So I'm back with next chapter which by the titles of each chapter from here on will be Song Titles of my favorite bands. (Green Day, Dropkick Murphey's and possibly Fall out Boy) As you read this chapter I was influenced by Green Day again with their song "Oh Love" on the iUno album for the beginning of the chapter. So I hope you like the next chapter and I will keep repeating I don't on Kim Possible I wish but Disney does.

Chapter 2: Oh Love

In the living room inside Ron's house was filled with moans of ecstasy. The teen couple was finally one as they commit to the act of adulthood. Kim felt like she was on a ride that she wished would never end; Ron on the other hand was just memorized by Kim's beauty as he softly moves in and out of her womanhood. Their emotions were off the charts for they were in another world. Until eventually they both couldn't take it much longer and they climaxed together, and they were slowly coming down from their high. They kiss for a while and then just lay in each other's arms not remembering that they still had a movie to watch, but they didn't care because what just conspired was much better than any movie. Finally it was Kim who broke the silence.

"So…. Ron how was it?" Kim asked her loving boyfriend.

"Kim it was amazing. How was it for you," Ron responded back.

"It was out of this world for my first time I never knew how wonderful this really was. I mean at first I was nervous but you made me feel safe. I wouldn't take back what we did for anything in the world,"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it KP, I aim to please you,"

"Well I here to please you as well," she said making a cute giggle.

"So you still up to watch the movie,"

"Yes as long as I can still lay here in your arms,"

"Of course my love I wouldn't have it any other way,"

They put the DVD into the DVD player and started to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, until the Kimmunicator went off. Kim got upset because every time she wants to be or is alone with her Ron, Wade always interrupts at the wrong time. She grabs her shirt and throws it on before she finally answered Wade.

"What the sitch Wade, anyway it can wait till another time," Kim said with a little bit of anger in the tone of her voice.

"Sorry Kim did I catch you guys at a bad time," Wade asked.

"No of course not Ron and I weren't just having the best romantic evening,"

"Again sorry but it's urgent, Shego has been reported stealing a very high tech laser which can take out the satellites up in space and cut off communications to military and even our own phones,"

"Wade this doesn't sound like a big deal,"

"Well think about it Kim what do you think will happen if the whole world loses communication with each other. The world will go into a chaotic riot since today in our world cell phones and internet are the main sources of communications. With all those gone people with go crazy because they won't know what to do,"

"Kim we need to stop Drakken with my online gaming I won't have anything to do," Ron said in response to Wade's comments.

"Calm down Ron we are going to stop Drakken, and excuse me I think you will manage with your online fantasy gaming. Plus we would have more time to do what we just did before if there was no internet or cell phones," Kim giving Ron a seductive look.

"Ok I don't need to know what that meant but I have a ride waiting for you two out,"

"Let me guess GJ, Wade"

"How did you know?"

"Lucky guess,"

So Kim and Ron went to get their mission clothes on and thank god she left her spare at Ron's house. They walk outside of Ron's house to find a GJ jet plane wait to take them to Drakken's new lair. They went to the seats in the jet giving the pilot the coordinates. They were off to stop Drakken's new evil scheme.

"So Kim why would Drakken want to destroy the world's communications," Ron asked.

"Who knows, do we ever know why Drakken does the things he does beside the whole world domination thing," Kim said.

"True you have a point. I mean he might hold the world ransom till he get what he wants in return for everyone's communication back,"

"Wow Ron that actually makes sense. You're getting just as smart as me looks like I'm rubbing off you," Kim smiles.

"Hey the Ron man is trying to prove to his badical girlfriend that he can reach his full potential,"

"Well you are making very proud Ron Stoppable,"

They move in for a kiss when they get word from the pilot that it was time to jump out of the jet. They go to the door just before Kim jumped she kissed her loving boyfriend. Then she jumped from the jet as Ron watched her go right before he went after her.