Tears were still streaming down my cheeks as I made my way back to the buses. I couldn't do it anymore. I can't believe what I did practically ruining everything that Justin and I built for years.

I made it to the bus only Justin and I shared. I opened the door and walked inside. I turned to the left and walked into the livingroom where Justin sat on the couch playing with our 6 month son Jason. He heard me come in and turned his head. He had a smile on his face but it soon turned into a frown when he saw my face. He stood up off of the couch and walked over to me.

"Babe what's wrong are you okay" he said wrapping me in a hug only to get pushed away

"Woah seriously babe what's wrong" he asked concerned. I shook my head fresh tears streaming down my face

"I can't do it. It's eating me alive" I said crying

. "Okay Honey your really scaring me now what's wrong. Whatever it is just tell me kay" Justin said. I took a deep breath preparing to do the worst thing ever

"I'm leaving you" I said through my tears. He looked heart broken

"Wh-what, why did I do something wrong" he asked on the verge of tears

"You did nothing it was all me. I'm the one who cheated not you" I said.

"What you cheated on me" he said through his tears. I nodded.

"Yes, Justin I'm so so- Does that mean Jason isn't mines" he said cutting me off.

"No Jason is yours this was a month ago. It was the biggest mistake I ever made" I told him.

"Then I forgive you just don't leave me. Don't leave Jason we need you. Honey you made one mistake don't throw everything away just because of that" Justin said. "

I'm sorry I can't" I said running out of the bus and into the rain. I guess for now on he'll just be my baby daddy and me the baby mama.