Niko woke to an empty bed, stretching and trying to shield his eyes against the bright sunlight shining through the window. On the bedside stand he noticed a glass of orange juice and a bottle of aspirin and smiled as he took a couple before putting gathering his things and heading down the stairs. When he reached the landing at the bottom of the steps he smelled bacon frying and headed toward the kitchen.

"Something smells great." He said, leaning against the doorframe.

Kate smiled and finished putting together a plate of eggs, bacon and toast. She handed it to Niko and kissed his cheek. "Thank you. Now eat. You need to regain some of the nutrients you lost last night."

He did as told and took a seat at the kitchen table. Moments later Kate sat down across from him. They ate in silence for a while before she cleared her throat and spoke. "So what you said last night is it still true?"

Niko chewed his food slowly, buying some time to not only remember what he had said, but to find the words to say now.

"Of course." He finally answered. Kate smiled, looking down at her hands as to hide her red cheeks. "I suppose you're curious as to what would be next."

"Yes, in fact." She laughed. "What does the psychopathic, money hungry Niko Bellic have planned next?"

He downed the rest of his juice and smirked at her jab. "I am going to surprise you. I shall pick you up here, let's say, six this evening."

"And you'll tell me then?"

"No." He shook his head. "I will show you. It is much easier that way." He stood and placed a kiss on her forehead. "I will see you tonight." He said as he smiled and walked toward the door.

Outside he took a deep breath of cool air and walked to the end of the block where he could properly bask in the sunlight. He hailed a cab, unusual with all the perfectly good cars parked along the curb. He had made a promise that he was turning his life around and he would make good on his word.

As the taxi stopped in front of Niko's Algonquin apartment, he tipped the driver graciously before stepping out. Admiring his modest choice of vehicle, a Cavalcade FXT in which he had Brucie make legally his and paint a dark red, he realized that regardless of the wealth he had acquired he would need to tone down the new lifestyle he had just become comfortable with in order to keep Kate by his side. Things were looking up and he would be damned if anything was going to get in the way of that.

He decided he needed to prepare. He cleaned his apartment thoroughly, showered, and picked out a nice blue button down with black dress slacks. Niko knew Kate wasn't too big on formal attire, just as her choice in vehicles was not extraordinary, but she would have to tolerate it for the evening. As Niko pulled a bottle of wine from the bins and set two glasses beside it, he glanced at the laptop in his counter. Checking his e-mail couldn't hurt, after all he had not checked it in weeks and his mother may have sent him something new, a checkup to ensure her son was getting along without his beloved cousin or updating him on the old country.

He logged in and scrolled down the junk mail, almost missing a message from a sender whom he did not see often. The cursor hovered over the hyperlink of the message for several seconds before Niko worked up the courage to click it. While not terribly long in length, the words it contained were not ones he wanted to read, and while it was all written in English, much like his mother's long e-mails, it was much more articulated and clearly from someone he knew had taught themselves well. Slowly, he read every line carefully.

Dearest Niko,

I am to assume mother has not told you the news, as I have not seen a reply in the messages you've sent her as of late nor has she said a word to me. Before I break this to you darling brother I need you remain calm, do not overreact to my decision. I shall explain first that I had told poor Roman before his death of my plans. His loose lips must have been kept hushed by the plans of his wedding and all the events leading to it, as I told him less than a day before his demise. Niko, I need you please to not revert to your violent and destructive ways as I tell you this, it is not good for either of us if you do. I also want you to know that I have thought this through and have taken many hours to come to this decision. I have worked my way, and in some cases stolen, to possess enough money to buy plane ticket to Liberty City. I shall arrive November the twenty-first at nine in the morning to Francis International Airport. I will explain all this when I arrive, just please my dear brother understand this is for the best.

Volim Te,


Niko looked at the calendar on the kitchen wall, noting that the twenty first was tomorrow. He was shocked, and honestly angry. He had told no one that he had a sister, and after all he had been through, it was for good reason. Quickly he shut down his computer and quickly made his way to see Kate.

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