The Kingdom of Caliosteo Chapter 4

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Ptera screeched as he tried to dodge the flying arrows.

"Are you okay Ptera," Ember asked. It screeched back. I would take that as a if there was no flying arrows I would be fine.

"Look out," Paige yelled. A flaming arrow flew right by my face. I felt the strong blast of wind and heat being emitted from it.

"Thanks Paige," I said. Then Ptera dived down.

"HOLY MOTHER OF-," all of us yelled. Ptera soared up into the air again.

"-GOD," we finished.

"Well Ptera is the best flyer of all dinosaurs," Ember said.

"I could see that," I said. Everybody looked sick to their stomach. Kaiena's pink eyes were dull as Trent held her. Marcus looked a little green, Mary's breathing was heavy, and Paige was traumatized.

"That was so close," Ember said. Everyone groaned.

"Come on guys, you can't be scared of this. If we want to kill ZongaZonga once and for all, this is nothing compared to what's gonna happen soon," I said.

"Jen is right," Paige said.

"Yep," Ember said.

"We came for freedom of that beast," Mary said.

"Now we will continue this and fight," Trent said.

"I guess," Kaiena said.

"Yep," Marcus said. I blushed a little.


That was crazy! I almost fell to the earth and died. It was scary. I was sick to my stomach still as Jen opened up cocoa beans for food. We were in the middle of the jungle. We set up tents of Palm Fronds. I was sharing a tent with Jen. I wondered if she knew. I only knew her for like 4 hours but I wonder. Ember was making a fire. Paige and Trent were gathering firewood, Mary and Kaiena were climbing trees for some cocoa beans for Jen to open.

"Marcus can you get the water at the river over here," Ember asked.

"Sure," I said. I walked over to her and grabbed the handle of a bucket.

"Thanks," Ember said.

"You're welcome," I said and walked to the river.


Everybody wondered how I could crack open some cocoa beans so easily. It was a technique I learned from my grandpa, before ZongaZonga came and killed him.

"How do you do that?" Marcus said with a pail of water.

"A technique," I said.

"That's cool, can you show me after I give this water bucket to Ember," Marcus said.

"Sure," I said. This is my chance I said.

"I am back," Marcus said after five minutes.

"Awesome," I said. I showed Marcus how to do it.

"You squeeze the side, and then you peel the corners. Then all done," I said. Marcus nodded and tried. It worked.

"Awesome," he said.

"Yep," I said and took another one. Soon we heard Ember calling.

"Come here team," she yelled.

"Coming," we all called back. It was dark and cold outside. The warm fire was nice. Ember talked about our plans for tomorrow and such. Then we ate. It was a salad with a rich chocolate drink. It was good.

"This is amazing," Kaiena said. Her eyes were neon pink. They change shades based on her mood.

"AWESOME," Trent said. Mary rolled her eyes.

"This is pretty good," Ember said sipping her drink. Marcus put his closer to the fire.

"What are you doing," I asked.

"Making a hot chocolate drink," he said. (This is not how Hot Chocolate was created)

"That's smart," Kaiena said.

"Yep," Marcus said. After we ate we went into our tents.

"So, thanks for everything," Marcus said to me.

"For what?" I asked.

"For letting me join the team," he said.

"Oh that, your welcome," I said.

"Well it was so much fun today," Marcus said.

"Your welcome," I said.

"The best nigh in my life," he said. I blushed a little.

"So, well, I was wondering….," Marcus said pulling his collar.

"What?" I asked. He was sweating a little.

"Well, ummmm, well…," he started. I knew where he was going. I leaned in.

"What are you doing!" he asked.

"You know!" I snapped at him.

"Oh," he said. He went along with it. It was awesome. I fell asleep dreaming of Marcus and I.

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