* So this story is after the Greene farm attack, but I'm making it a little more AU than just a different setting. Probably not going to make Hershel lose his leg, or Lori die. I will admit to hating Lori but I feel like I should give her a life in this story. I'm not going to have Andrea and Michonne. At least not for a long time, unfortunately I am going to keep Sophia dead. Sorry.

Chapter One

"Jack, I'm going to go to town again and see if there's anything I missed." Jill said walking up to her brother. Jack spun around with his eyes wide, anger and fear flashed across his face briefly before his face morphed into a glare. His clear blue eyes narrowed and his mouth tightened into a white line.

"No you're not." He growled, "You barely got back alive the last time." His arms crossed over his arms and he was trying hard not to scream at his little sister.

"That was technical issues, which had nothing to do with the town. Tom looked at my bike and said it should be fine now." She smirked at him; inside she was praying that the word of his best friend would be enough for her brother.

"Oh yeah? And what about Claire? Did you think about how she feels about this?" He smirked back. Bonnie, just having come into the room, smiled at the exchange between her husband and best friend.

"I promised her ice cream tonight and that I would come back without a bruise." Jill's smirk turned into a smile thinking about Claire. The little five year old had wormed her way into Jill's heart the moment they locked eyes on each other.

"That's not good parenting." Bonnie laughed, finally letting the siblings know that she was in the room.

Jill just turned her head to her best friend and stuck her tongue out childishly.

"Are you bringing a weapon?" Jack said hopelessly, he had nothing else to try and keep his sister here. She was a stubborn mule when it came to keeping this group alive. She didn't normally go out on supply runs but when she started to get fidgety she would go out a few days in a row.

"Yes, I'm bringing my knife and one of the rifles with extra ammo." She said sweetly, she knew she had won.

"Please be careful."

"Always am." She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tight. His arms went around her quickly and squeezed her back. "I'll be gone for two hours tops, I promise." Jill mumbled into his chest.

Jack pulled away and nodded, even though she did this yesterday, he still felt like crying. It was the big brother in him, the little boy screaming at him to keep his little sister here where it was safe. But he pushed it away; his sister was technically a grown woman, even at the age of nineteen.

Jill turned around and went and kissed Bonnies cheek. She looked down and patted Bonnie's growing stomach gently. "You keep my brother out of trouble while I'm gone." She said winking.

"Oh please, the job will be easier with you gone for a couple hours." Bonnie smirked.

Jill just laughed then walked out of the room and down the hallway. She walked outside and moved her way across the courtyard. She saw Elena and Betty playing with the kids under the big tree in the corner by the kitchen and mess hall.

Jill saw Claire running around with Kathy, Elena's daughter. Claire saw her and waved quickly but didn't run over. Claire knew that Jill was coming back, because Jill always came back.

Jill blew Claire a kiss then waved at Elena and Betty before walking into the garage.

The garage was a typical garage for an old army base, lots of machines that Jill didn't understand and it smelt like oil and sweat. The sweat was from before the world went to shit and the fort got abandoned. Now only Tom worked in the garage and that was very rarely since he preferred to be outside on watch.

Jill, Jack, Bonnie and Tom had grown up together. Jill was always the youngest but Bonnie took pity on the poor girl and used to come over and play with her. Now Jill was pretty sure it was only because Bonnie had a crush on Jack but they still ended up best friends even with the four year difference.

Tom had always been Jack's best friend, he loved Jill like the little sister he never got. And when Bonnie started hanging around Tom got protective of her too.

Bonnie and Jack were destined to be together since the beginning of time, they met when she was seven and he was twelve. He of course had no interest in girls at the time, but Bonnie fell madly in love with him. And once they both hit puberty Jack realized his love for her and they had been together ever since. They only had a break when they went to college but that lasted about a month and Jill was positive that neither one of them slept with someone else.

Jill smiled thinking about her twisted little family. In a way all the survivors at the fort had become her family. The younger ones were her responsibility and Betty and Bill had become the parents and grandparents to the group. Although Betty hated it when the older people referred to her as grandma, the little ones were allowed though.

