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Ichigo glanced around him, eyeing of the half a dozen boys cornering him warily. The boys were from a higher class he assumed, as they were all the size of small adults. What the boys wanted with Ichigo, he didn't know. He never knew. But for some reason, quite a few people took issue with him.

Gulping down air, he tried to lower himself into a defensive stance. He'd been working hard at getting better at karate but of course, Tatsuki was still better than him. He was a little better now, but he'd only been studying it for about half a year now.

"We're soo going to kill you," one of the boys leered; his crooked teeth making the word lengthen and lisp.

Ichigo pushed his fear down, readying himself as another boy advanced on him. The boy was about to attack Ichigo when someone spoke up.

"Oi, what the fuck is goin' on?" came the rumbling voice of Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

Choking out a gasp of surprise, Ichigo backed up. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, the blue haired tyrant.

Ichigo had been tortured by the boy for as long as he could remember. Whenever lunch time came around, Grimmjow would immediately come for him, beating him up and calling him names. But for several months, Ichigo hadn't been targeted by him. He had thought maybe it was a new form of torture. Maybe Grimmjow had decided to pretend to leave him alone then when he least expected it, attack him.

Certainly it was his day. This was the day that Ichigo would get whatever was coming to him.

However, upon spying Ichigo, his eyebrows went up. "What are you doin' with him?"

One of the boys, one with an ugly bowl cut and a vicious sneer spoke, "We was just teaching him a lesson."

Grimmjow growled, hands moving a little in the pockets of his black uniform slacks. "I told ya' to leave him alone."

Another of the boys, a feminine looking one with long hair frowned and snapped, "You aren't our boss. What we do is our business."

A hand shot out with incredible speed, gripping the front of the boy's uniform. "I told ya'," he rumbled, voice deep and dangerous, "leave. Him. Alone."

The boys glanced at each other, confused. "B – but-"

"No way," of the boys growled angrily. "Who are you kidding?"

"He's not yours to mess with."

"Tch." The man with the bad teeth growled fiercely, attempting to punch Grimmjow.

The fight was over in seconds and it was now just Ichigo and Grimmjow surrounded by fallen groaning boys.

Ichigo blinked back tears of fear, trying to forget about the fact Grimmjow had just taken on six boys in a matter of seconds without getting a scratch while he raised his fists. "W – what are you doing?"

Grimmjow raised a brow again, letting out a bemused chuckle. "Helping you."

"Ye – yeah, I got that," Ichigo stuttered, eyebrows lowering over his eyes. "But why?"


Ichigo leaned back on his chair, exhaling and laughing at the same time, staring at the table. "Grimmjow didn't tell me the real reason why he helped me that day for so long. He kept giving me bullshit reasons; 'I liked your hair', 'I think you smell nice', 'I felt sorry for you'. They were just a few…"

Tōshirō listened attentively, quite enraptured with his story. Ichigo did write as a living so he supposed he could spin a good anecdote.

"He did eventually and I swear it was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard… I guess it was so sort of nice if you hear it the way Grimmjow told it." Ichigo chuckled. "Man, he used to really hate me…"


Grimmjow growled in irritation, eyes flying around the rather bare road, down the bank and across the water. His cat, Pantera, had been missing for almost two hours now. Letting cats run around was pretty normal. However, Pantera was a kitten and Grimmjow had been keeping a close eye on her. Plus, he found he had already got attached to Pantera. He couldn't believe he loved her as much as he did, but that was the way with pets.

He jogged, casting his eyes around. It was then he spied the Kurosaki kid by the river, leaning in over the clear water. The orange headed weakling was making a weird face, struggling heavily to reach something in the water.

Grimmjow felt irritation bubble. For some reason the kid just pissed him off. He would have certainly gone over to beat him up if it weren't for the fact he needed to find his cat. It seemed Ichigo got his prize for he pulled back; cradling something in his arms, water saturating his shirt.

He could hear Ichigo mumbling to the package, a jolt of surprise jolting him when Ichigo read, "Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, huh…"

Grimmjow assumed he must have read the tag on his kitten's collar. He needed to get there quickly. Either Ichigo would chuck it back in the water or at the very least, leave it alone. After all, it was cat of someone who constantly tormented him.

