Based off a comic.

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Simon and Marceline walked down a path leading away from one of the many cities they had met in their travels. This one was no different other than that they saw a starved dog that Marceline had wanted to keep but the older man convinced her that the dog liked being alone.

The little half demon girl had a question that she had been pondering for a few minutes now, and she was ready to ask. She looked up at him. "Simon? Why do you carry around that crown? Doesn't it make you act crazy?"

Simon froze. "Yes."

Marceline looked at him with pure innocence. "Then why don't you just throw it away?" Simon took a deep breath. He'd die, though no need to mention that to her. He'd debated whether that was just for the best, but he couldn't let himself go as long as he was with Marceline.

So he gave a default answer. "It's complicated."

She looked at him doubtfully with a frown. He noticed, of course. He smiled. "Although, with this crown…" He had it on his head now. "I'M KING OF THE RUINS!" Simon yelled to the air.

He gave her a grin. "And you can be my queen!" Marceline gave him a starry eyed look. "A queen?" She smiled happily.

"No! I'm not a queen yet." She ran around to a pile of junk. She dug out a broken glass bottle and put it on her head to resemble a crown. "Now I'm a queen!"

Snow started to fall, gently from the sky. "Little Queen Marceline!" They both looked up and saw the snow, to their surprise. Simon's face went stony. He lifted the crown off his head. "We should get going."

Marceline looked at him skeptical and disappointed. But then, Simon reached a hand out to her. "My queen?" And she gave a satisfied smile and they walked off to who knows where, for there was no telling in the wasteland of Europe.

Marceline woke up in her bed, floating above the covers like always. She looked sadly at the air, and turned over with a depressed frown. She wasn't going to get much more sleep tonight.