*** Important… So obviously I planned on going with this story much longer… But I have realized that for me to not lose interest… and for everyone to be able to get a good ending. I'm going to write shorter stories from now on. Maybe little to no conflict and not to much romance before hand.***

Chapter Seven

Jill woke up with a start, she was facing the wall of her bedroom. She felt an arm around her waist and she smiled. Daryl had stayed all night, he didn't sneak out in the middle of the night.

Jill turned around gently and looked at Daryl's sleeping face. He was so relaxed, so calm when he was asleep. He really was the most handsome man Jill had ever met.

"Stop staring, it's rude." Daryl muttered without even opening his eyes.

Jill jumped slightly then she giggled nervously. "Claire will be getting up soon, you can sneak out now if you want." She said without trying to let the sadness seep into her voice. She remembered that he said this was for more than one night, but she doubted he wanted to be involved so much in her life.

Daryl's eyes opened quickly and he frowned. "Why would I wanna sneak out?" His eyebrows came together in confusion.

"Well, Claire is young, and I don't want you to be expected to be around us like that. Sex is great, but I'm not expecting you to become a huge person in both of our lives." Jill shrugged.

"Maybe I wanna be in the both of yer lives." Daryl stated, he looked away from her face and tried not to show that he was embaressed by his moment of truth.

"Really?" Jill said, she grabbed his chin and brought his face up to hers.

"Sure, I guess." He muttered.

"Well then I guess we better get up and start some breakfast. I don't really want Claire to find us naked in bed." Jill laughed, then she pulled out of Daryl's grip and went to get some clean cloths on.

"Maybe this is the perfect place afterall." Daryl thought…

The End… Sorry.