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Chapter 2

A Name

The two of them were walking past student after student, they were all headed to the crowded food stand to waste their time. No way anyone that wasn't there five minutes before it opened will be getting any food from there. And that was probably the only good reason for Keima following the girl in front of him, at least this way he wouldn't be starving himself. But something told him that he wouldn't be able to play his games, and although that was not preferable for the otaku, he would have to live with it if he wanted to eat. He stared at the back of her head, a look of regret and spite forming, but it quickly vanished as they reached a small table, where he could only assume that they would be having lunch at. She turned around and looked at his eyes, confirming that was the case.

He walked towards one of the seats as she placed the bread down. They had both taken a seat, each on opposite sides. The situation itself was awkward, neither had anything that they wanted to say, not that Keima had planned on talking much in the first place. For Mio the thoughts of having lunch with him, had made her feel strangely happy. She didn't know why, and that was one thing that made her rather irritated, she wanted to know the reason... perhaps that's why she invited him. To find out why he made her happy, not that he would know... but then a thought came to her head. She didn't even know his name, or maybe it was that she could remember it. It was possible that they had met once before, maybe he had done something for her. She wasn't sure, she couldn't figure it out on her own, so maybe she would ask him later. But for now she was going to start with the basics.

"Hey, tell me, what is y-" She cut herself off as she looked up and saw Keima's face, it was already stuffed with bread. He looked up at her, trying to talk, but needless to say nothing came out clearly. Her face was somewhat annoyed at his attempts though. "It's not proper to speak when your mouth is full of food." She turned her head to the side in a snobbish manner, but Keima only rolled his eyes.

I thought she stopped trying to act like a spoiled proper girl after my conquest. Oh well... doesn't matter, not like I plan to see her again after this. He continued to chew on the bread that was still occupying his mouth, looking at the girl in front of him, who was slightly blushing from his staring.

It took about two minutes, but Keima finally finished up the bread that had filled up his mouth. He nearly choked on it several times, but Mio prevented it by hitting his back. After the first time he didn't figure her for a very strong person, but after being hit the second time, choking didn't seem that bad, though she was probably trying to warn him to spit something out.

Mio sighed as Keima swallowed the last bits of his meal, and he was now allowed to gasp for breath after nearly dying from bread. Mio simply stared at him while he was regaining breath and grabbed some bread of her own. By the time she had taken a small bite, Keima was done with his senseless breathing, (He had a nose to breathe through didn't he?) he looked towards Mio, returning the stare albeit it only for a few seconds since she turned away almost instantly, a small blush staining her cheeks.

So far all she had done was look away from him, and considering that she was the one that invited him here, it was slightly annoying, so he decided to speak up, "Oi, you invited me here, so do you mind at least saying something?"

'Not that I really care what you have to say...' He had instinctively contradicted himself in his thoughts as he lied the side of his face on his palm, continuing to stare her down.

She exhaled slightly, regaining the composure that she continues to lose, and slowly lifted her head from its downward position and locked eyes with him. His kept a look of indifference, whilst hers held one that signified nervousness, though despite that, she managed to keep her head up for several minutes before Keima spoke up again.

"Did you have something you wanted to say to me? Because so far this has proven to be a waste of time." His eyes wandered downward, to his pockets where his precious gaming system lied in wait. 'Especially since I could be using this time to play games...'

She looked at him with a slightly fidgeting expression on her face, this was her chance to make some sort of progress towards whatever it was that she was after. At least for today, his name would suffice, the rest was of minor importance in comparison. Her eyes casted downwards, as she began to answer him, "...Y-your name..." Her voice was soft, and sounded much like a whisper, regardless Keima wasn't able to make out what she said.

"You're going to have to speak louder if you want me to hear you." His cold attitude hadn't lifted as he continued to stare at her, waiting for her to speak again.

She shifted her position slightly, and took in a semi deep breath as she repeated what she had previously spoken, "I said, tell me your name, can't you even understand something as simple as that?" Her voice definitely held more authority this time, somehow she was able to manage to calm down in such a short period of time.

It was unexpected, that she had switched into 'tsun' mode, but it was certainly calmer due to that. But after processing the difference in her attitude, her question began to register in his mind, and a expression that was even even colder than before began to form.

"... ... ... You mean you called me out, without even knowing my name..?" It sounded ridiculous, and had the situation been different, dangerous.

He received a slight nod as his response and he sighed. It was possible to continue with the current topic, but he deemed it better to simply leave it where it was, so he began to stand up planning to escape whilst responding.

"My name is Keima Katsuragi, try learning a person's name before dragging them out for lunch." And with that, the bell for lunch rang, to which Keima responded to by pulling out his game system and began walking towards the school building.

Mio stared at him for a moment before heading to class herself, that name filling her thoughts, 'Keima... Katsuragi... It sounds so familiar. But where would I know it from?'

And with that, they both proceeded to class, and maintained an uneventful afternoon.

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