Ichigo held the cat aloft, staring at it critically; cocking his head and Grimmjow hastened his pace, going to open his mouth when he heard Ichigo's gentle bell like laugh. "I find that hard to believe," he told the cat, cradling it in his arms once again while wrapping it with a jumper from his bag. "Someone as cute as you can't be his pet. Still, I should take you home, he'll be worried."

Grimmjow was so surprised by the response that he didn't make a move until Ichigo's small form was out of sight.

After jogging home, swearing and spluttering, he slowed when he saw Ichigo once again, placing the kitten on Grimmjow's doorway. At first he thought Ichigo was just going to leave the kitten and go. But then he chuckled in amazement as Ichigo fretted, looking between the cat and the door. Finally Ichigo knocked on the door, gently putting Pantera on the step and knocking sharply before jumping behind a small bush in their front yard.

When the door was answered and the kitten hurried inside, Ichigo finally stepped out, sighing in relief before looking around and jogging away.


"Of course," Ichigo said, shaking his head. "It wasn't like love at first sight or anything. I just think Grimmjow wasn't used to people that didn't fit his profile. I mean, he picked on me relentlessly and I saved his cat. His mum and dad died pretty early on and from what I heard, it was a good thing too. They were awful. It was just him and his grandma later. Anyway, I guess after seeing that he got interested in me. He sort of like… I don't know, observed me? Like I was a project. Maybe he kept expecting me to turn on him."

Ichigo stretched his fingers as he leaned back on his seat, rolling his shoulders a little. "Long story short, he started following me. It was sort of refreshing actually, he was pretty amusing."

"So – sorry to sound uh… insensitive," Tōshirō began quietly, almost afraid his interruption would stop Ichigo from talking, "but you weren't – I mean, you could see then?"

"Huh?" Ichigo gave a start at the question, and Tōshirō was reminded of an old man who was unexpectedly roused from a sleep. "Oh, yeah. Sorry. I could see." He smiled wryly before clearing his throat and once again glancing up at Tōshirō. "So yeah, he hung around me and my friends. Because he was in a higher grade we had to split up when he went to middle school and by the time I was in middle school, he was almost finished and ready to go to high school. Still, we managed to be friends. I was almost sixteen when…"

Shifting in his seat, Tōshirō could tell Ichigo was nervous.

"Anyway, I went blind."

Tōshirō didn't need his rather impressive intellect for him to know Ichigo skipped over a few details. Clearly it was something he couldn't discuss and as Ichigo was actually sharing quite a lot of personal information, he didn't press.

Ichigo looked pained as he began again, wincing and staring down at the table-top. "Grimmjow was a real support. He helped me move around when I started learning to get used to it, being blind that is, helped me in school and with… with my family. I don't know how it happened but one day we went from being friends to going out. He just gave me what I never realised I needed. It was good for me at first. With Grimmjow's help I managed to get through school, of couse I did have help from the government, I mean, that's where Zangetsu came from, but the emotional support Grimmjow offered was something I couldn't have done without. Do you get what I'm saying?"

Tōshirō understood in that moment that while Ichigo wasn't asking for permission for his co-dependent behaviour, he was looking for someone else to understand it, to justify it. But Tōshirō could understand it, and understand it well. Whether or not it was damaging now, it had appeared essential for Ichigo then. Nodding, Tōshirō cleared his throat a little, finding himself a little uncertain in how to respond to a vulnerable Ichigo. "Yes, I understand."

A look of relief passed his face for a moment and he smiled gratefully. "So we were together for a while and I moved in with him because I couldn't stand living at home. But soon his behaviour began to change. Or maybe I did… When we were first together, I was weak. I needed him almost all the time – to walk, to work, to even have the strength to be outside. Later on in our relationship though, I had gotten better and I didn't want, or need, to rely on Grimmjow as much. He just didn't get it though."

Frustration appeared on Ichigo's face in his scrunched up eyebrows and frowning mouth before he stood suddenly.

