Hello everyone, I am here to bring my first TWOGK story, this should be good fun to come up with ideas for, though my fingers may disagree, since I'm working on so much already, The pairing here will be KeimaxMio because of three reasons,

No one will do this pairing.

2.I am VERY fond of Tsundere characters.

3.I just like this girl best of the 10 that I've seen.

I am going solely, on the anime here, I have not finished the manga, actually I genuinely just got to the chapter where he meets Mio, so awesome xD If you do not, appreciate this pairing, then why the hell are you here? It's been a while since I watched the first season of TWOGK, where as the second season and that other episode...(Not sure whether to call it a third season or not as of yet) are considerably fresh on my mind, but that won't really help with this, now will it? The story, unless it calls for it, will stay in Keima's POV. Okay, well screw the disclaimer, lets just get on with this!

It's You...a Second Time?

It was a normal day for me, I sat in class while the teacher taught her lessons, she talked, and I played games. Though of course that didn't sit well with her, it never does, and the grasp of understanding it, is once again out of reach. I'm not doing anything wrong! I always do well on my work, and I listen to what I need to. I just happen to play games while doing it. This time though, as well as many others, ended with her being mad, me playing my PFP, and her hitting me with something.

My head landed on the table, whilst I kept my PFP in place, not letting it get damaged in any way.

"So, my lessons bore you do they, Katsuragi?" She asked me, with a stern look on her face, although mine was still recovering from a desk. I brought my head up and my vision switched to her for a second before going back to my game.

"Compared to the wondrous nature of my games, yes they do." I spoke to her without letting my gaze move again.

In most cases in arguments between teachers and students, the person in my position would be scolded, or sent away to be disciplined. However in my case, she simply sighed and shook her head. I inwardly smirked, as I claimed victory. I felt an intense glare again, and new it was her, but I just stretched my upper body forward on the desk, and felt my cheeks puff.

"I'm not doing anything wrong. No need to get mad at me." I whispered to myself, in an annoyed voice.

I continued my game for a few minutes, until the bell rang, signaling lunch. Sadly no matter how much I despise the game world over the real one, I still have to cooperate with it to eat food. I sighed as I got up from my seat, and inserted my PFP into my pocket. I started my way off to the door, when I heard Elsie, my supposed "little sister." At the least that's her cover, to remain close to me. The truth is, she is a demon from hell, whose sole purpose in life is to use me to help capture loose souls. That however involves me conquering real girls, instead of the ones that I adore, and cherish. If I had the option to reload this life, and backtrack to when I got that message, I would do so in an instant. This however is not a game (sadly) and I cannot do so...hell even if I refuse to do this anymore, the collar that is around both of our necks will decapitate the two of us.

I stared blankly ahead as I walked to the food stand to buy some bread, and started to wonder about why I just gave a monologue about the reason for my suffering. I walked forward until I saw the huge crowd of people. Seeing this I decided to wait for it to clear out before making my move to buy something, though I hope there will be something left. I went over and stood by a tree, waiting for the others to dismiss themselves.

"Must be Good Tuesday..." I spoke to no one in particular, although surprisingly my voice, did not go unheard and I received an answer.

"No, it's not. If you payed attention then you would know that is Thursday." A voice spoke from behind me.

"Why should I concern myself with the things of the real world." I asked, not yet comprehending that I was carrying on a conversation.

By this point I had realized I was holding a conversation and tensed up slightly, and spun around to see who it was I was talking to. When I had fully made eye contact with the person behind me, I was, to say the least, shocked. There standing behind me was the second girl that I conquered, the "tsundere" type, Mio Aoyama. She was that was both inside and out, from her appearance to her personality. I haven't actually talked to her since I made the conquest, so I can't be sure if she has changed in that aspect or not. Actually screw the conquest, why the heck is she talking to me?

"Hmm, what is it? Why do you have a weird look on your face?" She seems to have ignored my last statement, which is fine by me...what does she mean weird look.

"M-Mi- Aoyama-san, what are you doing over here?" I asked, now ignoring her question.

She looked at me funny for a second, probably thinking about how I almost called her by her first name. But then she looked upwards in thought...don't tell me she doesn't even know herself.

"You know I'm not really sure, something just told me to come talk to the boy standing by the tree when I saw you." She said, holding down a small blush.

I remember Elsie saying something about how the vessels for the loose souls lost their memories, but not the actual feelings. Knowing this makes the reason for her blushing quite obvious to me. I chose to pretend to ignore it though, I have enough to deal with having elsie around, I don't feel like having to 'conquer' her again without reason.

"Oh? I wonder what that something was. There really is no reason for you to talk to me after all." I looked to the bread stand for a few seconds and then back to her. When I turned back around her expression was that of an annoyed child. I know that she thought that I was implying that she should leave... dammit.

"Hmph, well I wouldn't know either." Her voice was also held a slight annoyed tone, "Why are you standing over here anyway?"

I stared at her, my gaze not changing from her eyes, this made her blush quite noticeably, so I lessened the 'intensity' of my staring.

"Nothing really, I'm just waiting for the crowd over there to die down a little so I can get something to eat for lunch." I told her, putting my hands in my pockets, I could feel the desire to play games rush through my body, once I felt my PFP.

She looked at me for a few moments, and then a small blush appeared on her face. This time however I couldn't think of anything that I said or did, that would have caused this reaction from her. I pondered the thought for a few seconds before giving up, I waited for her to speak instead of trying to figure out the complexities of a real girl's brain.

She made a small cough before speaking, "Th-then would you l-like to have lunch with m-m-me?" Her question was the obvious choice for conversations like these, though the concept, made me blush slightly as well. Damn it what am I doing, I'm getting the flags all over again, but there isn't a reason to refuse!

The inner workings of my minds were trying to work this out, but I had to answer quickly. I focused on her face once again and saw a strange gleam in her eye...crap I'm still blushing. I killed the blush and coughed a little.

"I...don't see anything particularly wrong with that...but I still need to get something to eat to do so." I stated that somewhat awkwardly, though I could a slight relieved joy, I quickly became suspicious of her.

"No problem at all! I just so happen to have bought to much today, so we can share what I have" She had subtle, yet obvious joy laced in her voice. suspicions confirmed...the girl planned this whole god damned thing out...oh well might as well just go with the flow, at least I get a free meal out of it.

"...Okay that's fine...I guess." I said letting out a small sigh, as I watched her give a small smile and turn around, signaling for me to follow her.

Even though she smiled on the outside, on the inside I could tell what she was thinking: 'Why am I happy about this? He isn't anyone important so don't get worked up!' Although for some reason figuring that out kind of pissed me off a bit, so I let out a huff of air before complaining in my mind.

How the hell did this happen, am I going to be taking this route again! No, no, no I will not do it, this is a real girl and she doesn't even have a loose soul in her! ...Strangely enough...I can even blame Elsie on this one... ah...hell.

...Save complete...

Okay end of chapter one, next time they will be having a nice chat at lunch. I hope you guys think I did well enough in this chapter, I tried to keep them in character but I've never been good at that so I'm not really sure. Well leave a review if you liked it, or if you didn't please tell me what I should change, or what it is that you didn't like (But if it's the pairing you didn't like, never mind, keep it to yourself...) I'm trying not to let my fingers go crazy on this story, I was actually planning to go a heck of a lot farther into this first chapter, but I was starting to get bored, so I had to wrap it up, anyway not much left to say so, hope you all continue the story, but if not, I shall understand :3