(The Change in the Game)

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Watching Max approach the table, Booth leaned forward and quickly asked his fiancé, "Did you know that Max is in a wheelchair?"

Turning, Brennan watched as Max rolled his chair towards them. Standing, Booth moved the chair next to Brennan around the table and placed it behind him then sat down again.

Smiling, Max moved his chair next to Brennan and stated, "Well, I'm here. What did you want to see me about?"

"Dad, what happened?" Looking her father over, Brennan frowned, "Why are you in a wheelchair?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Max said, "It's nothing Honey. I had a little accident and broke my hip."

Exasperated, Brennan asked, "And you didn't call me? How did you break your hip?"

Embarrassed, Max explained, "I didn't call you because you two were dealing with a lunatic sniper and I broke my hip when I fell out of bed."

Staring intently at Max, Booth asked, "You fell out of bed?"

Trying to be patient, Max elaborated further, "Yes, my girlfriend and I got carried away. Now please drop it."

Amused, Booth looked at Brennan and smiled, "I don't know if you can top that news or not, Bones."

Curious, Max asked, "What news?"

Sighing, Brennan picked up her cup of coffee and sipped it. Placing the cup down, she turned to face her father, "Booth and I are getting married."

A broad grin lighting his face, Max grabbed his daughter's hand, "Oh, Tempe, that's wonderful news. I was hoping that would happen before I die." Curious, Max asked, "This isn't going to be one of those long drawn out engagements is it? I mean you really are getting married, right?"

Irritated, Booth leaned back on his chair, "Of course we're getting married. Bones and I are already planning it. We want to get married this summer. If we can get it together, we'd like to get married in June or July."

Relieved, Max released his daughter's hand and spoke to the waitress who was now standing next to him. After placing his order, he turned back to Booth, "Great. Since I'm the father of the bride, I insist on paying for the wedding."

Shaking her head, Brennan informed him, "Booth and I are paying for the wedding, Dad."

Shrugging his shoulders, Max frowned, "I have the money, Honey. I've had it since you were a baby. I insist that you let me pay for it."

Glancing at Booth who nodded his head, Brennan sighed, "If you insist but it isn't necessary."

Beaming, Max patted her hand, "Of course it's necessary, Honey. It's tradition. You're an anthropologist so you know about tradition."

Watching as the waitress placed a cup of coffee in front of Max, Booth frowned, "We have some other news too."

Sipping his coffee, Max responded, "Fire away."

Seeing Brennan nod her head, Boot smiled, "Bones is pregnant."

Amused, Max laughed, "And you think that's a secret?"

Frowning, Brennan asked, "What do you mean? We just told the FBI and the Jeffersonian two weeks ago."

Shrugging his shoulders, Max shook his head, "You're surrounded by geniuses and they couldn't tell? I've known since the last time I saw you and that was what . . . four weeks ago. It was obvious for anyone that really looked at you. You have a kind of glow."

Curious, Booth asked, "Why didn't you say anything?"

Smiling, Max replied, "It wasn't my place to say anything. I figured you'd say something when you two were ready. Besides I thought you weren't saying anything because you two were worried about Jacob Brodsky. I know that has really taken up a lot of your time."

Rubbing his chin, Booth remarked, "That was part of it. Bones also wanted to wait until we were sure that her pregnancy was healthy."

Reaching out and patting her hand again, Max asked, "And it is right?"

Smiling, Brennan answered, "Yes, very much so."


The day had started out chilly but once the sun had come out the day had warmed up enough to call Booth and his little family out to play. Standing in the park throwing a ball to Parker, Booth glanced at Brennan who was sitting on a blanket, reading a book. Throwing the ball to Parker, Booth asked, "Did you talk to your mother last night?"

Throwing the ball back, Parker concentrated on pitching the ball hard, "Yes, Sir. She said that she found a really nice house near where she works and she's had some renovations done to the bedrooms. She didn't like the carpet and something was wrong with the kitchen. Mom says that she's going to have a home entertainment center put in the living room and she's having someone do something to the back yard. By the time I get over there she said it will be ready for me. She said she might fly over in July and see me for a couple of weeks and maybe we can go see my grandparents."

Studying the ball while he listened to Parker, Booth finally threw it back when his son was finished, "Okay. That sounds good. . . . Uh . . . Gordon said that you seemed to be okay about what's been happening lately."

Lobbing the ball, Parker watched his father jump for it, "Yeah, it's okay. I was scared but that guy is in jail so I'm not scared anymore."

Relieved, Booth tossed the ball back, "If you want to talk to Gordon again let me know. He said he'd talk to you anytime you need it. You can talk to me too, just remember that. I'm here for you buddy."

Walking over to where his father stood, Parker looked up and asked, "I want to ask you something but I don't want you to be mad at me."

Puzzled, Booth sat down on the ground and smiled, "I promise not to be mad, Parker. Ask your question."

Sitting down in front of Booth, Parker rolled the ball in his hand around on the ground in front of him, "Why do you have bad dreams?"

Surprised, Booth frowned, "What makes you think I have bad dreams?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Parker looked into his father's concerned face, "I hear you shout sometimes."

Embarrassed, Booth chewed on his lower lip. "You know I was in a war when I was younger?"

Nodding his head, Parker replied, "Yeah."

Sighing, Booth continued, "It has to do with that. Someday, when you're older, I'll tell you about it but I think you're too young to talk about war and stuff like that. I'll tell you what, when you start shaving you can ask me about it then, how about that?"

Disappointed, Parker nodded his head, "Okay. Are you happy now?"

Reaching out and placing his hand on his son's shoulder, Booth assured him, "Very much, Parker. I've never been happier."

Smiling, Parker stood up, "Good. I want you to be happy."


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