Jill climbed onto her bike and checked everything before starting it up. She had large saddle bags on each side to hold whatever supplies she found; she wasn't planning on finding much since this town had already been cleaned out by Kevin, Joseph and Heather, the group's main scavengers.

As Jill drove towards the garage door and hit the open button, the door would close after it sense's no more movement in the general area of the garage door.

As quickly as possible Jill took off down the dirt path towards the main gates; Tom smiled at her as he opened up the main gates and she went through.

Rick turned around the corner and hoped that there would be some sort of food anywhere in this grocery store, or even just the town in general. It looked like the whole town was wiped clean, even the baby stores were empty.

"Rick." A voice said calmly over the radio attached to Rick's hip.

"Yea?" Rick said into the radio.

"We got a visitor, a living one." Daryl said gruffly into the radio. He watched the motorcycle come closer and closer. From what the group could see, this was a woman. Her frame was tiny on the nice motorcycle.

"Alright, I'm coming out. Be on the lookout." Daryl heard Rick on the other side of the radio.

"Everybody watch out!" Daryl called getting everyone's attention, Carol placed herself in front of Lori and Carl, while Glenn tried to block Maggie, Hershel and Beth.

Jill saw the people and thought about stopping and taking out her gun, but then she saw the little boy and pregnant woman and she knew she had to help. That was what her group was all about, helping other people.

She quickened her speed to get to them faster, that's when they finally reacted to her. The man with the crossbow stood at the front and other people started blocking each other. They were a synched unit, a family.

Jill got to them quick enough and she stopped the bike at a safe distance away and held her hands up. "I come in peace." She laughed.

"The hell do you want?" The man with the crossbow called out. His accent was thick and he was hot. The very type of guy that Jill was into before the world ended, he was tall, scruffy, dirty and rough.

"Well I came to re-check the town before we marked it dead, looks like a found some damsel's in distress." Jill smirked. She didn't need to be super nice to anyone, but she wouldn't be too sarcastic, her brother would be proud.

"We don't need no help from some kid." The man snarled. Another man came running out of the grocery store; he was tall with really thick brown hair. He looked startled and scared until he laid eyes on Jill.

"Hello ma'am, how can we help you?" He said politely.

"Ma'am? I'm too young to be a ma'am, but thanks for the pleasantry. I'm here to check out the town, but then I saw your little group of misfits. Now I'm just wondering if you're safe enough to bring back home with me."

"Why would you do that?" The brown haired man asked.

"Why wouldn't I? We've got plenty of room and the more people in a group the safer it is right?" Jill shrugged. "Besides, you got a kid and looks like another on the way. You're going to need some stability to raise a baby, and I bet the kid could use some other kids to play with."

"You have kids in your group?" The pregnant woman said hopefully.

"Yup, we got five running around now and another on the way."

"Why are you telling us this? We could be awful people that could come and hurt everyone in your group." The man said, he seemed relaxed but Jill could see that his right hand was tense probably ready to grab his gun.

"Well for one thing, you got a kid as well, maybe two since Blondie over there looks younger than me. And for another thing, we are well protected. A group of eleven people couldn't really try and take my group. Sorry to burst your bubble." Jill smiled sweetly.

"You'd really take us all in, just like that?" The pregnant woman asked.

"Yes, you'd need to be under watch for a while of course, but it would be great to have all of you. We have an older woman; she would love to fatten you guys up." Jill laughed.

"Who says we need your group?" The crossbow wielding hick said.

"The fact that winter is coming and you all look like hell." Jill said. "How about I go search around town and come back in an hour and you guys can let me know what you decided." She smiled at them and everyone nodded.

"Thank you, my name is R-"

"I don't want to know anyone's names until you decide to stay or not." Jill cut him off. She walked back to her motorcycle and climbed on. She waved at the group then turned her bike back on and took off around the group.