*sigh* Risa slumped her way to school. It was Monday, yesterday, Otani had, once again, canceled a date because of *basketball*. She opened her locker, only to find a Chiharu written note.

"Meet me in the music room please."

Trust Chiharu to add a 'please' at the end, Risa grumbled. She scuttled off to the music room.

A light music danced in her ears as soon as she walked in the music room, followed by Chiharu's delightful singing voice.

"Who ways, who says your not perfect, who says your not worth it, who says your the only one that's hurting.

Risa sang along.

"Trust me, that's the price of beauty." Chiharu made a you-call-that-a-dress face, cracking Risa up.

"Who says your not pretty, who says your not beautiful...who says."

Risa gave her friend a tight hug.

"I just thought you might need some cheering up." Chiharu said shyly, "I heard about the date blow-up, Nobu wanted to do it, but I insisted. I didn't want you to get a lecture on a Monday!"

Risa smiled. It doesn't matter how many date blow-ups she received, her friends would always be there to cheer her up.