when they grouped off and had a competent leader behind the pack. Only last night had the Titans finally defeated the last of the escaped cons, which is why the young adult heroes were free this afternoon to venture to the movie cinema. Robin put his hand to his chin, really taking Beast Boy's comment into perspective. None of his team had been granted even a few hours of spare time over the past few weeks.

"Beast Boy is correct!" Starfire exclaimed, her thoughts apparently matching Robin's. "We have all fought so hard against our enemies, and truly deserve a day filled with enjoyment and relaxation! I wish to partake in the 'bumming out' and having fun!" She turned to her leader and close companion. Her voice was scorned with sadness. "Please, Robin."

Again, his masked eyes met with the Tamaranean girl's. As they glimmered, they looked worn out and distressed. He didn't know what to say. "Star," he replied while kicking the glass around his feet, "I don't know what I-"

"Yo, Rob," Cyborg interpolated before he had a chance to respond. "I've got an idea." The Boy Wonder was thankful for this interruption, but because he did not continue immediately, he quickly realized that his robot friend was scheming. Hesitation stalked its prey and clung to the air. Cyborg decided to tread carefully. "…If you don't mind us taking a few days off."

His words were loaded. Robin flinched. All four of the Titans turned and looked expectantly at their leader. Beast Boy's face contorted into staid desperation, and to accentuate this, he transformed into a puppy whose begging eyes rivaled even Starfire's cartoonish expression of nervousness. Cyborg smirked artfully as he subtly pressured his comrade into his demands, and even Raven looked moderately intrigued at the possibility of what the Boy Wonder might say next.

"I… I dunno, Cy. I mean… What if there's trouble?" He knew he was grasping at straws. The mechanical man had clearly already thought out the conversation.

"Dude, don't worry. I'll figure it out. And besides, it'll only be a few days." His words were smooth and cunning, and Robin's face twisted with anxiety at his teammate's poise and coolness.

"But…" He glanced around at his best friends. Each one of them looked plainly tired and bored. His Titans had continuously proved their aptitude and endurance over the past month – no, years – and he had never once issued any sort of official 'break' from the job. While he was transparently nervous about his responsibilities as the team's leader and the city's head protector, he knew his friends deserved a few measly days to relax. Starfire's eyes in particular pleaded and pained him. He stared out at the showery sky for a few moments, let out a conquered sigh, and stared at his teammates once again, donning an uneasy smile. "Okay, okay. I think we all could use a break."

The changeling and the alien princess cheered and jumped around elatedly. Beast Boy crooned, "Oh yeah, go Cyborg, it's ya birthday!" while dancing around his robotic friend, celebrating his success. Raven's face remained rather blank, as usual, though her friends knew her well enough to see through the deadpan expression, and Cyborg joined in on Beast Boy's victory dance. Upon seeing his friends so happy, Robin lightened up and allowed his smile to grow.

After a few more moments of festivity, Cyborg waved his friends to follow him back to their vehicle. "Alright, let's get back to the Tower 'cause I've got some plannin' to do. Take the rest of the day to relax and I'll need ya'll to meet back in the common room around six."

As the cheerful team piled into the T-Car for departure, the changeling jumped into the middle back seat and transformed himself once again into a mutt, drooling and wagging his tail jubilantly. Starfire and Raven seated themselves to either side of him, and as they closed their doors, the green mutt jumped into the princess's lap, nuzzling her until she giggled. He then turned to the dark sorceress and licked her face. As a sly-faced Cyborg drove his friends back home, Raven twitched at the affectionate gesture and sighed crossly. She pulled her hood up and gawked out the window once again as a very slight, coy smirk made its way to her lips. "You're never allowed to sit Bitch again."

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