At first Tōshirō thought it meant the conversation was over but instead Ichigo just went to the kettle, boiling it over the stove.

"Tea, coffee?" he asked, glancing back at Tōshirō while he held a mug aloft.

Tōshirō nodded mutely, a little surprised at the sudden change in pace before realising that Ichigo couldn't see him nod and replying, "Ah, yes, tea please."

Ichigo grabbed some tea bags and began to shovel in sugar in his own before holding it up for Tōshirō, no question, just the movement.

"Please," he replied, shifting a little to allow himself to be able to see Ichigo comfortably from his place on the table.

"So," Ichigo started again, his broad back to Tōshirō now, "Grimmjow thought I was still some damsel in distress and at first it was sort of cute, then it was annoying but adorable, then it was just plain irritating. I tried explaining to him that I didn't need him constantly hanging off me but it just got him angry. Still, he backed off a little. It wasn't that I didn't want him around anymore, or that I was over him because I was in a more stable place, though Grimmjow did argue that a few times, it was because I wanted to be independent. I loved him-"

Tōshirō couldn't help but raise his brows in surprise. Not because he was taken aback by the confession itself, but because he was surprised Ichigo would tell him. Somehow he had believed the words 'I love you' came hard to the orange haired man and to willingly admit he actually did love someone to a practical stranger, especially so intensely, considering the sound of their relationship…

Exhaling a little, Ichigo's voice seemed to be tinted in wistful pain. "I did love him but he seemed to think I had just used him, or at the very least was over him. But the problems really started a little later on as I got more confident. I was able to go out without his help, go to work, hang out with my friends – do normal life things but he seemed to get more possessive rather than supportive. I don't know if he thought I'd up and leave him if I finally managed to leave the nest – actually, I do know, he was afraid."

The kettle's whistling had become progressively more pronounced and Ichigo grabbed it from the stove before filling the mugs. "Milk?"

"No thank-you," Tōshirō replied, his voice cracking a little from lack of use.

Ichigo smiled crookedly at that but didn't reply as he once again seated himself at the table, pushing the mug towards Tōshirō. "He would always get really irritated, started asking questions like; who was I with, what was I doing, why was I so late… that sort of thing."

Sighing, Ichigo absently rubbed his arm while fiddling with his mug. "Then one day, he just… I don't know, cracked."


Ichigo rolled his eyes as he made a move to reach the door, Grimmjow's incessant questions following him like a bad scent. "I told you Grimmjow, I'm just going out with Shinji. It's only drinks, I'm not asking him to fuck me here."

Grimmjow growled at the word 'fuck' and reached out to roughly grab a shoulder. "You know I don't like that little shit."

Frowning fiercely, Ichigo wrenched himself from Grimmjow's grip, hurt by both his words and attitude. "You've told me you don't like him, but he's one of my best-friends, I don't want you talking crap about him. Anyway, last I checked, whether or not you like my friends doesn't have anything to do with my friendship with them."

"He doesn't like me either," the blue haired man pointed out and Ichigo could hear him run a hand through his hair in irritation.

Shifting uncomfortably, Ichigo glanced away. It was true Shinji wasn't the most diehard Grimmjow fan, but he certainly had let it drop after Ichigo had punched him, almost breaking his nose just because he'd made a rude comment about his boyfriend. Ichigo had never told Grimmjow about it, even when he'd asked why Shinji looked like he was sucking lemons after they'd come back home. "Well yeah, but he doesn't constantly remind me about it. He's trying Grimmjow, which is more than I can say for you."

Grimmjow seemed angered by the comparison, snarling like a wounded animal. "I want to like him Ichigo, but he's too fuckin' attached to you. I've seen the looks he's given you, you can't tell me you haven't."

Raising a brow in disbelief at the thoughtless comment, Ichigo attempted to hold back the prickling of wetness in his eyes, a small, mirthless chuckle leaving his parted lips. Sometimes when Grimmjow was angry, words would just spill before he had given it any thought. "Well no, I can't say I have noticed."

