Grimmjow grinned to himself as he watched Ichigo back into his couch, expressive brown eyes wide as he held on tight to that ratty dog. Fuck, he'd missed Ichigo.

He took a small moment to admire him – his long, slender body, strong features, sharp lines and his traffic cone orange hair and Jesus Christ, if it didn't make him want to do all manner of things to him. Things he used to be able to do.

Ichigo was snapping in anger now, over the initial shock of seeing him and Grimmjow chuckled quietly as Ichigo straightened, glaring at him heavily.

"Get out Grimmjow."

Laughing again, Grimmjow began to walk over to the table, halfway through saying something when he noticed the plates. Cerulean eyes snapped over to Ichigo's stiff form and he growled out, "Had company?"

Noticing Ichigo's further stiffening, Grimmjow took that as a yes, and considering he did stiffen, it was most likely a man.

Sneering, Grimmjow sauntered towards him, feeling victorious when Ichigo glanced around in confusion. He knew that when Ichigo was too emotional, his other senses failed him and he had trouble even walking with a cane.

Zangetsu was growling in response to Ichigo's distress, lips peeled back to reveal sharp teeth but Grimmjow glared at Zangetsu, quietening him with the command, "Quiet."

Grimmjow had known Zangetsu since Ichigo had first got him and as such, Zangetsu was used to them. Of course he had often had to listen to Ichigo and Grimmjow fight and had always protected Ichigo, even from Grimmjow. But he had never attacked him. So far that is.

So Grimmjow was rather smug when Zangetsu bowed a little, glancing at Ichigo and huddling closer to his owner.

"Ichigo, I just want to talk."

Ichigo was shaking adorably, almost climbing up onto the couch as he heard Grimmjow approach. "You never just want to talk."

Grimmjow conceded that it was a fair comment. Most of their arguments had always started up over something small. Ichigo would sulk, he would try and talk, they'd both get pissed and then Grimmjow would end up fucking the living daylights out of him.

"I do just want to talk," Grimmjow rumbled, brushing past Ichigo and taking a seat on his couch.

He watched Ichigo consider his words and actions. The young man had turned to face him, head cocked as he scowled at him, still appearing hesitant.

"Talk about what?" he finally muttered, glaring at Grimmjow despite sitting beside him, Zangetsu sidling alongside the irritated boy to also glare at him.


"Or the lack of us," Ichigo replied snappily.

Resisting the urge to snap back, Grimmjow considered Ichigo again, trying to be gentle and tactful. "We are good together Ichi, if you let us."

Ichigo's hackles seemed to rise and he narrowed his eyes. "No, we really aren't."

"We were," Grimmjow exhaled heavily, finding himself exasperated by Ichigo's stubborn attitude.

Stilling at the words, Ichigo's blank eyes flicked over his face as if searching it. "I don't know if we were good or just comfortable Grimm. Do you understand?" Sighing, Ichigo rubbed his face. "Grimm, we were together for so long that it seems natural-"

"It is natural! Can't we just go back to what we were? We were happy."

"You were."

There was a suffocating silence, their thoughts travelling across separate tracks.

Stiffly Grimmjow asked, "Then have you met someone?"

"No," Ichigo replied briskly. "But the point is I can."

Another silence reigned until Ichigo heard a low growl and suddenly warm hands were on his cheeks and Grimmjow's familiar lips were on his own and he had to resist the urge to moan. He didn't miss Grimmjow; that much was true, but he certainly missed the kissing.

Grimmjow was a phenomenal kisser. He was also a god in the bedroom department and if Ichigo didn't resent him right down to his bones, he'd have kept him around just for that reason.

Unconsciously Ichigo's hands began to reach for Grimmjow's neck but he quickly stopped himself, instead pushing at Grimmjow's shoulders. Grimmjow allowed their lips to part and they panted, breath puffing into each other's faces.

"Grimmjow, we aren't together for a reason. I can't do this with you."

"We can," he argued heatedly, breathing into Ichigo's mouth as his lips descended upon his once again and Ichigo felt Grimmjow's arm go behind his back and his other arm under his knees as he lifted him up.

Surprised and angered, Ichigo reached for a fistful of hair when Grimmjow's lips once again released his. "Put me down bastard. Stop acting like a fucking caveman. I don't want to have sex with you! You can't just throw me down and take me."

At his words, Ichigo felt himself abruptly dropped – onto a soft mattress.

The weight of another made the bed dip and Ichigo looked in that direction, heart pounding.

"No, but I can make you want it…" Grimmjow growled out lustfully.

Ichigo kicked in his general direction and managing to hit the larger man's shoulder forcefully even as his breathing sped up. "I don't want this."

Grimmjow had immense focus when he put his heart to it and seeing Ichigo laid out on a bed had him imagining (and remembering) so many things he could hardly get his clothes off fast enough. As it was, Grimmjow didn't allow himself to be distracted by the hitting or the kicking but went for Ichigo's shirt, pushing it up as he marvelled at the warm, golden skin that he had been forced to abstain from for so long. "Fuck Ichi."

Ichigo shuddered, gripping Grimmjow's arms as the blue haired man began to kiss his skin, tongue leaving tingling marks. "Grimm – Grimmjow…" Ichigo began, fingernails digging into his arms as he gripped harder. "Don't."

Grimmjow chuckled against his skin before kissing him again, still stroking the skin, getting as much of it as he could. He felt Ichigo arch back, fingers gripping him tighter again.

Shaking in pleasure, Ichigo grabbed lengths of hair, leaning over Grimmjow as he began to kiss lower and lower.

Ichigo moaned out as Grimmjow kissed his clothed erection. "G – Grimmjow, stop."

