The beer couldn't take the pain away; nothing will ever take the pain that he felt. No one saw it coming because it happened too fast for anyone to see. He thought it was a bad dream but sometimes nightmares become a reality. As he watches people pass him by he becomes angry with rage, because they all forgot. They forgot what happened this day 1 year ago. Everyone told him to move on but it's not as simple as just waking up one morning and forgetting the one he loved so dearly to his heart. The heart that had been broken more times you can count. The scene played over and over in his head but nothing he did would stop him from losing it. He walked out of the bar to his home, their home, the home where all his memories haunt him to death. To him death was fine because a life without her was death in itself. As he walked into his dark and lifeless house he walked to his room where he spent most of his nights sleeping with her, holding her, making her safe. Walking to his nightstand he pulled out a letter which he wrote just for this occasion and the last item was a gun. He read his letter over to make sure whoever read it knew why he was going to do what he's about to do. Praying to God hoping for forgiveness for the act he was about to do. "Goodbye world, there is no life here for me, my love I'm coming." As soon as he said this a gunshot was heard, there was complete silence throughout the house. Ronald Dean Stoppable was dead.