My head pounded. I could feel my heart's every beat. I could fell the blood dripping into the water. The only thing was that I couldn't see anything.

I sat up with a gasp. It was dark, but I could feel the wind blowing and the grass under my hands. I put a hand on my forehead. There was a small cut. Nothing too bad; but I couldn't see water anywhere.

I looked to my left. As I turned my body, something brushed up against my elbow. I grasped at it and found my backpack. I was curious as to why it would be here as well, but I didn't question it.

I unzipped the main zipper and smiled at what I found. A flashlist, a bandaid, and an extra set of batteries. As I dug further down, I saw a note.

Hello, and if you are reading this you have woken up. As you most likely cannot see, you are in Dungee Forest. The things you need are in the backpack that I so graciously packed for you. More items can be found along the way; you'll be here for a while. You just need to turn on the flashlight and you can be on your way. Oh, and one more thing. You'll find several of these notes along the way. There is a scrapbook in the backpack. Put the notes in there; you will need all of them to get out. Good Luck - The Game Lord

The Game Lord? I read the note again, but then pulled out the scrapbook. I hadn't seen it before; it was black and smaller than what you would think. I slipped the piece of paper into the slot that was conviently named 'Note One'. I put everything back into the backpack and took out the flashlight. Standing up and putting the backpack back on, I flicked the switch on the flashlight and the darkness was illuminated.

At first I saw nothing. I started to look around by spinning slowly in a circle. My flashlight hit a sign. There was another note attactched to it. The sign read 'Opall Factory'. I walked over to it. An arrow pointed the way to the supposed factory. I grabbed the note and read it.

Good job finding the second note. It wasn't that hard, but most people just took off in the direction infront of them. That got them killed. You are smart; keep it up and you might just survive. Anyways, go to Opall Factory. Simply follow the arrow and you'll get there. Don't get lost, you'll find some important items there. Good Luck - The Game Lord

I pulled out the scrapbook and placed the note in it's spot. I put it away, then looked in the direction the arrow was pointing. I was scared. Whatever was out there could kill me, I was sure of it. I took a deep breath, pointed the flash light, then walked foreward.

The forest was quiet. I could here the grass and leaves crunch underneath my feet. The silence was creeping me out, but I continued foreward. I hoped I was still going the right direction. My worries about finding my way dissapeared when I saw a sign and a chainlink fence. It read 'Opall Factory'.

I walked up to the gates. Taking a deep breath, I examined the gate, then pushed it open. I took a step inside the gates. I felt something dark and creepy about this place. I didn't like it, but from what I understood, this was the only way to get out.

Yeah, it's short, but I really hope everybody likes it. As for my other story... hehe, not so sure about continuing it.