Chapter 4
That evening...
The 4 kids walked up the palace laughing after having a eventful day frollicking with he fauns and dancing with the lymphs...or is that nymphs...anyways.
"yeah ha ha that was so funny" edmund said as he pulled open the door to the castle.
"wait weren't we supposed to do something?" Peter said
sudenly a bright flash appeared in the castle and they heard a recorded voice
"ha ha by not knocking the secret code you have activated the security system and sent us all to the tower where we are safe, additionaly every door in the castle has been locked, and the law enforcers are on their way here right now, GIVE UP"
"aw man EDMUND you are so-"
"don't worry i can easily pick the lock, which way to the tower?"
"Try thst one"
edmund walked up to the door and fiddled with it.
"it's no use i can't open it without at least 8 more star power"
"hey guys look, this door isn't locked" they heard lucy cry
they promptly opened the door and walked in to see an empty room with a rather large painting on the wall showing a field with arrows spears abd javelins flying over it.
"what a odd painting"
"maybe its a magic painting that if you stare at long enough will transport us somewhere magical"
"oh grow up lucy, stuff like that doesn't happen" edmund said despute the fact that, that had happened only a day or two ago.
"Well whatever" Peter said has he took the painting down abd threw it over his shoulder.
"why'd you do that peter?" susan asked
sudenly the painting hit the ground and exploded dragging the whole entire castle into the painting.
The kids were soon confronted with a screen:


star 1
course 1

(it's unlikely this chapter made any sense if you haven't played super mario 64)