Se here's my first Durarara! and Death note fic! First for both fandoms! My character, Vladimer Suoh, will be doing this with me.

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Izaya walked through the city streets frowning. His hands were in his pockets and he examined the seemingly empty street with contempt.

Where was Shizu-Chan? Izaya was bored, and provoking Shizuo to the point of chasing Izaya was always fun.

"IIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAA AAAYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA!" ah, Shizuo must have found him. Izaya spun on his heel in time to dodge a lamp post.

"Oh, hello, Shizu-Chan~!" Izaya cooed.

"Don't give me that bullshit, flea!" Shizuo shouted. His blonde locks were messier than usual and his sunglasses were in his inner vest pocket. His brown eyes seemed to glow with hate.

Izaya sighed, bringing out his knife. "What did I do now, Shizu-Chan?"

"Don't call me that!" Shizuo gripped a stop sign and pull it out straight from the concrete. "I told you to stay out of Ikebukuro, flea!"

Izaya flashed his famous smirk. "I have business in Ikebukuro, Shizu-Chan. I can't just stay away. Besides," he added, "You don't own Ikebukuro, as far as I know, Shizu-Chan. I can come here as freely as I please."

Shizuo immediately began running towards him, and Izaya turned and fled. So began their near daily game of cat and mouse.

If only they knew how different this game would be.

It happened when Izaya had paused in a particularly crowded street. Humans crowded around them. Shizuo had long since thrown the stop sign at him and was now holding a "DO NOT ENTER" sign in his hands.

"You fucking flea!" he shouted, swinging the sign at him. Two things happened at that moment. One was that, frustratingly, Izaya had managed to dodge the sign. The next was that he hit someone else instead.

He'd managed to slow it before it hit the person, but there was still enough force to knock the person-a young male-unconscious. A monotone yet worried voice shouted the name of the person as it's owner-handcuffed to the young man-knelt by his friend's side.


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