Han: I never thought I'd see the day coming
so fast I felt scared without leia I feel a moment despair
they think I'm as tough as nails they think I'm a super star
but without Luke and Leia this scoundrel would've gone far

I need her… to keep me warm
I need her… to guide my way
I don't want them to know I'm soft in ways not described

when I yell at her I don't mean to hurt her
I try to be there when she cries
I'd leave if that's what she prefer
but my conscious tells me to wipe those sad eyes

I need her… to wipe away my tears
I need her… to help me escape my fears
I don't know what I'd do Leia without you

You are my sunshine when all I see is rain
I try to forget
but you will always take away my pain
meeting you there's no regret

I need her… when all see is rain
I need her… when I have all this pain

Leia: I never thought I'd see the day
when the cold Han solo would melt away
he's my reality
I love his real personality
his sense of humor is frantic
but I will admit for a scoundrel he's quite romantic

I need him… when I have bad dreams
I need him… to warm me when I freeze
han solo I love always I'd get on my knees
Both: I don't know what I'd do without you to guide my way
to brighten my everyday to hold me tight
and scare away my fright
han: princess leia…
leia: Han solo…
both: you are my everyday in every way I love you and hold you dear to my heart I don't know what I'd do without you_