~Westley VS The Man in Black~

I believe that the Man in Black symbolizes Westley's doubt in Buttercups' loyalty. So, this is written when the Man in Black is "Born" and then it'll skip ahead to where he "Dies" and where he goes afterwards.

The pirate stood looking over the water, inhaling the cool sea breeze. His ships emblem blew gently as the vessel said on towards Guilder. Dressed head to toe in black, he was a sight to behold. A pair of black boots donned his feet. Tight black pants clung to his slim, yet muscular form. A loose black shirt revealed a hairless chest and showed just how strong he truly was. Black gloves covered his hands and a loose robe draped over his shoulders, blowing in the silent wind. The man sighed, running his fingers through his golden locks. Leaning against the railing, he stared up at the moon trying to silence his thoughts, but the strange voices kept running across his mind. Only one was the loudest, and it kept shouting the same question.

Is she worth it?

Westley scowled at the blackened sky, 'Yes!', he bit back at the Voice, 'Buttercup was worth everything that I have done!' The evil Voice chuckled, the horrid sound seemed to echo off of his very skull, 'How can you even think that, when she betrayed you?! She's engaged to the prince of Florin! She took you and your-' the Voice seemed to gag over this next word, 'Love and threw it away lik-' He gripped the railing until his knuckles turned white. Westley had had enough of this stupid Voice and screamed, "NO! You are wrong! Buttercup and I are bound by the bounds of love and they cannot be broken; not with a thousand swords! Do you understand me?"

The deep baritone voice that echoed off of the cliffs ahead was not the only indication that the pirate had, indeed, spoken aloud; his throat was very sore as well. The voice inside Westley's head was gone, but the inner turmoil that the argument had caused was not. Buttercup had betrayed him; she wasn't as faithful as he had once thought. He thought back to when he had told Buttercup of his trip to America and chuckled at the memory; she had thought he was talking about marrying the countess. Westley shook his head to rid himself of the memory, he had to focus; he had to save Buttercup…


The Voice chuckled darkly, 'She's a traitor to you and your love!' Westley ignored the comment and slid the black mask onto his perfect face. The only way to find out if Buttercup had actually betrayed him, was to save her and ask her himself.

Holding Buttercup in his arms, Westley let out the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. She hadn't betrayed him; she still loved him and everything he thought before was wrong. The two lovers clung to each other like some unforeseeable force was going to rip them apart forever. The Voice sounded angry and desperate this time, 'No! She's lying to you! She will only betray you in the end, just like the last time.' Choosing to ignore the comment, Westley kissed Buttercup like she was going to fall right through his fingers, like sand. A sharp scream erupted from the back of his mind, 'What have you done?!' Then the presence was gone and Westley felt whole once again, with his love in his arms.