Hello, and welcome to my sequel! Please make sure you read Dead Space: Survival first due to spoilers! So if you don't want the story spoiled, go read now, shoo! This is also a first person point of view fic and will have two OCs.

Lastly, this prologue will primarily be the messages that Mercer had sent to Vi after the first fic. You could skip this chapter, but it isn't recommended as it explains the nature of Vi's specific infection and other things to that nature.

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File Name: Mercer's Memento 3 of 5

File Type: Digital Journal

Date Sent: April 11th, 2508

Date Unlocked: May 11th, 2508

It has been a month now from the Ishmura's outbreak, how have you been doing, Vivien? Are you doing fine on your own now? Where are you? Earth, the Sprawl, somewhere else? It saddens me to say that I'll never know the answers to these questions; perhaps I'll see the answers for myself when I pass on. It has been quite some time since you could read one of my messages; hopefully you have not forgotten about them quite yet.

To get to the point, this message is more of an explanation as to how Zillia operates, perhaps to even allow you more flexibility if she comes back again. (Despite the odds of finding another Marker, or a signal akin to it, are quite slim.) As I had mentioned in the second message, I want you to have more control over your own choices, despite my desire of you fulfilling my plans.

Coming from the scientist that specializes on the brain and the one to infect you with the Necromorph tissue, this log will be lengthy with an in-depth explanation of the effects Zillia has on you. If you have no interest in such information, despite how much I do recommend it, then just wait until the next message.

Now, in every person there are, essentially, two people in every human. One entity, providing man's logical and inquisitive thoughts resides in the left hemisphere of the brain. Meanwhile, the other presence, the creative and artistic one, resides in the right. As a result of how mankind has been brought up in the past few centuries, the left side has become stronger than the right side, the reason why? The years that we spend in school has caused this. In other words, Vivien, school saved you.

One question you may have would be that the infection was injected into your left eye, so wouldn't Zillia reside in the left hemisphere? This is not true, despite the entry point being your left eye; the nerves that carry the images that you see are connected to the right side of your brain. As a result, Zillia is indeed in the right side of your brain, the artistic side.

This fact is further proved by your behavior when the Regenerator had interrupted your sleep. Despite being under stress, from both Brant's new form and the bodily stress of the infection, you still had a hard time of being improper with the broken glass that littered the floor.

Another piece of information you may be putting together is the fact that Zillia, as a Necromorph infection, inhabits your artistic side. What good, or bad, could come from an artistic Necromorph, I have no clue… nor do I believe that such a Necromorph would survive for long. Or, that's what I would say if I hadn't seen Zillia kill all of those survivors firsthand… she seemed quite entertained painting the main corridor.

As knowledgeable as I am with the human brain, I cannot vouch that Zillia's will stay in a stable pattern. From what I can gather, Zillia takes over as a survival instinct to live. This is quite peculiar for typical Necromorph behavior as all, if not most, Necromorphs seek to kill. Then why is she helping her host to survive? How unfortunate it is that I'll never witness the true intentions that this virus has planned for you.

I apologize once more for this lengthy explanation, Vivien. However, as I will no longer be around anymore I must give you as much information as I can possibly give you, hopefully answering all the questions that you may have had through the course of the Ishimura disaster.

Until next time, dear Vivien.

File Name: Mercer's Memento 4 of 5

File Type: Digital Journal

Date Sent: April 11th, 2508

Date Unlocked: June 11th, 2508

Two months have passed now, dear Vivien. By now, you must be settling into your new life; or, at least have a new place to call home. Hopefully most of your struggles are behind you now.

Another subject you must be curious about, Vivien, must be the events that had occurred between falling asleep in the stasis chamber and when Brant had awakened you. How the Necromorph infection came to infect you and Brant.

As time ticked on, the number of Necromorphs scurrying in the vents became more frequent. Meanwhile, the screams of our other crew members had begun to fade until they ceased to cry out for help. The remaining crew was trapped, no thanks to the lead scientist, Doctor Terrence Kyne. Who was kind enough to eject all of the escape pods aboard the Ishimura.

Time was running out and I had to make a choice… Were I to leave you and Brant behind, stuck in slumber until you two became like them? Or, stay to meet the same fate?

No, I decided to do something a bit more daring; I wanted to see how these Necromorphs worked. As a result of Necromorphs taking the dead and molding them into a new form, perhaps a scientist specializing with the brain could somehow see how they ticked, maybe even discover their secrets. That was when I began to venture out of the room, slowly but surely, I began to see Necromorphs and Humans dismembered, dead. Some of the trips I was daring enough to start bringing specimens back to safety for study.