Realising his mistake, Grimmjow let out a small groan. "You know what I mean, I mean – I didn't mean-"

"I know," Ichigo interrupted, "just forget about it. I'm going to be late."

"Ichigo, just – just hold on a sec," he half pleaded, half demanded.

Pulling the door of their bedroom open, he quickly made his way towards the stairs down to the front door.

Suddenly he was yanked back as Grimmjow grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the stairs and into his arms.

Ichigo stiffened in Grimmjow's grip, aware that the man was shaking him, gripping his shoulders as he practically shouted in his face.

"I told you I don't want you fuckin' around with that fuckin' idiot. You're stayin' home with me."

That was all that Ichigo managed to catch among the onslaught of demands Grimmjow was throwing him. Angry, Ichigo tried to disengage from Grimmjow's grip, cold curling in his gut when Grimmjow just held him tighter.

"Grimmjow," Ichigo breathed out, trying to keep his voice even and calm. "Let go of me."

"Only if you tell me you're not goin' to see him."

Gritting his teeth, Ichigo stopped struggling in the larger man's grip, glaring at him. "I'm going to see Shinji tonight because I'm allowed to do whatever I want. We're friends Grimmjow, nothing more. Can you understand that?"

Distinctly aware he was speaking as if talking to a child, Ichigo willed Grimmjow to understand and accept what he was saying.

Grimmjow seemed to catch onto the change of attitude and he snarled, "I'm not a fuckin' kid Ichigo. I don't need ya' to fuckin' speak in simple sentences."

Opening him mouth, Ichigo dared to argue but Grimmjow continued.

"But you've been spendin' way too much fuckin' time with him. I don't trust him."

Realisation struck and Ichigo stared at him as he said, "You mean, you don't trust me."

The words seemed as much as a surprise for Grimmjow as they were for Ichigo and they just looked at each other as silence reigned.

A choked gasp escaped from Ichigo's throat and he shook his head to try and dispel the hurt as he pulled away from Grimmjow's slipping grasp. "You don't trust me?"

Grimmjow didn't reply for a moment and Ichigo wished he could see what his face showed at that moment. Was it guilt? Or maybe shock. Maybe it was anger, because Ichigo thought he didn't trust him.

"Grimmjow, do you trust me?" he pressed. He could only get his answer from Grimmjow's.

He heard the blue haired man swallow audibly and he guessed the silence meant only one thing.

"… I – I love you Grimmjow, you know that, right?"

More silence.

A chuckle full of hurt and surprise slipped out from Ichigo and his eyes blankly searched Grimmjow's face. "Well, there isn't much of a relationship if there isn't any trust, is there?"

The words seemed to shock Grimmjow into movement and as Ichigo took a step back, Grimmjow grasped his arm desperately. "N – no," he spoke quickly, feverishly, "No, I do trust you Ichigo. I just… I don't – I don't like you hangin' out with him."

"Because you think I'm going to sleep with him?" Ichigo asked critically, the fingers in Grimmjow's grip curling unconsciously. Please say no.

"No," he replied sternly before continuing weakly, "But-"

Ichigo couldn't believe it. He had thought Grimmjow's possessive behaviour had been because he was being overprotective, not because he didn't trust him, because he thought Ichigo was going to cheat on him. But then he supposed, Grimmjow's slow belief that Ichigo could even look out for himself should have been an indication of just how unsure Grimmjow was about Ichigo's steadfastness.

Trying to pull himself out of Grimmjow's grip, he stepped back. "Grimmjow, let me go."

"No," he snapped back. No to letting go, to letting Ichigo walk away, to letting Ichigo end this. "Please, can't we talk about this?"

"Grimmjow, this has been a long time coming and we both know it. Let me go."

"No," he growled harshly, pulling Ichigo back into his arms, mashing their lips together.

Ichigo made a noise of displeasure, pressing his free hand against Grimmjow's shoulder, his other arm, still caught by Grimmjow at the wrist was held by his side despite his attempt to dislodge it.

