(The Bones on the Blue Line)

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Sitting in Brennan's office, Booth was reading Brennan's copy of her latest book, while she was in a meeting with Cam. He'd planned to go to lunch with her, but if the meeting she was in lasted too much longer he'd have to skip lunch and go back to work. He had started reading her latest book at home and when he'd found the copy on Brennan's desk, he thought he'd continue to read it while he waited. He'd been steadily reading until he got to page 187. Reading the passage printed on that page, Booth felt his skin turn hot and his stomach start to flip. Slowly closing the book, he stood up and carefully placed it back on Brennan's desk, leaving the office as quickly as possible. Walking towards the entrance, Booth met Hodgins as he entered the Lab.

Glad to see Booth looking so well, Hodgins held up Brennan's new book and gloated. "Hot off the presses. I'm going to try to read some of it today. I hope you get your copy soon."

His cheeks a bright red, Booth waved his hand refusing to look at the entomologist. "Yeah, whatever." Striding past the sliding glass doors, Booth glanced back at Hodgins as he exited the Lab and shook his head. Booth's thoughts turned back to the page he'd just read and wondered what to think. Andy was him wasn't he? . . . wasn't he? "Okay, it's just a story, a really good story with a really interesting sex scene . . . Wow, okay, maybe interesting wouldn't be the word I'd use. Still, wow. I wonder how she even . . . never mind, I don't want to know. It's none of my business."

Hodgins had observed the flushed look on Booth's face as he left the Lab and wondered what had happened. "Wow, I wonder what's wrong with him"


In Brennan's apartment, Booth knew the hour was getting late, but he didn't want to go home. He and his lovely partner had been talking about their case and had moved from that topic to the subject of soul mates. Booth had pretended to not know what soul mates were so that Brennan would explain the concept to him. He loved it when she was in teacher mode. He'd learned that if he had run out of things to say or was too lazy to keep a conversation going all he had to do was to pretend that he didn't understand something and Brennan would lecture him on the topic. That allowed her to carry the conversation and he could just listen without having to think too much. He knew he came across as dumb as a rock sometimes, but he didn't care. Brennan loved being the know it all, the smart one and Booth didn't care if Brennan considered him to be average. He considered himself to be average and had no wish to be a squint or an egghead.

Booth was comfortable and as much as he hated the thought, he needed to get up and go home. Turning to face Brennan, Booth thought of one more excuse to delay his leaving. "So, how did your interview with Riku go? I bet she was really wowed, huh?"

Very disappointed in Riku, Brennan exhaled deeply. "She was more interested in the sex scenes in the book than the science."

Chuckling, Booth shrugged his shoulders. "Some people become attached to characters in books or movies or television programs. They see pieces of themselves in the characters or they admire the characters and see a hero to emulate. It's human nature. The sex in the book gives them something to dream about. It doesn't make the science part of the book any less important. Without the science your book would just be a romance novel. Your books are a hell of a lot more than that. They're action and drama and mystery and yeah romance. Your books are best sellers for a reason Bones. Don't worry when people just want to talk about the characters or the emotional part of their life. You and I both know it's the mystery that draws them in. Everyone loves a good murder mystery. I know I do."

Watching the sleepy eyed Booth, Brennan clasped her hands together and confessed her actions from earlier in the day. "I gave Angela 25 percent of the royalties on my latest book. I thought over our conversation and I realized that she does help me with my books. I calculated that she is probably responsible for 25 percent of my book and therefore she should receive 25 percent of the royalties."

Surprised, Booth smiled at her generosity. "Wow, Bones. That is so nice of you to do that. I'll bet she was surprised."

Glad that she had recognized her obligation, Brennan had been quite pleased to make Angela happy with the check. "Yes, she was. It was the right thing to do."

Yawning, Booth wearily stood up. "I'm bushed. I need to go home. Oh, hey, how's that new neighbor of yours. Have you met him yet?"

Her neighbor had been over a few times and she liked him. "Yes, I've talked to him several times. He's seen you several times in the hallway and he asked me a few days ago if you're dating at this time. I didn't see any harm in telling him that you aren't."

Puzzled, Booth mulled that over. "I wonder why he wanted to know that? Maybe he wanted to see if we're dating or not. Maybe he wants to see if you're available."

Shrugging her shoulders, Brennan smiled in amusement. "Apparently he isn't interested in me. He's interested in you."

Surprised, Booth laughed nervously. "Me?"

Amused with his reaction, Brennan nodded her head. "He broke up with his boyfriend two weeks ago. I did let him know that you wouldn't be interested in dating him, but he said he might ask you to go out with him anyway. He told me it never hurts to ask."

Booth shook his head and felt relieved that the neighbor wasn't interested in his partner. "Um, okay, hm." Yawning, Booth shook his head. "I need to go home, I'm really sleepy."

Worried that Booth was too sleepy, Brennan placed her hand on his arm. "I think you're too tired to drive Booth. Why don't you stay in my guest bedroom tonight? Tomorrow is Saturday and you can go back home after you've rested. I don't want you to get into a wreck on the way home because you're so sleepy."

Biting his lower lip, Booth then yawned again and knew she was right. "Okay. That'd be great. Thanks."


They were standing in an alcove. It appreared to be raining just a few feet from them, but he only had eyes for her.

"I just . . . I feel like I'm going to kiss you."

Suddenly she closed the space between them, leaning towards him. Their lips met and he felt electricity running through his body. He'd thought they might have a connection, but that kiss was like magic. If made him feel weak and wanting more and more. Suddenly the horn from a taxi waiting in front of them sounded and she broke the kiss.

Watching her run towards the cab, he staggered a little and tried to move towards the cab. "Wow".

Turning she smiled at him, the rain dripping down her face. "We are not spending the night together."

Not certain why he's being rejected he responded and moved closer to the taxi. "Of course we are. Why?"

She knew and she thought he should know. "Tequila."

Watching her jump into the cab, he's was momentarily stunned. As he realized that the cab was pulling away from him, he shook himself and rans after the taxi. Knocking on the window, the cab stopped and she rolled down the window. Curious and disappointed, he had to ask her. "So, you're afraid when I look at you in the morning, I'll have regrets?"

Shaking her head, she laughed. "That would never happen."

Hearing her laugh, he watched the taxi pull away, leaving him standing in the rain. The disappointment he felt consumed him and with a last glance at the pool hall behind him, he placed his hands in his jacket pockets and walks towards his truck.

The phone ringing very loudly, he sat up and looked around. Puzzled about the strange furniture surrounding him, he leaned over and grabbed his phone from the night stand. Accepting the call, he cleared his throat. "Booth."

Hank, irritated with his grandson, spoke harshly. "Where the hell are you? You're supposed to take me to see Jared and Padme today."

Still sleepy, Booth rubbed the back of his head and stammered an excuse. "Sorry, Pops, I over slept. Let me get going and I'll be there in a little bit."

Grouchy, Hank accepted that he was going to be late. "Alright."

Ending his call, Booth slowly got out of bed. His feet hurting him, he hobbled around looking for his clothes and shoes. Finding them on the chair near the closet, he pulled them on and left the room as quickly as he could. Noticing Brennan's bedroom door was still closed, he quietly walked over to the apartment door, opened it and let himself out, locking and closing the door behind him.

Taking the elevator down to the lobby, Booth mulled over his dream. "That had to be a dream. I've never kissed her like that. No way. Rotten memory or not, I'd remember a kiss like that. Fuck, this isn't fair. How am I supposed to know whats real and whats not?"


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