Then the most peculiar thing happened to me; I was able to hear someone, someone alive, another person that was surviving!

To my dismay, there was no one to be found. Despite the failed search, the whispers had continued, some of it made sense, and others did not. That is, until I was able to comprehend what the voice was saying; that I had the power to save one other person, but it couldn't be me. Despite me as the exception, the voice continued on claiming that I would have to pay a further price.

The voice had told me of a flaw that the Necromorphs had; that if one were to make an infection that could spread slowly within the host, then the Necromorphs would not see them as a threat at a closer glance. One may even compare this to a poisonous snake waiting for their venom to kill their meal.

Now, why couldn't I take this newly found discovery upon myself for my safety? Unfortunately, I had to be the one to do it. From the entry wounds that a vast number of the dismembered Necromorphs had… the cure needed to be inserted into the brain. As the specialist on the human brain, it was my duty to take this task upon myself.

As time went on and the voice instructed me on what to do with the samples I had found, the voice finally gave me a name to go by.

The voice wished to be referred to as the Hive Mind.

As time passed, I soon realized how advanced the Necromorph species truly were. They were not simple killing machines, they were fulfilling God's plan to replace us with a more extraordinary species than our own. The Hive Mind helped me realize that this, the so called tragedy aboard the Ishimura, was in fact our Convergence; our life after death. I became fascinated by them, watching them as time went on. To my delight, even when in view, the Necromorphs never outright attacked me. Especially now that I'm under the protection of the Hive Mind, leaving me the ability to travel through the ship as I pleased to find supplies or new specimens to work with.

While I continued to make progress on the slow moving infection, I had also decided to expand upon another virus for Brant. The Hive Mind mentioned that there would still be a risk of you being attacked from other rash Necromorphs, so I had hatched a plan to make Brant virtually invincible. Of course, I also had to redefine the virus for him as well, so that he would recognize both of us and not outright attack.

This idea was derived from the information that the Hive Mind had given me, that some Necromorphs aboard the Ishimura were sentient, the few "deformities" in God's work. These special Necromorphs were able to retain some memories of their former life; even fewer were able to retain speech. Aside from my intervention, the chances of finding such Necromorphs are quite slim. Had I more time in this life, I would see to it that I would get to experiment on one; just to see why the infection would not affect them as significantly while others are consumed completely.

Once the tissue sample was prepared, Brant had undergone the procedure of placing the tissue sample directly into his cranial cavity. Thankfully, he had lived through the operation, the big difference between a cadaver and Brant being infected. Bestowing upon him the regenerative properties he has now; much like how our skin heals after getting a cut.

Not too long after, the Regenerator came to be.

Brant had remained in the stasis chamber alongside yours for some time. Whenever he was awake, I'd see him looking over at your chamber. The distress he exhibited upon your removal for your operation was also quite surprising, to say the least. It took some time to calm him down, in the end he was put back to sleep with an astronomical amount of sedatives. Who would have thought that his admiration for you would carry on, and so strongly at that?

Shortly after, I had begun the procedure for your operation. That was when the Hive Mind whispered to me her name, Zillia.

File Name: Mercer's Memento 5 of 5

File Type: Digital Journal

Date Sent: April 11th, 2508

Date Unlocked: July 29th, 2508

Another month has gone by, has life become stable for you now? Have you become accustomed to your new life yet? It is to be expected that you would continue to have a hard time adjusting, change is never welcome.

Vivien, I applaud you for your patience, please understand that these timed messages were for the better of your interest. To have all of this information presented to you all at once would have taken a toll on you, and now that you're on your own, having this stress are the least of your worries. However, there are more details that I would love to explain to you. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to tell you everything; the Hive Mind is beckoning me for the next life.

I did consider you quite close to me. To my dismay, you may have never thought much of me through the time that we have known each other aboard the Ishimura. Seeing as how you had lost your father, I had tried the best that I could to keep your best interests in mind. Doctor Kyne and Captain Mathius should have told you sooner… no, I should have told you sooner, Vivien. I apologize greatly for that, but at this point, nothing could be changed except the deliverance of more sorrow…

Now that I will not be around to talk to you anymore, I do want to say… Happy Birthday, Vivien, please enjoy the gift of choice.