Tilting his head, Grimmjow tried to deepen the kiss. When Ichigo continued to fight he growled into his lips, shoving Ichigo off of him for a moment and towards the wall. He was quick to grab him once again, grabbing both of the smaller man's wrists and slamming them against the wall he now had Ichigo pinned against with his body.

Ichigo cried out in anger and pain, glaring about him as Grimmjow breathed against him neck.

"Just listen to me Ichigo."

Shaking in anger and admittedly a little fear, Ichigo ground his teeth together before slamming his head forward, knocking into Grimmjow's forehead, making him stumble backwards in surprise.

When Ichigo tried to make a ran for it however, he was surprised by Grimmjow's fist slamming into the side of his face, the force of it pushing Ichigo into the wall once again.

Ichigo's mind was whirling as he tried to clear his head from the blow. Their fights had often got very vocal but not once had it turned violent, despite their tempers. Grimmjow had been quick to make sure that it was established that striking each other meant the relationship was over and Ichigo agreed, knowing it was personal for Grimmjow who had had a father that used to strike both him and his mother.

He barely had the time to straighten before Grimmjow was again kissing Ichigo, biting his lip with more force than necessary to make him react.

A small whimper of pain fell from Ichigo's lips, taken in immediately by Grimmjow, a growl of arousal and excitement sounding in response.

Grimmjow had forced a leg between Ichigo's so the younger man was practically riding his thigh but he struggled to find a place to put his legs, hoping desperately, that he could somehow kick Grimmjow off of him.

There wasn't enough space between them for him to knee him however, and his hands were trapped tight. A sob threatened its way up his throat and Ichigo had to swallow several times as fear restricted the air coming in through his nose.

It was only at the sound of the door opening and a too energetic and enthusiastic call of; "Ichigo!" that Grimmjow pulled away, glancing down the stairs to the door.

As his mouth was finally released, Ichigo took the time to fight the distracted Grimmjow, pushing himself from the wall and shoving Grimmjow away as he gasped for breath before shooting him a glare filled with his fear, anger, anguish and heartbreak and stumbling down the stairs.

Grimmjow may have shouted his name but he didn't hear it as his blood rushed through his veins, plugging his ears, allowing him to only make out distortions. He shoved past what he knew to be Shinji, fleeing onto the cold streets.


Chuckling hollowly, Ichigo stared at his mug, now clasped disturbingly tight between both hands as if it was the mug telling him the story, not the other way around.

Tōshirō waited with bated breath for Ichigo to continue, surprise, anger and anticipation thrumming through him. Again, he feared if he made a noise, Ichigo would become silent and somehow he knew that this discussion needed to happen. Perhaps he was the first person Ichigo had actually told the full story to. It seemed so, as Ichigo's face looked like he was reliving that moment as he spoke.

Finally sighing, Ichigo's eyes slowly flicked up to meet Tōshirō's. "I didn't go back, even to get my things. Shinji had to. Problem was Shinji was so angry he actually began to beat the shit out of Grimmjow and it was only because Kensei was there to stop him that he got away."

Ichigo went silent for a moment, glancing around his apartment. "Then Kisuke told me he had a place for me and I ended up here."

Smiling wryly, Ichigo's swirling, unseeing eyes fell once again to Tōshirō's icy blue ones. "I was hurt and pissed but as time went by, all I could think of was the fact that Grimmjow was there for me when I thought no-one else was. It was okay when he wasn't around but suddenly, a few weeks ago, he started trying to get into contact with me."

Shaking his head in disbelief of his own behaviour, Ichigo exhaled shakily. "Last night only happened because of me and my weakness. We ended badly, sure, and admittedly, Grimmjow was a fucking dick about it-"

Perhaps the biggest understatement of the century. Somehow Tōshirō knew that, had it not been for Shinji's timely interruption, Ichigo could well have ended up needing medical attention. He believed that Grimmjow's desire to have Ichigo by his side would have overridden everything and if Grimmjow had thought it would work, he would even force Ichigo.

