Welcome to my new story! For those who liked my other story Special Signs, I assure you that you will like this one too! Enjoy chapter 1! By the way, Marina and Cheren DO NOT GET MARRIED AT THE START!

It all started at a wedding. Drew, Ash, Kenny, Paul, Dawn, Zoey and Misty had all come to this wedding. It was a wedding of Marina and Cheren.

The seven of them were neighbors of Marina and her grandpa professor Elm. Ash, Kenny and Paul were standing near the entrance having a talk.

Ash was feeling anxious due to Drew's disappearance. "Listen guys, if anything goes wrong at this wedding, we will lose our honor!" Ash said worriedly.

Kenny winked at Ash. "Don't worry; I am sure everything will be fine!" Kenny assured.

Ash was still uneasy. "Sure?" he asked multiple times. Kenny and Paul nodded every time.

Ash then asked about what was worrying him the most. "By the way guys, where is Drew?" Ash asked

"The bride Marina is inside…and Drew is-" Paul started.

Ash was getting nervous. "Where is that idiot?" he asked patting out his arm to comfort Pikachu.

Kenny shook his head and giggled. "Don't say that! If it weren't for Drew, Marina would never have agreed to get married to Cheren!" Kenny said.

Professor Elm walked up to the three boys with a worried expression on his face. "Boys, Cheren went inside to go and talk to my grand daughter Marina for only two minutes, but an hour had passed and they haven't come out! Let's go and check on them!" he suggested.

The three boys followed Professor Elm inside. "Marina! Marina!" Professor called but heard no reply.

Then, all four men were put into shock as their eyes showed them what was in the room. Marina was missing and Cheren was tied to a chair.

Professor Elm immediately ran to untie Cheren while Ash, Paul and Kenny could only gap in shock.

"Who did this to you?" Professor Elm asked after untangling Cheren.

Cheren pointed towards Ash, Kenny and Paul and said. "Their housemate Drew!" he said angrily fixing up his glasses.

Cheren then explained in full detail, or in other words false details. "Marina ran away with her lover, Drew! That pampered spoilt, rascal!" he accused.

At the marriage Office

At the marriage office, in a specific room was a man known for making alliances. His name was Brock. Also in the room were two men and a woman.

One man had stunning emerald eyes with soft and perfect hair which could be flicked back easily. This was Drew

There was another man with a cap on and black hair sticking out from the front. This was Jimmy.

The female had two streaks of blue hair. This was Marina.

"Is everyone ready for the small marriage to take place?" Brock asked.

The three nodded in agreement. Brock took out the paper and gave a pen to the man with the cap and the female.

To Brock's surprise, Marina and Jimmy signed the paper. He was expecting Drew to sign.

"Thank you!" Jimmy said after handing the ring into Marina's finger. Drew clapped but had a bored expression on his face.

"You are now husband and Wife!" Brock said.

Jimmy turned to face Drew. "Thank you Drew. I wasn't in town so I am thankful of you to help Marina run away from her marriage." He said.

Brock laughed and took out a card from his pocket. "Here is my card!" Brock said cheerfully.

Drew looked surprised at Brock. "They are already married; they don't need your help anymore." Drew pointed out.

Brock nodded. "Yes, but I am also a divorce lawyer and judging by the looks of it, Marina and Jimmy wont last together for very long!" Brock said.

He looked at the 3 confused faces staring at him and continued speaking. "Love is blind but marriage makes people see things clearly!" he said.

Jimmy looked at him with a face of horror. "Are you blind?" he asked.

"Yes, I was married three times and now I am waiting for my fourth!" Brock said sadly.

While Brock was moaning about his divorces, the three sneaked out of the room.

As they were walking through the corridor, the saw a man with dark navy hair and had glasses. Drew and Marina stopped walking as they noticed who it was. Jimmy, on the other hand, stared at him with no familiarization.

This was because the man was Cheren.