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Prompt: Cold Hands

It was Natsuki's idea to visit the aquarium with just the two of them - Yuki and himself. One of their occasional 'unofficial-official' dates and technically, he supposed they were dating but it was difficult to tell when there was no confession made by either of them from the beginning. They just sort of drifted closer and closer to a point that it was only natural to hang together as often as possible. Touching was all but unwelcome and kisses had become as normal as breathing. Natsuki still recalls their first kiss.

One minute Yuki was talking of decorating the shop for the Christmas season and the next thing Natsuki leaned in to press his lips onto the more than compliant ones along his. He held no regret for that special moment.

As they entered the reservation, a cold breeze from the air conditioner had surrounded them but that didn't bother Yuki, who was more interested in viewing the creatures in the large tank, to care. Seeing the fish himself brought back memories of the time that Haru was here, the 'alien' had returned home months ago. Whether they would see him again, it was unsure but if it wasn't for Haru, his passion for fishing wouldn't have brought the fire back that wanted to pursue a career out of it. He also wouldn't have met sweet Yuki. He glanced towards the said person and brushed his hand briefly on top of the other immediately shocked to find the hand to be as cold as ice.

He grabbed both of Yuki's hands to find them very cold in his own, "are you cold?"

Yuki looked up to him quite sheepishly, "just my hands. Warm them up for me?"

Natsuki grinned at the offer and reaffirmed his grasp of the smaller hands, boldly placing kisses on the tan knuckles and proceeded to breathe hot air upon the fingers and palms. It came far too easy to show this affection towards Yuki considering beforehand he was only comfortable to for his sister after their mother had passed. Yet with Yuki he was eager to give in, to flourish the other with the kind of devotion of a lover.

He greedily pulled Yuki closer now with the hands warmer, "better?" He could see from the light of the tank the smile that graced Yuki's face to say "much, thank you," nuzzling closer to bestow a peck on his mouth. Natsuki couldn't want anything better.

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