"But – but Grimmjow was important to me for a reason… Grimmjow loved me too and last night, I don't know… we…" Ichigo seemed frustrated. "I couldn't stay mad at him long, no matter what he did and I don't know… maybe it was because we were friends for so long…"

Shaking his head, Ichigo finally heaved a large sigh. "I couldn't say no to him because I owe him, I owe him big. Grimmjow is just someone I can't say no to. We've been together too long it's like a ritual, like it's natural to fall back into this pattern."

"But you don't want to," Tōshirō told him, more as a prompt for conversation but also because he was mainly hoping it was true. He could understand that Grimmjow had been a big part of Ichigo's life, but he had grown up now and he just prayed that Ichigo realised how destructive Grimmjow's actions were and how dangerous it could be. Especially if Grimmjow 'cracked' again.

"No," Ichigo replied. "No I really don't. But when he touches me…" Flushing in embarrassment Ichigo glanced away. "Sorry, I-" he gave a small laugh, "I didn't mean the conversation to uh… go in that direction."

Though a little embarrassed by the turn, Tōshirō fought down his own blush, clearing his throat a little. He knew just how powerful desire could be. "Yes, well… I get it."

Ichigo raised a brow, a little hopeful. "You do?" He gave a self-depreciating laugh. "None of my friends do. They all think I'm fucking crazy. I know that it's wrong to indulge him, I know it's going to just make it worse but… is it sick that a little part of me sort of wants him?"

Tōshirō shook his head, murmuring in reply, "No, it's not. Your relationship was clearly intense… but you also realise it can't go on and that's important."

There was silence as Ichigo took in the words before he finally laughed, one not completely tinted with self-hatred and pain as he asked, "You sure you're an editor? I think you should definitely check out a career in counselling."

"No-way," he exclaimed, laughing along, "I'd make a pretty awful counsellor."

Ichigo smiled, eyes crinkling at the edges as he did and for a moment, Tōshirō could understand Grimmjow's overly possessive nature towards Ichigo. Then Ichigo glanced back at his mug, the tea now cold and the moment was gone. Glancing around, Tōshirō realised how late it had become and moved to stand.

Ichigo mimicked his behaviour but opened his mouth to speak, "Tōshirō… uh… thanks for listening. I guess I needed to talk it over. Plus, having someone to talk to sort of makes me…stronger I guess."

"It's okay. I don't mind listening and I'm glad you're feeling better."

Zangetsu jumped down from the couch as he realised they were moving, following the pair to the door, panting excitedly next to Ichigo.

Ichigo was silent for a moment as he held the door open for Tōshirō who was gathering up his papers. "Um… you'll come tomorrow, right? So we can work?"

Tōshirō raised a brow at the question, a little surprised at the vulnerability reflected in the uncertain words. "Yes, of course." He laughed. "We didn't get any done today and I really need you to finalise this so we can send it in."

Grinning in reply to the easy answer, Ichigo nodded, reinforcing the confidence for himself. "Right, well, good."

Stepping into the hallway, Tōshirō paused, once more glancing at the orange haired man. "This may be a little presumptuous, but if you ever feel like you're going to give in and agree to Grimmjow's company, you can call me and I'll come around. Or you… you can come to my place."

The silence made Tōshirō immediately wish he hadn't allowed the thought that had suddenly popped into his mind the gift of speech and his face pulled into a pinched look as he took in Ichigo's shock. About to make amends for his words, he was surprised when Ichigo cut over him.

"Yeah. I – I mean, that'd be good. Thank-you. I could really use your company then. I think your insights would keep me sane."

Tōshirō was a little taken aback by the response but laughed. "I'm glad." Glancing down the corridor, he realised he should stop prolonging their parting and smiled Ichigo's way. "Well, I'll come see you tomorrow around the same time Ichigo."

Ichigo gave a start, realising that it was perhaps the first time Tōshirō had said his name without being told to, or without first having called him 'Mr'. Smiling sincerely, Ichigo nodded. "That sounds great, thanks. Bye Tōshirō!"


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It probably won't be a long story but who knows, I tend to ramble. Like this. What I'm hoping from you guys is you'll tell me who you'd like to be the friend Ichigo has a crush on and later dates and who the girlfriend is. Keep in mind, she'll probably be mean.

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