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L glanced over at his brown haired companion. "Yes?"

"I found some information you might be interested in." As L wheeled over sucking on a lollipop, Light continued. "In a small insane Asylum in Ikebukuro that houses a patient named Kira. The reason we didn't hear of it, though, is because the asylum isn't very well known."

"Were you able to find information on the occupant?"

Light frowned. "That was the hard part. I brought up the files of the asylum. Apparently the guy doesn't have a last name, so when I tried to search for him I got a ton of pages about the Kira case. When I finally found a site with a picture of the inmate which matched the picture in the asylum records, I found some interesting information."

"Such as?"

Light pulled up a tab and leaned back, letting L read over his shoulder.

The picture showed a man with deathly pale skin, unnaturally white hair and stone grey eyes. The information read:

'Kira (Last Name Unknown) is a 19 year old male who has a painful history. It's been reported that he has no memories beyond the bloody murders of his parents, which he witnessed at age 11. That was also the night he lost his sanity. He was taken in to Braun's mental asylum in the Ikebukuro area at age 15 and has been there since. His caretaker is a young American-Italian by the name of Gabriel Thistlewood. Kira is mute and his hair is a natural white color. There are reports that he is telepathic, but it has yet to be proven.'

L frowned. "How does the creator of this page know so much?"

"I'm not sure." Light glanced at L. "What do you know of Ikebukuro, Ryuzaki? I know nearly nothing."

"I've heard from a few contacts about a person known widely as 'the Monster of Ikebukuro', called that because of his inhumane strength, but other than that I know nothing as well."

"Perhaps we should investigate?" Light asked.


Later that day, Light found himself wandering through the streets of Ikebukuro, with L by his side-obviously, considering he was handcuffed to the guy. The chain rattled softly as they walked.

They found themselves in the middle of a crowded street. They came upon a clearing, where two men fought.

One had bleached blonde hair and mocha brown eyes hidden by blue shades. He wore a bartender's get up and held a "DO NOT ENTER" sign in one hand, which amazed the young student.

The other man, who was directly in front of Light but turned so the brown haired man couldn't see his face-had short black hair and wore a jacket with fur on the sleeves, hood and hem and brown pants. A switchblade was clenched in one hand.

The blonde man swung the sign at the other, but the raven-haired man easily avoided it. Before Light could process what was happening, the sign slammed into his face.

Stars exploded in his vision as he fell on the ground. He barely heard L call "Light-Kun!" because it sounded far away. The last thing the brown-eyes man felt before falling into blissful unconsciousness was a soft touch on his cheek.

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