The year was 3109, the world was in the middle of a huge war, World War IIVX.V. The 4 children of a poor glassblower were to be shipped away on a train by the witness protection program (because being a glassblower was, of course, just a cover which worked for a while but now the family were being made to move again only this time him and his 4 kids were being relocated to seperate places for a undetermined time period estimated to be 47 yards long)
So the 4 kids were waiting at the train station when sudenly an old man came up and shoved a snowglobe into Peter XIIIIII's hands, then te old man jumped into the train track and got run over.
"That was odd" said Susan the XIUVI said.
"Maybe that snowglobe has special powers and if you shake it something magical happens" suggested Lucy IIICXIXMMIXC
"Nah" said Peter has he threw it over his shoulder.
"Why did you do that? now it's going to land on someones head, or break on the floor"
sudenly the snowglobe hit somone on the head AND landed and broke on the floor causing it to break and pull the whole entire train station into the land of narnia
"Wow where are we?"
sudenly a massive amount of chos ensued as trains who were leaving the station drove off the side of the station, as well as couple problems from a couple trains that were right at the cutoff zone of the dimensiatraveling border thingy, not to mention that the whole train station had appeared atop the capital castle.
Soon the mayor of narnia flew up to the station on a magic deck of flying cards and started a discussion with the manager of the station: C.S Notlewis
Unfortunately there was something they disagreed on which led to yelling and other things, finaly the mayor of narnia left.
Apparently the mayor of narnia and the manager of the train station had declared war on each other and everyone on the train station were now to participate in c.s notlewises army.