"You don't really want me to, do you?"

Ichigo stretched in his embrace, wanting to say something; to protest, but as always he found himself weakening. Grimmjow was like a familiar jumper, something so used it itched and made you red but so well loved that you couldn't bear to part with it. Grimmjow had been his comforter for so long that it felt natural.

So Ichigo didn't say anything, just gripped Grimmjow tighter as a gentle sigh left his lips and allowed Grimmjow to continue as he wished.


Ichigo gasped as he jolted awake, fingers slowly un-working themselves from the tangle of sheets and he slowly pushed himself up. He glanced the way he assumed Grimmjow would be but he already knew he was gone. Despite Grimmjow's overly obsessive attitude, he seemed quite fine with leaving Ichigo after he'd fucked him.

Misery made him place his head in his hands and groaned. Grimmjow had of course had his way with him quite thoroughly and now Ichigo was sore from head to toe and he felt the weight of the bad decision weighing on him heavily. Ichigo knew why he was so weak to Grimmjow of course, but it still made him mad.

Slowly pushing off the covers, Ichigo paused when he focused on the distinct keening of Zangetsu. Grimmjow must have left him in the lounge-room when he left. He wanted to get up quickly but because of Grimmjow's rough treatment he had to take his time, gathering a towel around his waist as he staggered to the door.

He had just reached the door to allow Zangetsu in to see him when there was a knock.

Ichigo patted Zangetsu absently as the dog wagged his tail, padding alongside him excitedly as Ichigo moved towards the front door. If that was Grimmjow again, he was going to get a very big piece of his mind. Standing by the door he growled out, "Who is it?"

"Tōshirō," came the reply.

Ichigo's fingers twitched on the doorhandle. He hadn't expected company he actually didn't mind having around and it was as if his body breathed a sigh of relief.

Feeling calmed and relieved after catching Tōshirō's voice, Ichigo forgot about his state of undress and opened the door.

"Oh…" Tōshirō began in the sudden silence, his voice flat as he tried to mask his embarrassment. "You and your friend must have had fun."

Ichigo flushed, not from shyness, though Tōshirō could have easily interpreted it as such, but from anger. Being reminded of Grimmjow irritated him, especially since it was apparent to what Tōshirō was referring to. Grimmjow must have left marks.

"Yeah, he's an animal," Ichigo muttered.

Tōshirō glared, misunderstanding Ichigo's words. All he could see were the heavy bruises on his arms and hips and the scratches along his firm and perfectly sculpted torso. So he had been right in thinking Ichigo was in some sort of abusive relationship.

"Did you want to come in?" Ichigo asked, holding the door open further to let the smaller man inside. "I'll go get dressed."

"Sure," Tōshirō replied, gripping his folder closer as he stepped inside.

Shifting uncomfortably, Ichigo grinned at him apologetically. "I think I might have to have a shower first. You mind just waiting around? Or are you hungry? You're fine to help yourself to anything in the house. Just don't steal from me, I probably won't notice," he joked.

Tōshirō wasn't sure if he was horrified or amused by the comment but he supposed it was a bit of both and finally he allowed a small snort to escape, shaking his head. "Just have your shower, I'll be right here."

Tōshirō's heart did a strange flip at the softening in Ichigo's face and his warm reply of, "Of course."

Which was completely ridiculous and inappropriate. Ichigo was most certainly only being friendly. True, anything that Ichigo said was slightly overshadowed by the fact he was almost naked; golden skin covered with only a towel that sat rather offensively low on slim hips but he should be able to keep a shred of professionalism.

Placing his folder on Ichigo's table, he took a few steadying breaths as the young man turned to the bathroom, leaving Tōshirō alone before allowing himself to sit down and open his folder. Maybe with a few minutes he could calm down.


Ichigo came out refreshed and cleanly dressed not ten minutes later. Rubbing his stubbornly messy hair dry, he took a seat beside Tōshirō who had finally managed to calm himself.

"So, what have you got to say about my work?" he asked lightly, smiling Tōshirō's way.

Tōshirō hesitated. He had revised them by drawing the changes and scribbling in small annotations but of course, Ichigo couldn't read it. Would he need to explain it?

"Just hand it to me and talk while I read," Ichigo said, holding his hand out for the documents.

"Right." Again Tōshirō paused, eyes drawn to several scabs on his palm where it appeared nails had dug in. "Did you do that to yourself?"

Tōshirō jumped so severely that you would not think he had spoken the words himself and he quickly attempted to backtrack. His words sometimes got away with him and despite his cold appearance he was quite honest and blunt but to ask a complete stranger that sort of thing!

Ichigo also gave a small start, bringing his hand back unconsciously to rub his neck, which is what he thought Tōshirō was referring to.

There was silence for a moment because Tōshirō thought that Ichigo had gone to answer and his curiosity and manners forced him to remain silent. As it turned out however, Ichigo didn't have anything to reply with and was in silence to allow time for him to think of a response.

Tōshirō was about to speak when Ichigo asked, "Th – this may seem like a weird question but do you… do you have someone you can't say no to?"

Tōshirō frowned but considered the question. "Well, yes, I suppose."

Ichigo huffed, grinning ruefully as he stared at the table, sitting back on his chair as he spoke, "He's one of those people. One of the people I can't say no to. He always has been I suppose." He chuckled. "Of course I completely hated him at first."

Seeming surprised at his own openness, Ichigo blinked, as if rousing from a dream. "Sorry. I shouldn't be just dumping this on you."

"No," Tōshirō was quick to reply reassuringly. "You – you clearly need to. So I don't mind listening."

Cocking his head in relief, Ichigo smiled before he continued his story. "I met him when I was little. Only like seven… God he was a dick."


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